How To Prepare For Anal Sex Well

How To Prepare Well For Anal Sex

Women Needs a Reason while Men Only Need A Space

Someone searched for how to prepare for anal sex. I think that would possibly be a female. And also, I noticed that I haven’t published something of such topic for you. Today’s publication is all about you – how to go about it and get adequately prepare for anal sex. Have one thing at the back of your mind – nobody is perfect. You can work your way to perfection. It is same with anal sex too. Many people have been asking me on how one can do it perfectly. Well, let’s go on with this topic.

Before I go on, I would like to relate this story of a lady (anonymous). She said it was her first time of doing it and it was very embarrassing for her. I asked her why. She then narrated that it all happened on that night. She and her boyfriend were in bed and he asked if he could go through the ‘backdoor’ route – anus. She said she didn’t want to do it at first. He pleaded and she compromised. So, they are having good time when something she termed ‘horrible’ happened.

About 16 minutes later, her boyfriend pulled out and shit was everywhere. “We both saw the shit – shit on his dick, shit on our legs, and shit on the bed sheets. Cleaning it up looks normal to him but to me – it is disgusting.” She concluded that she may never do it again.

Depending on the way you see it, the most important key to a successful ‘outing’ in anal sex is relaxing of your mind and anus – the mental and physical aspect. We want you to enjoy you anal sex even if this is your first time. Let’s start from step to step on how to prepare for anal sex very well.


  • First things first. Your bowel should be clean. How? Use the toilet and shit them all out. Also, wash thoroughly the surrounding of your anus with soap and water. But if you have some kind of feeling that you are not clean enough…. go over to the next step.


  • Secondly, anal douching or anal enema as some people do call it. Some people even use bath hose but I will only recommend the anal douching method. Why? You asked. It get you almost crystal clean. The main reason is that if you can’t get most (or all) of the shit out of your rectum, then anal douching will get the job of cleaning done in less than 10 minutes!


  • Apply lubricant or lube (either a water based lube like Astroglide Original Liquid or Silicone Based lube such as Astroglide X). This lube will make the job of gliding and thrusting-in so easy. So, the fear of pain and discomfort is gone. Remember that the anus does not have any natural lubricant like the vagina. So, use as much as you need.


  • Introduce either your sex toy or finger into your anus. You or your partner can do the fingering. I said earlier that what you need to make this whole act interesting and pleasurable for both of you is relaxation. Now, think about relaxing your anal sphincter muscle. Easy said than done! Isn’t it? How do I relax my anus? Just the way you let gas out through your anus, in same manner. Just relax!


  • The last but not the least is the position. With the best lube for anal sex and your butt up, the doggy style remains one of the most interesting position. If you(the ‘receiver’) want to control the thrusting in and out, then try the kneeling on top or squatting or cowgirl position.

In Conclusion- How to prepare for anal sex

Just as I have said, you will enjoy it if you follow these techniques listed below.

1. Relax your mind.
. Shit them all out
2. Go for anal douching
3. Apply lube and
4.Finger or insert your sex toy.

A bonus – Use Condom. It is advisable.

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