Top 10 Best Anal Lubes That Works

September 16, 2014
Best Anal Lubes

Check Out The Best Anal Lubes Anyday, Anytime. Just what works…

[UPDATE: Sep. 20, 2015]   Nothing is perfect but there are some stuffs that are close to perfection. To get the Best Anal Lubes for anal sex
can be quite challenging. But don’t worry. We got your back on this one. Today, we will be focusing on the Top 10 Best Anal Lubes that works right from the start to the finish. These are lubricants that are tested, trusted and most reviewed by customers like you and me. So, you can be rest assured that  what you are getting is Top-Notched Quality. You will quite agree with me that there are only 2 categories out of three that are recommended by doctors and product reviewers online. The three categories of lubricants are

1. Water Based Lubricants
2. Silicone Based Lubricants and
3. Oil based lubricants.



The latter (Oil Based Lubes) doesn’t have much recommendations because of its aftermath effect on the skin and reaction on with condoms. So, it is not advisable to use oil based if you will put on Latex Condom.


The initial two are what we shall look into. They are good for both anal sex. Hold tight as we delve into our wacky world of Water Based and Silicone Based lubricants.

Best Lubes For Anal Sex Categories – WATER BASED LUBES (Their Pros And Cons)

Pros Of Water Based Lubricants (Example… Astroglide Personal Lubricant
and Passion Natural Water-Based Lubricant)

  • They are water soluble having a natural feeling like the Natural body fluid.
  • Silky when used during sex.
  • Most are made with Petroleum-free formula.
  • Supplements body’s natural fluid ( like the one produced at the Vagina.)
  • No scent, no alcohol and no fragrance.
  • Latex and Condom friendly.
  • Friendly with all kind of sex toys.
  • Easy to clean up when thru.
  • Safe For Vagina and Anal Intercourse.
  • Doesn’t stain sheets or lingerie.


Cons of Water Based Lubricants.

  • Dry up after a while. However, apply little drop of saliva, or water will reactivate the slippery property in it and you are back into business!
  • Some complained of yeast infection caused by glycerin present in some certain lubes. Here comes the good news. Now, there are some water based without glycerin and paraben such as CLEANSTREAM Anal Lube and Passion Natural Water-Based Lubricant





Best Lubes For Anal Sex Categories – SILICONE BASED LUBES (Their Pros And Cons)


Pros Of Silicon-Based Lubricants (Example… Pjur BackDoor Lube, WET Platinum)


  • Designed For Aggressive Anal Penetration.
  • Premium Sexual Enhancers.
  • Extra SILKY.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Lasts longer than Water Based Lubricants
  • Removes pains but doesn’t interfere with pleasure.
  • Made from purest of Silicone.
  • Contain less irritants.
  • Easy to clean with Warm water and Soap.


Pros Of Silicon-Based Lubricants.


  • Reacts with Silicone Made sex toys.
  • Latex and Condom safe
  • May stain sheets and lingerie.

Now that you know their pros and cons, it will be a good idea if you can check out this list of the Top 10 Best Anal Lubes That Works…

wet-water-based-lubeWet Original Gel LubricantWater Based$5.00
super-slyde-silicone-lubricantSuper Slyde Personal Silicone LubricantSilicone Based$$BEST
best-lube-on-the-marketPjur Backdoor Anal Glide LubeSilicone Based$$4.99
31FZAye5ElL.SL160Shibari Intimate Lubricant - Water BasedWater Based$4.98
gun-oilGun Oil Silicone Premium LubeSilicone Based$$4.97
41O2B14Ia62L.SL160Hello Sailor Water Based Lube (With 100% Unconditional Money Back)Water Based$$4.97
31zqMV2Bp90L.SL160Passion Lubes, Natural Water-Based LubricantWater Based$$4.96
31CUq4TbzjL._SL160_Swiss Navy PREMIUM Silicone LubeSilicone Based$$4.93
31BoROtW+0L._SL160_I-D Glide Personal Water Based LubricantWater Based$$4.80
31vArXHmW3L._SL160_Relax Anal Lube 5% LidocaineWater Based$$4.60
41tYOc93fdL.SL160Ocean Sensuals [G] Natural Female Personal LubricantWater Based$$4.40

With all said, you will be able to decide and get one that suits you most among the Top 10 Best Anal Lubes. If you have any question, suggestion or something to comment on, please use the comment box below. We will reply you in a very good manner. Thanks and have a good anal fun-filled sex time.


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