WET Platinum wOw Review

April 29, 2015
WET Platinum WOW

Just a pearl-size is enough to get her high and intense!

Are you in need of a water based lubricant mixed or added to a Silicone based gel to give a unique blend of stimulating arousal serum? Do you want a lube that can help you get her stimulated and heighten her sexual pleasure? Then, read on. There are a lot of lubricants that have the ability to stimulate but none can be compared with this WET Platinum wOw Female Arousal serum. Why? Because, this lube works! Just few drops as shown in the picture can get her so intense screaming wOw! in the room.


This is a quality arousal serum made right here in the USA. Actually, there are three varieties of this best-selling stimulating lube.

  • The WET Platinum Gentle O

Just as its name implies, it give a gentle tingling that will take a little while to get her arouse. This is perfect for lady that can get up and running in bed in few minutes. This gives the little push required for her arousal. This lube will get her 3 x faster than normal.

  • The WET Platinum ‘Max O’

This lube uniquely blend not just for the tingling and stimulating but more intense and longer lasting. This goes the extra mile that the Gentle O formula can not reach. It also last for longer than Gentle O formula.  This lube will make her arouse 7 – 8 times faster than normal.

  • The WET Platinum wOw Lube:

To be honest with you on this one, I don’t see much different between the Max O and Platinum wOw. But it’s said to be highly concentrated for an endless sensation. So, you should be expecting something of 9 – 10 times faster. It is made to increase her pleasure just like switching the gear of a moving truck. With its maximum potency, she can now has a tingling sensation that will get her voicing words that doesn’t exist in the American English Dictionary. Such words includes…

Oooshh!! Hummnn!!! H-o-n-ey!!! Ooorsh!! Mo-o-r-e!! … you know.

You can also get Wet Platinum WOW Walgreens and other stores. But it is now available on Amazon at a very reasonable price. So, you can get it shipped with other items and enjoy a nice lube for nicer time.

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It can last up to 75 applications provided you use a pearl size of it every session. Why would you apply the whole tube of the lubricant? Just Few drops are enough to get the job done smoothly without pain. But it all depends on how much quantity you use per each sexual session. But if you use it sparingly, it will last up to that.

Unlike other similar serum online, Wet Platinum WOW doesn’t have Paraben or Hormone that could cause possible skin irritation and altering of your body system. On Wet Official website, it was noted that this lube have peppermint and two vasodilators. The presence of this Three Substance will cause a rapid circulation of blood flow around her clitoris. Once the clitoris is arouse, you have succeeded in getting her ready like a Wild Siberian Tiger.

She will have a story to tell after the whole show has ended. I would like you to listen and take this advice. Because it will do you good.

Here is a recent review of this wOw Lube…

Five Stars

Its name sez it all!

Review By D. Nighswonger on November 5, 2014.”

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*** Use WET Platinum wOw lube with caution. Because your wife will be screaming soft and sweet yet loud voice in the room. Such words like, “Baby, don’t leave me!”, Oh my Goossh! , Fuck me more, Ohhhh- oh- oh- oh goosh!.. *** 

This can attract the neighbors around you.

*** This arousal serum is NOT A Personal Lubricant ***

*** Pregnant and Nursing mothers should seek medical advice before using WET Platinum wOw Serum ***

Ingredients of WET Platinum WOW Arousal Gel

It is good to know about a product composition. Below are the whole substances combined to give this great product.

  • Glycerin,
  • Deionized Water (Aqua),
  • Dimethiconol,
  • Sodium Polyacrylate,
  • Dimethicone,
  • Cyclopentasiloxane,
  • Trideceth-6,
  • PEG/PPG- Dimethicone,
  • Pentylene Glycol,
  • Mentha Piperita (Peppermint),
  • Methyl Nicotinate, and
  • Vanillyl Butyl Ether.

Some quantity of wOw lube on or around your condom is safe because it’ s a latex friendly. Many couples are seeing this as the best lube for anything foreplay. To get it more effective, use it during your vaginal foreplay.Use it 5 minutes before intercourse so that it would have been absorb by the vagina external opening. Cleaning it is a snap! Just use warm water and soap, you are good to go.

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