SMOOV Lube Lubricant For Her – Review

SMOOV Lube Lubricant Review

Return Her HeartFelt Smile With SmoovLube!

SMOOV Lube – One of the Best Personal Lubricants for Men and Women Review

In a bit to satisfy their men, some women have dry and painful sex from time to time. This shouldn’t be. Why? Because, Lubricants are now available that can take off that suffering off your sexual life. Instead of pain and discomfort, you can both have a fun-filled time right in your favorite spots. Getting the best and natural personal lube can put an end to the suffering during sex time.That’s why a lot of men and women has always wanted the very best lubes for sexual occasions. As a matter of fact, Lubricants are made purposes to ease discomfort and pain that accompany dry sex. And water based lubes has been one of the most recommended lubes by Doctors and Physicians. There are some water based lubes that are long-lasting and very safe on skin.


And here is one that you can easily use for your sexual occasions in the room. It is a natural water based lube that helps to address the issue of dry vagina and dry skin during sex. In other words, when you need an ideal vagina moisturizer for you or your woman, then SMOOV lube Lubricant is the one.
This lube is so effective that when you begin to use it, chaffing will become something of the past. Just like the name sounds, it is a very smooth and slippery lube that is better than any other household lubes you have ever use. Unlike Vaseline and Olive oil, it is so slick that you will not feel any oily or sticky stuff on your members. It doesn’t get sticky some lubricants you have used in the time past. It is totally body safe.

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You might wanna’ know if it has glycerine or paraben or petroleum derived ingredients. It is a good step to know what you are using. Well, the good news is that …


SMOOVlube Lubricant has NO Glycerine, NO Paraben, NO Petroleum based additives.


In fact, it has no nasty chemical substance that could lead to irritation or cause any problem for your body. Though, it has an oil consistency but no drop of oil ingredient in it. Below are the full list of Substances combined to give this great product.

Ingredients Of SMOOV lube Lubricant

  • Purified Water,
  • Hydroxyethyl Cellulose,
  • Sodium PCA,
  • Potassium Sorbate, and
  • Citric Acid.


This lube can stay right on where you put it. It is so slick that you might not notice its presence there. It has no odor. No color. Just as clear as water. It has a unique design that other lubes don’t have. The pop-up lid is make so in order to disperse as much as you need right on motion. With one hand, you can dispense enough lube for your game anytime. One thing worth knowing is that few drops from this SMOOV lube Lubricant can last you longer than you think.


Because it is water based, it tends to dry after a while. But you can easily elongate its slipperiness for longer time by add a little bit of water or saliva to it. And you are never out of the ring. Here is what someone has to say when she used it.

Absolutely fantastic…

Absolutely fantastic product! Not sticky, not oily, feels completely natural, and also sold by a company with exceptional customer service!

– Published in the Month of April, 2015 By Sydnie Paige

When the game’s over, you clean it off. Just add plenty of water to any part you have applied it to. And in few seconds, it get completely off your skin with NO residue. Unlike oil based lubes that clings to your skin for hours, you don’t even need soap to get SMOOV lube Lubricant off once you are through with your game.


Is it Compatible With SexToys?

Absolutely, It is. Whatever kind or brand of sex toy you are using, SMOOV lube Lubricant is a nice lube that makes every step of your game a memorial one. It is totally safe on your sex toys even if it made with Silicone material. It never stains your couch, or furniture or clothes.

Five Stars
Feel good
– Xue Ying Shao Dropped This Review On Amazon April, 2015.



One big plus to your order. Once you order this SMOOV lube Lubricant now, it will be packaged and ship discreetly to any destination you want it delivered to. It has no graphical expression or erotic or sexual expression on it. So, it remain undetected right on your bedside table. This bottle is huge enough that its content will last you for a longer time. It is made right here by an US based company.
When it comes to a lube with much love, then here is a lube that has it. It has been rated by 25 customers with 4.7 out of 5 stars as of the date of publishing this review. Why don’t you try this SMOOV lube Lubricant for yourself and see how it goes?

The best way to know if something really works or not is by giving it a trial. Others has said good and positive reviews about it. It is your time to confirm if it is really true or not. With SMOOV lube Lubricant, your night with be crown with great sex success.


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