What Can I Use For Anal Lube?

April 7, 2015
What Can I Use For Anal Lube

What Can I Use For Anal Lube? Water, Oil or Silicone?



Have you been pondering on what you can use as lubricant for anal sex? Maybe, you’ve been looking here and there. From pillar to post, finding what can acts perfectly as an anal lubricant? Then you’ve just landed at the right destination at a very good timing. Welcome! Today’ s publication will be focusing on Anal lube itself, what it all about, how you can make good use of it and anal lube alternatives. Everything about anal sex boils down to one question that will determine if your anal sex session will be pleasure-filled OR full of pain and discomforts. And all these points to a question “What Can I Use For Anal Lube?”

To be brutal honest with you, I was just surfing an health forum checking out the questions on anal sex I could comment on and hope to help in the little way I can. And I find a question worth answering.

The question is “What Can I Use For Anal Lube?”

Though, the profile of the person seems to be of a young age of 14. And probably have little or no experience in anal sex adventures. Though, I’ve answered him. But it would help more people on my blog. So, I translate it into the topic for today on here. At the end, I trust you’ll be able to get something worth trying for a nicer anal sex experience.


Let’s tackle this question from scratch.

What Is An Anal Lube?

Actually, Lube is derived from the word ‘Lubricant’. So, people do use these two words interchangeably. Generally, Lube is a liquid or jelly substance that has the ability to reduce the friction between two rubbing surfaces. But we’re talking about anal sex here, isn’t it? So, if we’re to look at it from the sexual perspective, it is defined a different way.

An anal lube is a substance that helps to reduce the friction during intimacy and also enhance the sensual pleasure, performance and satisfaction.

Image Of Lube Representative31FZAye5ElL.SL16031NqSV2Ba2OL.SL16031GNXyf4yTL.SL160
Feeling(Close To Natural body fluid)VERY, VERY CLOSECLOSE Far - GREASY FEELING
Intended PurposeVagina (and sometimes anal*)Marathon sex* and Anal sexFrying, Cooking and Dressing.
Doctors' RecommendationMANYMUCHFEW
Sex Or Adult Toys Friendly Friendly With ALL Adult Toys.NOT Friendly With Silicone Adult Toys Only.Not Friendly with Some Adult Toys.
WaterProof ( For Sex In Pool or Shower)NO YESYES
Latex Condoms FriendlyYESYESNO
Any Health Risk?NO (except you've issues with Yeast Infections, Glycerin and Parabens). NOYES
Top 3 BEST Among The RestAstroglide Lube, Passion Lubes and Shibari Intimate LubricantPjur Backdoor Glide Personal Lubricant, Wet Platinum Premium Lubricant, and Swiss Navy PREMIUM Silicone Based LubricantBoy Butter Original Personal Lubricant, Cococare Coconut Oil 100% Pure, and YES Oil based Organic Personal Lubricant


* There are some water based lubes that can be used for anal sex now. They last longer than normal water based lubricants. They have a very close lasting power like the silicone based lube. Such as Cleanstream Water-based Anal Lube, System Jo Anal H2O Lubricant, Hello Sailor Water Based Lube and so on.

Why Do I Need An Anal Lube?

If you’re thinking of having vaginal sex, lube is optional. But when you are going bareback or backdoor or ass sex… Anal lube is a MUST when it comes to anal sex. Why? Because the anus doesn’t have the ability to lubricate itself like the vagina. Anything that gain access into the anus WITHOUT anal lube will damage the anal lining. Which can result to  anal bleeding. So, you need an anal lube that would make the penetration easy and smooth. A lube that have a great consistency and silkiness to reduce friction overtime and enhance body contact intimacy.

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What Can I Use For Anal Lube? Read on…

‘Lubes’ That Are Not Really Anal Lubricant…

Don’t give it twisted here. There are some lubes that we think they’re anal lubricants but they are NOT. Saliva is the #1 most used lube in the room. But it’s thin and gets dry up under little friction. Water is not a lube too. Using saliva or plain water will only get the anus more drier than before. What about those oily stuffs that we get within our reach (in the kitchen)? Are they meant for cooking and frying only? They are NOT for lubrication. Though, some of us have used them in the past. I, the writer is also ‘guilty’ of it too. But when I realize it is NOT good. I stop using it immediately. Little wonder, my latex condoms are always tearing during the show. They are popular oil based lubes. I won’t advise you to use them because they are NOT anal lubricants anyway. Such  ‘lubes’ are…

  1. Baby Oil
  2. Vaseline
  3. Crisco Oil
  4. Vegetable Oil
  5. Canola Oil
  6. Olive Oil
  7. Butter
  8. Hair gel
  9. Coconut oil
  10. Sesame Oil and among other..

So What Make a Lube An Anal Lubricant, Then?

Any anal lubricant must be able to have about these Top 8 Qualities below before it can be recommended as an anal lubricant. It must be

  1. Slippery enough to withstand the friction between the anus and the penis/ sex-toys.
  2. Thin enough to spread when applied.
  3. Body-friendly to the anus and penis.
  4. Condom friendly.
  5. Safe for the vagina too.
  6. Last longer.
  7. Slick throughout the show. Never Sticky or goo-ey
  8. Leaves NO residue.
  9. Easy to clean after anal sex.
  10. Fortified with natural herbs or vitamins (optional)
  11. Affordable.

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How Do I Make Good Use Of An Anal Lube?

You can make good of a lube when you know how the game of anal sex can be play well. I would love you to read about our post on How To Prepare For Anal Sex. This is a post the is well-detailed on how to get every bit of intense pleasure and pain-free. From the foreplay to the cleaning-up can be a never-ending interesting tale. If you’ve read it before, then let’s go on with the topic “What Can I Use For Anal Lube?”

Classes Of Lubes

All lubes you’ve seen are all classified according to their base and ability. They are all classified into three broad parts namely

  • Water Based Lubes (Such as KY Jelly, Astroglide, Passion Lube, Hello Sailor, etc)

This class is either in liquid or jelly form. They have their base in Water and other ingredients are added. They are mostly recommended by Doctors and Gynecologists.

  • Silicone Based Lubes (Such as Astroglide X, Gun Oil, Shibari Silicone, Pjur Original, etc)

This second class consists of lubes that have their base in Silicone and few added ingredients. They have a longer lasting power compare to their water base counterparts.

  • Oil Based Lubes (Such as Olive Oil, Palm oil, Crisco Oil, Baby Oil, Vaseline, etc)

This class of lube are popular because they are cheap and readily available. They are mostly found in Kitchen and Baby’s stuffs. But they have a lot of health risks/Cons. So, they fall in usage.

What Can I Use For Anal Lube?

The table above will help you to find a satisfying answer to your question of “What Can I Use For Anal Lube?” I can go on and on talking about anal lubricants. Permit me to stop here. At this junction, these are the 6 best recommended anal lubes that you can use for anal sex pleasure. They will ease away the fear of pain and discomfort that are most times experience even in first timers’ anal sex.

Most of all our recommended anal lubricants are manufactured in the USA (except otherwise stated).

Top 6 Solutions To “What Can I Use For Anal Lube?”

  • Pjur Backdoor Glide Personal Lubricant

Final answer to What Can I Use For Anal Lube. This German brand of anal lube has been topping our top recommended Best Anal Lubes for sometimes. It last like forever and get anus relax. It is now enriched with Precious Jojoba extracts which causes the anus to relax well for rock-hard penetration. It DOESN’T numb but make things go on like a smooth ride! I don’t just know how I could explain it. It was my first anal lube before I began to test the waters of other anal lubes. Even if you’re a beginner or veteran, you can use this lube. Just apply some drop on the inside and out. Massage the anus for a while. And get down to work. Remember to breathe slowly, Lol. Your spouse will definitely love anal sex with Pjur Backdoor Glide Personal Lubricant.
Recent Testimonial of A User

Recomended to anyone having anal sex

love this stuff… it relaxes your muscles and works perfect!
By John on January 1, 2015


  • Wet Platinum Premium Lubricant

This product is one of the best-selling anal lubricants. It is long-lasting and hypoallergenic. It is always silky for marathon and anal sex. From start to finish, it doesn’t get sticky. It never gooey or gummy. A brand recognized as the “stay wet longer”. Just few drops are enough for the whole game. Try it now and see how it works. No magic! No tricks!! No gimmicks!!! Just plain slick… Need some hot sex in the shower, pool or hot tub? Wet Platinum lube got her ass covered!

Do you have a something made with leather? Is it dry, lifeless and looking dirty? Apply some wet platinum to revivify your dry leather and latex clothing.

Recent Review Of Wet Platinum Premium Lubricant


BEST EVER! After trying literally 5 different lubes and coconut oil, this is the only thing that works. A little bit goes a long way and it lasts. It’s made a big difference in the bedroom.

By Diane on February 28, 2015


  • Swiss Navy Silicone Personal Lubricant

This has become a next level lube of anal pleasure. This is a lube that has a true long-lasting power. It is made with the best and highest grade silicone. So slicky with a velvety feeling. No Oily feeling! No sticky residue!! Just instant lubrication all the way. What more can I say about this anal lube…

Recent Review of Swiss Navy

Excellent Lube!

Love this stuff! Buy it! Soft, silky and super easy dispense. It’s messy, though what wet lube isn’t? If you want a good, long-lasting experience, buy this.
By Ron Matz on March 29, 2015


  • Passion Lubes, Premium Silicone Lubricant

Would you like to ignite the fire of your passion during anal sex? Then, only Passion Lube can set you both ablaze in the fire of love. It is silky-smooth and slippery. It never dries. It also get the skin moisturized. So, you can have a soft and smooth anus like the vagina. With few drops, you can glide in and out safely. Whether you are going in as a lone ranger or with your partner, it is great anal lube for on-the-go action.

Recent Review Of Passion Lubes

Five Stars
Works great, last a long time – great in pools, showers and hot tubs
By V Wiggz on March 21, 2015


  • Shibari Intimate Lubricant – Silicone Based

Do you need something of gold standard that is gentle and ultra-smooth for penetration? Perhaps, just something that could give you the optimal comfort and pleasure during anal sex? Then, Shibari is the lube to get. Even if you have a sensitive or broken skin, give Shibari Lube a trial. Made from highest graded silicone, you can be rest-assured to have a blissful and sweet time. It has NO Fragrance! NO Parabens!! NO Irritating Preservatives!!! Unlike water based, it also last longer and doesn’t get dry up. No need of re-application with few drops.
Recent Review Of Shibari Lube

Tested it …

Tested it and really liked it. It’s really smooth and it doesn’t feel cold when applied, which is very good in some situations. No weird odors too. I recommend this product.

By Gabriel L on April 6, 2015

What Can I Use For Anal Lube?

  • Gun Oil Lubricant

Are you stuck in the middle? Are you in great need of a lube that could acts so well and oil your ‘AK-47’ in the midst of anal sex battle? Then, only one lube answers to that call. It is the GUN OIL Lubricant. It is what you need to get your bazooka oozing and ever battle-ready. Fire on non-stop. It is now fortified with Aloe vera and Vitamin E for restitution and healing abilities. It is highly concentrated to give you to have fun as long as you want. You can have confidence and safety in this exclusive medical graded formula. Don’t let any get on the side of it bottle. Because it will be so slippery that you won’t be able to get it. Ever slick!

I hope you have been able to find the answer to your “What Can I Use For Anal Lube?” Now…

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