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Many people are yet to discover reason why their partner to say ‘no’ to them when it comes to sex especially the bareback route – anus. Being a taboo in some countries, religions and culture, to me, it is about choice. It is about the choice that we make. Once we make choice, we should get down with it and make things work out well. To make it work out well, you need a lube for anal sex. Did you know the reasons why your partner doesn’t want a backdoor pleasure? It is because of

  • Pain
  • Discomfort and
  • Irritation.

They all comes when you insert your penis or sex toy, during the ‘thrusting in and pulling out’ and after the show has ended respectively.

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What Causes The Pain?

The anus is not self-lubricating as the vagina. Therefore, it needs an external lubrication. Though the anus is one of the most sensitive part in the human body because of the numerous nerve endings but it lacks lubrication. It needs something so slippery that can make the entry of either the penis or sex toy glide-in so easily.


What Causes the Discomfort?

One might say, ”…the tighter, the better”. That’s true but should it be that one person is enjoying and the other suffers? No! The discomfort can either come during the ‘banging’ and after the show. If it is during the banging, it is because of the thrusting in and pulling out of the penis or sex toy. Once again, a lube for anal sex is what is needed for easy gliding. A lube with super slipperiness property is what can ease the discomfort. So, Smooth Ride Is For Sure!

What about Irritation?

This is the aftermath of using the wrong lube. Using your water ( examples such as table water or tap water) will do more harm than good. Why? Because, it has a very thin consistency. It dries up so quick under the friction that occurs between the penis/sex toy and the anus. Thinking of saliva? Nay… No. Don’t think about that. Saliva is close to water in terms of consistency. Though has little or no slippery property but doesn’t last for long at all. Only the so slick lube for anal sex can give you what you need.
Recent Customer Review
Published By alex

this is the best lube i’ ve ever used, i have not tried any expensive “super premium” name brand ,endorsed,or etc types of lube because i stopped trying different ones after this, its slippery as anything and lasts a good while.

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What you need are just two things.

1. Mental relaxation of both partners and

2. The best Lubricant.

How Relax Should I Be?

Starting with the right mental attitude, both of you have to relax. First, start anal foreplay. How? You asked. Begin with the touching and caressing of the butts, anus and its surrounding. Couples of minutes later, apply a slippery lube for anal sex and a finger to start fingering. Do it all slowly. Insert the second finger and then, the third. You can now introduce either your penis or sex toy.
However, if your partner signal you pain or discomfort, pull out immediately. Wait a while and relax, then try again. Pain is the ‘red alert’ that the body uses to tell you that something is wrong somewhere and you have to fix it. Please, do listen to pain.


What is the best lube for anal sex?

I’ve detailed information on best lube for anal sex here. Over the years, Astroglide brand has been one of the most recommended lubes by doctors. Why?

Top Pros

  • Acts as a lube for anal sex
  •  Water Based and Water Soluble
  • Last Long
  • Acts as vaginal moisturizer
  • Clean up in a breeze after show
  • Doesn’t stain sheets or lingerie
  • Compatible with latex and condoms
  • Colorless and odorless liquid
  • Works greatly with all kinds of sex toy (even those that are silicone-made).

Top Cons

  • Dries up after a while. However, few drops of water can re-activate the slippery property in it. So, you are back in business in no time!

Now you know about the super slippery lube for anal sex so great. That’s why I always recommend it to our clients and readers online if they want a pleasure-filled and intense anal sex experience.

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