How To Prepare For Anal Sex For Pleasure

January 16, 2015
How To Prepare For Anal Sex

How To Prepare For Anal Sex is easy. Just Follow these 6 Sexy Ways… Photo Credit : Wiki Anal Sex

How To Prepare For Anal Sex For Pleasure In 6 Sexy Ways

Have you been thinking of how to prepare for anal sex that will be full of pleasure for both of you? Perhaps, you want to try having an incredibly hot and sensual anal sex, then you are at the right place reading the right piece of information. This also worth-reading for the first time anal sex friends here. Today, I will be explaining to you on how you can have a satisfying anal sex via preparation.

Remember a famous quote,

…When You Fails To Plan, You Have Plan To Fail”

All you have to do is to read this piece and apply.  One thing for sure, if you follow this 6 sexy ways in the proper way to the letter, then you and your partner may reach orgasms. For men, it is not that hard. Let’s dissolve  some myths about anal sex.

Would I Shit All Day After Anal Sex?
No, your anus can control its sphincter muscles than you think. You won’t be using diapers or stooling all day. There are many couples that have been having anal sex for long without any issue. Nothing like passing out gas or farting everywhere. Now, let’s continue with How To Prepare For Anal Sex…

What Is Anal Sex?

Anal sex is the placing of the ‘fully- charged’ penis into the anus and rectum of a mate in order for both to derive sexual enjoyment and satisfaction. This occurs between couples, gays, lesbians, etc. Just like Vaginal Sex, Anal sex also comes with its own foreplay and others that makes the whole game of anal sex full of adventures. It is NOT a shit sex. No.

Well, How To Prepare For Anal Sex is not that hard or complicated. Here are the no-brainer routes you can follow to turn your anal sex into a fantasy that you will always enjoy. Did you know that a lady or woman can achieve orgasm through anal sex? You doubt it? It is possible.

Orgasm may occur during anal sex because there is an indirect stimulation of an area of the vagina or clitoris in female.

At the same, do you know that anal sex can be painful when do in the wrong way. According to some medical findings,

…About 65% of Women don’t enjoy anal sex because it is painful”

Why is it painful? Because some men just bring out their ‘AK-47’ and start thrusting deep into her anus. That is the wrong way of doing it. You are doing her more harm than good. In fact, no good at all. And one can easily see that such men don’t have an adequate knowledge of butt sex. Most of porn stars out there know about it inside out. They prepare themselves behind the camera. Don’t let anyone fool you! They have done enough prep of anal sex play before they start doing the real thing on the camera. That’s why you need to read this information to the end.
Don’t skip… I will try to make it as short and easy-to-understand for you. You need to know on how the anus, the rectum and the whole excretory system work. Once you have that, you will be able to get yourself ready for this adventure.

6 Sexy Ways On How To Prepare For Anal Sex For Pleasure

  • Meet The Anus:

How To Prepare For Anal Sex with best lube for anal sexFirst things first. You need to know the anus itself. The anus is the part of our body that helps us to get rid of the shit or feces or excreta from our body system. The anus has been discovered to have muscles and a lot of sensitive nerve endings like the ones found at the vagina. But the vagina has a whole lot of difference from the anus. The anus is a tight opening that leads to the rectum. Generally, men loves it when it is tight down there.

So, “…the Tighter, the Better.”

When a woman is arouse or ready for sex, she will be ‘wet’ (wet is referred to as evidence of sexual excitement in women. It is the release of natural vaginal lube by the increased blood flow to the surrounding tissues and glands around the vagina. This natural lubricant is so slippery and different from water or saliva. So, the anus is NOT like the vagina that get itself ready for sex. In other words, the anus does not have any natural lubricant to ‘wet’ its surrounding like the vagina. So, you will need an artificial lube to get the anus wet and ready.

  • The Best Lube For Anal Sex:

[easyazon_image align=”left” asin=”B0018OH6IG” height=”160″ localization=”default” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” src=”” width=”49″]Trinity Vibes Fill-er-up Butt Plug 3 Piece Set[/easyazon_image]Here is one of the vital aspect of the anal sex game. As you can see that anus need an artificial lube that mimics the natural lube produced by the Vagina. Saliva or water will NOT do it. Because saliva has a thin consistency and will not be able to do the lubing job effectively. The friction that occur during the banging is enough to get it dry out in no time. And another reason is that saliva have little or NO slippery effect, let alone water.

Without the best lube, anal sex will only be full of pain and discomfort. Why should it be that the man will enjoy it and leaves the woman to nurse the pain? It shouldn’t be. Here is what you need to do. Get the best lube for anal sex ready by your bed side.
Here are some of the best lubes that are solely produced and designed for anal sex adventures. Such lubricants includes [easyazon_link asin=”B00I7DOWTC” new_window=”default” nofollow=”default” localization=”default” popups=”default”]Wet Platinum Premium Lubricant, [easyazon_link asin=”B00LW9B6N8″ new_window=”default” nofollow=”default” localization=”default” popups=”default”]Gun Oil Silicone Based Personal Lube, [easyazon_link asin=”B00GL4XTRK” new_window=”default” nofollow=”default” localization=”default” popups=”default”]Astroglide X Premium Personal Lubricant, PJUR BackDoor Anal Glide, [easyazon_link asin=”B00GOTO1LA” new_window=”default” nofollow=”default” localization=”default” popups=”default”]Maximus Personal Lubricant, Ocean Sensuals G Natural Female Stimulating Gel, ID Glide Personal Lubricant , etc.

But among all of these great lubes, the one that we recommend most of the time is PJUR BackDoor Anal Glide lube. Because it is a silicone-based lube that last longer for anal sex. It is solely created for this anal sex. Its ingredients are totally safe for the body. It has a slippery property that can remain slippery for long without getting dry.

It is now fortified with Precious Jojoba extracts that help to keep the anus relax for smooth penetration. This lube can be used in any water environment such as Bathroom, Swimming Pool, anywhere. And also, Cleaning up is just in a breeze. With warm water and soap, you are as clean as before. It is recommend also by doctors. A lot of people has a good story to tell about this product most especially on Amazon. You can trust this PJUR Backdoor Anal glide on the job of lubrication. It will get her wet like a vagina.

[easyazon_link asin=”B0018OH6IG” new_window=”default” nofollow=”default” localization=”default” popups=”default”]Click Here To Read About PJUR Backdoor Anal glide Reviews On Amazon.

  • Relaxation:

Once you have your best lube, you need to relax when you are about to, during and after your anal sex. How to prepare for anal sex is simple. Just as PJUR Backdoor Anal glide is a physical key, being relax is the mental key to a great anal outing. You need to be relax in order for both you and your partner to enjoy it. There are different relaxations here.

  1.  Relax Your Mind:

    It is not something strange or bad. It is just another sexual exploration on its own. As a couple, you can have a discuss with your spouse. Talk about it in a good and understandable way. It shouldn’t be something like imposing or by force. Just talk about it calmly. Women are simply emotional beings. So, talk your way into her heart. It should be what both of you want to explore.

  2. Relax Your Anus:

    Before the insertion, personal hygiene must be present. I’m yet to see one shit though I have heard of some saying that shit came out during anal sex. Concerning the anus, first is to get it clean. When I say clean, I mean get it crystal clean and clear from shit. This is where anal douche or anal enema comes into picture.

Watch The Below Video To See What Anal Enema Can Do For Her Anus – How To Prepare For Anal Sex

How To Prepare For Anal Sex Video…

We also recommend The [easyazon_link asin=”B002FCN7Y2″ new_window=”default” nofollow=”default” localization=”default” popups=”default”]Cleanstream Shower Enema System as the one of the best anal enema for you. You can do the douching and after that, go together to the bathroom to have shower. Here are what to do while you are both in the bathroom. Help wash her butts or ass. Massage them well with love and affections. Don’t rough-handle her. You need to help her and her anus relax in order to get ready for the penetration your big “John Thomas”.
Once you are done with the massage, proceed to the foreplay. The anal play can be done in the bathroom or in the room. Anywhere you want. Let’s continue…

  • Anal Sex Foreplay

How to prepare for anal anal for first time anal sex? Follow this – Your foreplay for anal can begins with a back-massage down to her butts or ass. Tell her to be in a ‘doggy style’ position. Then, apply a massage lube on her back. You can create dots with the massage glide on her back
. You can make a big ‘S’ shape with the massage lube on her back. This is just to add flavor to the massage. Then, get the massage down to her buttock. Just as you have done in the bath, you can do more. Fingering is also another way. It is done by using your fingers to get her anus prepare for your penetration. Other ways includes anilingus (also know as butt-licking or rim-job), pegging, etc.

For your health…
1. You can use dental dams if you want to do anilingus.
2. You can use finger cot before you do the fingering.
3.You can also use condom (if you are not sure of her health status before anal sex).

Every or any kind of anal foreplay for be done with care because the anus and rectum tissues are fragile.

  • Anal Sex Toys

This is optional. But if you are a first timer, you should get it. For those that are not new to anal play, anal foreplay is enough to get her relax. The Best Anal Butt Plugs are

[easyazon_link asin=”B006CYZ5P8″ new_window=”default” nofollow=”default” localization=”default” popups=”default”]Doc Johnson Mood Naughty Anal Plug and 

[easyazon_link asin=”B0084FXAQE” new_window=”default” nofollow=”default” localization=”default” popups=”default”]Trinity Vibes Fill-er-up Butt Plug 3 Piece Set

Don’t use fruits such as apple or carrots or food stuffs that can get trapped into your anus. Once carrot or fruits get sucked up into the anus, you need to visit the doctor immediately.

What To Do..

[easyazon_image align=”right” asin=”B0084FXAQE” height=”124″ localization=”default” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” src=”” width=”160″]Trinity Vibes Fill-er-up Butt Plug 3 Piece Set[/easyazon_image]Use a plastic or glass or other kind of anal sex toys. Most of anal sex toys especially the plugs have a wide and flattened base that helps to prevent her anus from sucking up the plug. How do I use this Anal Butt Plugs? Most anal butt plugs comes in three to four shapes. First, rub the plug with your best lube for anal sex. Then, insert very slowly and gently. Once it is in, check on your partner and see how she is doing. Communicate with her. Once she is good. Let it be there for couple of minutes. Then, try the next size in like manner. Make sure you use plenty of PJUR or other good lube you are using.

Once she is good and well with the largest size of the anal butt plug or bead, then her anus (the sphincter muscles) by now should be well-relaxed and prepared enough for your penetration.


How To Prepare For Anal Sex

Women need reasons… Men only need a ‘tight’ space.

Follow these 4 rules.

  1. Lube your penis (or condom) with plenty of lube – If you are using PJUR, rub on only few drops.
  2. Lube her anus with plenty of lube – If you are using PJUR, rub on only few drops.
  3. Enter her starting with shallow thrusts. Keep an eye on her whether she is in pain or pleasure.
  4. Then, increase gradually the thrusting and the speed. As a man, don’t bang her with high speed initially. If you know you can’t control your speed, then try the ‘cowgirl style’ – she on top of you.

One thing about Anal Sex (especially first timers) is that the very first thrusting can be with a little discomfort (note the word used – little discomfort, NOT pain). By the time, you slowly continue with the third, fourth, fifth thrusting… this will transit to pleasure. Try it and see what I mean.

How To Prepare For Anal Sex – Top Anal Sex Positions 

* Missionary Style – Woman below and man on top. Just like vagina sex but the penis goes into the anus.
* Doggy Style – Woman kneels with her hands and legs. You thrust from behind.
* Spooning Style –  The receiver (female) gets to control the extend the penis is inserted at first. The speed and force too.
* Cow Girl Style – Lady On Top of man. She controls how deep and the speed and rhythm.
* Standing Style – Man stands with woman in his arms. Woman is without support. Man must has a very good stamina for this.
* Don’t Use Silicone Based Lubricant With Silicone-Made Toys. The silicone in the lube will cause the toy to become messy and useless.
* Don’t go from anal sex to vaginal sex or oral sex WITHOUT washing up first. This is because the anus has a lot of bacteria that can trigger infections. Just as I have said earlier, you need to be clean. Personal hygiene matters a lot.
* Don’t Rush. Take it slowly. Remember, it is her anus NOT her vagina.
* Going in WITHOUT the best lube is like INTENDING to inflict injuries and pain on your partner.

Before I rest my typing fingers on How To Prepare For Anal Sex, I hope you find this piece of information helpful. If you have any question, opinion or suggestions or complaints, please don’t hesitate to use the comment box below or contact us. Remember, we are here just for your anal sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

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