Vaseline For Anal Lube? Read This First

April 14, 2015
Vaseline For Anal Sex

Is Vaseline Anal Sex Lube? Though thick and last long… But it is far from an Anal Lube.

You and your partner have considered having anal sex. You both know that a lubricant is of an uttermost important. Good! But you are bothered when you’re about using Vaseline for anal sex. Or perhaps, you find yourself in situation like… you run out of lubricant. And the only container you could find and seems to be good for anal sex is Vaseline? Then, you have just landed safely at the right spot for the right information. Don’t use it because you can find it sitting by the corner of your room. Read this to see why it is completely NOT good to use Vaseline For Anal Lube.

Vaseline has around for long. I’m sure you have come across it several times. It helps to get the skin the required moisture for good appearance. Vaseline has the ability to help promote the healing of minor wounds. Here are some of the things I use Vaseline for.
1. Good for dry hands.
2. Gentle for dry lips.
3. A good skin moisturizer.
4. Protects my skin during cold weather.
5. Stop my door hinges squeaking when oil is absent.
6. Gentle and useful for baby diapers rash.
7. For hair. Giving that “Just-Combed” Look all day long.
8. One of the daily cosmetic for my wife.

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Someone said that he can’t imagine a life with it. Vaseline has not changed for years. It has been so useful for the skin. A very good skin moisturizer cream because it absorbs water from the environment. This Vaseline we are talking about is 100% pure petroleum jelly. The same is gotten from Crude oil. But the question remains, “Can You Use Vaseline For Anal Sex?”
The answer is NO. There’s no two ways about it. Please, don’t get me wrong. I am in NO way saying Vaseline is harmful. Using it rightly will give you the right and desired results. But using it the other way round will not only fail to work but give you what you never bargain for. Well, we all know the usefulness of Vaseline.

According to the information I got from Unilever, it says their brand of petroleum has been tripled purified just to make customer satisfaction. It is an hypo-allergic substance. To be brutal honest with you, using Vaseline for anal has few advantages and much disadvantages. I have written extensively on Vaseline at Can You Use Vaseline As lube. But this time, I will be writing more extensively on when you use Vaseline for ANAL SEX.

Pros Of Vaseline For Anal Sex

  • Right In The House

You don’t have to be running here and there when you run out of lube. It is cheap and right in the house usually in a medium-sized container.

  • Last Long

It actually last long than water or saliva. Its thickness made it so. With a little body-heat, it turns to a colorless looking oil with a fine consistency.

  • It is smooth

It is really smooth. So pure and clean.

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Cons Of Vaseline For Anal Sex

  • For External Use Only

This statement is not that hard to comprehend. It is so plain and clear. It means it is not meant to be use for inner part of the body. Just for the outside. Not to be eaten or put inside of the body. Every container of Vaseline has it written boldly on the label. ‘For External Uses Only’. So, it is easy to read and understand. Why Vaseline for anal sex when you know that some quantity will get inside of you?

  • Sticky and Tacky

Goo-ey lubes are just off my list. Because anything sticky and tacky are enough to put one-off during play. During sexual play, noticing something tacky in your butt can just get all the fun and pleasure away.

  • Cleaning Up

When you need a ‘full-time job’ after sexual pleasure and enjoyment, then try using Vaseline for anal sex. You will have to scrub your ass as a woman. And your penis as a man. Both of you might get skin irritation due to the prolonged scrubbing on your respective orifices. I read on where a guy used Vaseline as anal lube for masturbation and it got stuck in his anus for a week. Despite the thorough scrubbing, it was just there. Ooops!!

  • Yeast Infection

Vaseline when use for vaginal sex can get you yeast infection. Yes, that ‘cottage-cheese’ kinda infection… The research conducted by some group has indicated Vaseline as a bad anal lube. Not only that, there is high possibility of getting bacterial vaginosis (BV) when you use it too. Wikipedia was able to describe what Bacteria Vaginosis is.

Bacterial vaginosis (BV), also known as vaginal bacteriosis or Gardnerella vaginitis is a disease of the vagina caused by excessive bacteria. Common symptoms include increased vaginal discharge that often smells like fish. The discharge is usually white or gray in color.” – Wiki On BV.

To validate this point, read what Doctor Andrew Weil, M.D. posted on his website concerning this.

The researchers found that yeast infections and bacterial infections were most common among women who reported using products such as Vaseline petroleum jelly and baby oil – substances that are not intended for insertion into the vagina. ” – Dr. Weil.


  • Bacteria Infections

The above point is not meant for this post. But I have to put it here in order to drive home this major point. Most parts of our body has both good bacteria and harmful ones. The harmful ones are growing in popularity because they harm body system one way or the other. So, this vagina and the anus both have the good and the harmful. The anus is known to have abundance of bacteria compared to vagina. So, using Vaseline (which is hard to clean from the anus) will only get the bad little guys growing in number. Before you know it, your anus will be reacting somehow. Infection will set in.

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  • Destroys Condom

You can’t use Vaseline with latex condoms because Vaseline has the ability to cause it to tear. If you put it to test. At first, it might look fine. But subject same condom to vigorous friction like you do in sex or anal sex. You will discover that your condom has holes or tears. With more friction, it will tear.

  • Disturbs The Vagina Flora

Just as I have said earlier, Vaseline is not good with the anus. Since the anus is close to the Vagina. Some quantity can slip in oily form and get to the vagina. Maybe by error or omission! (Lol. I’ve forgotten that we’re not in an accounting class). It will get the pH scale and flora of the vagina to shoot up. This can lead to temporary discomfort such as horrible smell or odor from the vagina.

  • Stains

One of the main reasons you should stop using this Vaseline for anal sex is because of stain. It stains my lady’s panties and my underwear. “It ruined this. Honey, we’ll be needing another a new one.” That’s what she says whenever it comes to washing vaseline stains off our sheets or her panties. Worse of it, you need to scrub it hard with warm water and soap before it can leave partially.

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NOW… Ask yourself.

  1. Why would you have to go through all this stress just because Vaseline is cheap to get?
  2. Why would you have to get medication just because you have used Vaseline for anal lube?
  3. Does it worth the stress, medication and skin irritation?


I strongly recommend to you the perfect lubricant that works for anal sex pleasure and enjoyment.

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Unlike, water based lubes, re-application is not necessary. It doesn’t stain. It is so silky smooth on the body. It is so smooth that you will not notice anything down there when you apply it.
See what a user said after he used the best lube for anal sex.

This is the best of its kind. After trying many others that fell short of expectations… This lube did the trick. It made the experience for my wife very pleasurable and now she likes to use this lube every time. Very happy we found this.

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It also lasts for longer. Either as a beginner in anal sex or an advance, Pjur BackDoor Anal Glide is simply the best!

Try it today and you will never forget the best lube ever.

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Noah - November 5, 2017

I have used vaseline as an anal lube for fingering. It feels great. I have had no side effects

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