Stud 100 Review – Best Male Genital Desensitizer Spray

January 13, 2015


Stud 100 Review Delay Spray

As usual… He doesn’t last long. He hasn’t done anything yet he has climax! We need to talk. STUD 100 Should Get Him Longer…

Did you know that many men still don’t know how to maintain a penis erection for long? It is not man’s fault per say. Whose fault, then? You asked.

According to one of the articles published on

“Premature ejaculation is a common sexual complaint. Estimates vary, but as many as 1 out of 3 men say they experience this problem at some time.”

This quote above looks unbelievable but true! Now you know. Many women complain about their hubby or mate’s inability to maintain his erection for long. If she hasn’t tell you in person, her actions and reactions in the room should.

Premature ejaculation has no rooted explanation. But there are about two to three measures to know if one has premature ejaculation.They are…

  1.  If you cannot delay your ejaculation when you are in the room with your partner.
  2. Almost in all your sexual encounters, you ejaculate or release or explode your semen within one minute.
  3. You know you have not done anything at all, and your ‘AK-47 Machine Gun’ is oozing like it has gone 10 rounds.

To be sincere, this is not good for a couple’s sexual life. In this article, I will tell you effective ways that you can use to deal with the issue of premature ejaculation. This is about how to have an erection that will last longer than before. Only a few among men that has longer erection have the basic knowledge of how the penis works and its sensitivity. Once the penis is up and ready to go (sensitive), then ejaculation can come.

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To be honest, men generally finds it difficult to explain this problem even to a doctor. But how can this be solved? It is not a rare case. It can be taken care of in ways that are reliable and safe. Such ways includes

  • Sexual techniques (Squeezing),
  • Sex exercises (Jelqing and some body gym) and
  • Sexual enhancers (Pills and Sprays).

Well, penis sensitivity and or no erection are also not the topics for today. I will also review one of the best stuff that can get you maintain a longer and rock-hard erection for her. By the time you use it, she will tell you how you have lasted in the room than before. Sexual-active women love it when their men can recover quickly and go the extra mile. Let’s delve as we both discover 3 out of the common ways to get rid of this problem.

First of all, the natural method.

  • The Squeeze Method:

Under Sexual techniques, this method has been known to be effective to some certain degree. I tested and used this method too. It was created by Masters and Johnson in the 1900’s. Hope I still remember…. During sex, the male must be able to know when he is about to release or ejaculate. Prior to that releasing time, the male signals his partner. The partner quickly sqeeuze the penis head tight till the he feels back to normal. The thumb and the index fingers are used for the squeezing. Hence, the male will last longer. The male can do it himself by accompanying this method with very slow breathing.


  •  Jelqing:

Here is another method that has been around long time ago. This method is categorized under the ‘sex exercise’. The involve the use of your hands to make the blood flow smoothly in your penis. If you ask me to tell you about jelqing in a sportsman language, then I can say “Jelqing is more like when your penis is doing push-ups”. Yeah! It makes it more stronger and better for longer time. It is done by placing your hand at the base of your penis. Then, shape your finger around it. Your thumb and index fingers around it. Then, bring it to the close to the head or glans with light pressure. This act cause stretching (and micro-tear) in the penis muscles. And the muscles grow becoming more stronger. But one down side of all kind of exercise is that it take time to see result, depending on the area the exercise focus on. For jelqing, it take about 2-3 months to get visible results.

The Last But Not The Least.

  • Male Genital Desensitizer Spray:

This method is one of the most effective ways that you can use to satisfy her than ever. It is the use of a topical anesthetic on your genital organ. It gets you to last longer and better. With two to three sprays of this medical stuff, you can rock her to climax!

Introducing [easyazon_link asin=”B008ZUV0EW” new_window=”default” nofollow=”default” localization=”default” popups=”default”]Stud 100 Review – Best Male Genital Desensitizer Spray

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Stud 100 also known as ”Premjact’‘. It is a product from the England (UK). It is one of the best male genital desensitizer spray that helps you delay your ejaculation by reducing the sensitivity of your penis. This does not harm your ‘member’. It only makes it less sensitive yet you are rock-hard! It is a spray that work in a couple of minutes prior to ‘banging’ time. It is for external use only!

Why Is It The Stud 100 Review, the Best Male Desensitizing Spray?

This delay spray actually works. Once you spray it on your male genital – just the tip and the shaft of your penis, it gets absorbed by the penis. The active ingredient – Lidocaine penetrate into the ‘Stratum Corneum’ (that is a scientific name, just skip it) which is the top layer skin of the penis. And then traveled to its final destination which is the sensitive nerves that causes you to ejaculate quickly.

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Pros Of Using Stud 100 Review

  • Delays Ejaculation: No matter how fast you ejaculate, follow this step. Let’s say your erection has a scale of 1-5. Number one represents no erection while number 5 represent strong, hard and seconds to release. Before it get to 4, apply this Stud 100. And see its result.
  • No Loss Of Erection: This doesn’t get anything to do with your erections at all. It only brings your penis sensitivity under control.
  • Works In Minutes: No matter how rushing you and your partner might be, you can just spray it on your penis tip and shaft. Then go on with the foreplay. Before you end your foreplay, you are ready to ro-o-ock her to climax without releasing a drop of semen so fast!!
  •  Latex Friendly: With STUD 100, you can use your favorite condom – latex made or poly-made. It is safe on their materials.
  • Pump Spray: Unlike its other competitors, STUD 100 is in a pre-metered spray for easy and quick application. No spill, No pouring, No leaking… Just spray!
  • A Game Changer: If your games in the room has been boring and sucks, then try STUD 100 and see the difference. I mean it. She will tell you. Not you telling her!

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STUD 100 Side Effect  (Cons)

  •  Too Much Is Not Good:

This is not a con or side effect actually. It just that a little is enough for your game. If you spray STUD 100 too much on your male genital, you are likely not to feel anything at all. It may take the pleasure away totally and you will last forever in bed. So, 3 sprays from its bottle will do the magic.


STUD 100 Directions

  • So, just 3 sprays – one for the tip and two for the shaft. Then, you can use your condom or flesh to flesh.
  • Once you are through, wash your parts with warm soap and water.
  • You can also test it direct ways  to see good it is.
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Stud 100 Review - Best Delay SprayPrecautions:

  • Don’t spray into eyes.
  • Don’t inhale it. 
  • Don’t exceed 24 sprays in 24 hours. 
  • If your partner is pregnant, please stay clear from STUD 100. Only use after delivery.

What are you waiting for? Surprise her in the room and she will tell you how rough you handle her this time.

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