Sliquid Sea Water Based Lubricant 4.2 Ounce Review

Sliquid Sea Water Based Lubricant

The Healing And Lubricating Properties Of The Sea – Sliquid Sea Water Based Lubricant

There have been a lot of runny lubricants that are been advertised on daily basis. One can’t help but get confuse on which one is the best. One that suit your skin and that of your partner on bed. I can’t say about other water based lubes but there are lubricants that really what for what they are manufactured for. I mean lubes that are really meant for all round sex pleasure, comfort and enjoyment. Today, I will be reviewing one of the lubes that someone called “Her Holy Grail Of Lube”. This is not a junk that you use once and the next place is the trash. No! It is the one and only Sliquid Sea Water Based Lubricant.


I have written an extensive review on the Original Sliquid Organics Natural Lubricating Gel. To be more sincere with facts here, this is another water based lubricant that is designed for real sex pleasure. It is a water-soluble lube that goes well with anything bareback or backdoor. You don’t have to be looking for water based lubes that don’t worth your hard-earned money. Simply, get this Sliquid Sea Water Based Lubricant and see how it will help you and your partner have an intense sexual exploration.


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It is blended with some couple of natural and hand selected natural extracts. That is where it got its name Sliquid ‘SEA’ Water Based Lubricant. With the combination force of natural sea plants extracts, you can be sure of getting the healing properties of the sea. It is so slippery and sensual. Just the way you would love your favorite lube to be.


[easyazon_image align=”right” height=”500″ src=”” width=”411″]Permit me explain in details what this lube can do and its healthy benefits. You see. Every of the natural extracts in this Sliquid Sea Water Based Lubricant has its own purpose and healthy benefit.

Top Natural Ingredients In Sliquid Sea Water Based Lubricant

  • Carageenan:

You might have heard about it before. It is one of the most used natural ingredients used in today’s all-natural personal lubricants. It is so effective that it has been discovered to reduce the transmission of Human Papillomavirus abbreviated as HPV.

  • Wakame:

This is an extract that gives an additional health boost to your lube. How? You asked. It has the special natural B vitamins. It actually get your skin to increase in its elasticity. An another pivot function is the reducing of inflammation.

  • Nori:

Though, this Sliquid Sea Water Based Lubricant is where I came across this algae. It is a natural and good anti-oxidant. It also helps to keep the skin moist for longer.
All these all-natural extracts are blended with natural H20 lube to give rise to the one and only active Sliquid Sea Water Based Lubricant that stays silky smooth throughout the show. It has a nice consistency without any left over residue. It never turns sticky or messy. It stay put for some seconds before you rub it. It has NO paraben in its ingredients list. NO Glycerine too.
It has about 51 customers reviews at the time of composing this review for submission. With 4.2 out of 5 stars ratings, you can see that this is a lube that works for mostly everyone. Try it today or better still, check out the top negative reviews on Amazon.


smells nice without having too strong a scent

doesnt feel too sticky, smells nice without having too strong a scent. Dries out quick though

Reviewed By Kunj Amin On 10 May, 2015.

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When you notice that it is drying out, just add a little spit and you’ re back to awesome! No need to rush off to get water when you are both on the high peek. Moreover, No sheet stains again once you have Sliquid Sea Water Based Lubricant. Because it is totally water-soluble. It is easy to clean-up once you are done with your sex rounds. You don’t have to be scrubbing your bits all day long. It leaves the skin feeling smooth and great.

It is also recommended for Post-Menopausal women too. This lube is so good that you can hardly know if it is your natural body fluid or not. It really feels like the natural fluid created by the Vagina itself. But the differences are there. The vagina’s lube has a natural smell but Sliquid Sea Water Based Lubricant has a very fainted smell. It has no bad taste and feels great too. If you are a type of person with a sensitive skin, please, try using this lubricant. It will really match up with your sensitive skin.

Avoid using harsh unnecessary chemicals on your orifice as they tends to irritate. But with this Natural Sliquid Sea Water Based Lubricant, you can only get the very best made with Nature’s Best. What more could you ask for?


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