Pjur BackDoor Lube Review

Pjur Backdoor Lube – One Of The Best Silicone Lubricant.

Are you looking for a very active and real deal silicone anal lubricant that delivers? Search no further because you have come to the right place. Pjur Backdoor Lube
has been one of the most talked about and discussed anal sex lube in the market. Forums and discussion boards rate it high. Even on amazon, reviews are really interesting and educating. Truly, it is a product worth reviewing.

Anal sex is an interesting game if you know how to go about it. Just has football and soccer games, anal sex has rules to follow. Sounds funny, isn’t it? I will tell you why.

  • Why Should I Use Lubricant?

Reason is because the anus is not like the vagina that lubricates itself for sexual intercourse. This is the main reason why the use of one of the best lube for anal sex must be use.

  • Why Can’t I Use Saliva Or Water?

You may have this question or related one on your mind. Well, there is no problem with using either saliva or water for anal sex. But do you know that they have very thin consistency? Which means they spread quickly and dry off fast. If you use either of these two, your partner may suffer tear or injury in or around the anus.

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  • So, What?

Now, you are talking. Just as I have said earlier that the anus does not have its own natural lubricant, using a lubricant that mimic the natural one is a MUST.


  • How Can We Both Enjoy Anal Sex?

Search around – in forum and other places, you will note that anal sex have to do with our mentality. In what way? Your partner need to relax. Because the anus is a nerve sensitive area, you need something to make it relax. Especially if it is your first time then you need to try everything out SLOWLY.

Don’t Rush Things – Just Take Your Time and Explore At A Slow And Steady Rate.

Introducing One Of The Best Lube For Anal Sex – Pjur BackDoor Lube Review

Pjur BackDoor Lubricant has been around for a while. It is a product made in Germany. Even, the gay community use this product alot. Why? Because it delivers. Using Pjur will make you experience something very special – something that you would love to do over and over again.

You and your partner will both enjoy the anal sex.
The combination of natural jojoba extracts and silicone makes it one of the best among its kind. These duos combo helps to relax the anus sphincter for easy thrusting and penetration. So, No Tear! No Pain!! No Discomfort!!!


If it is your first time or you want it to be more pleasurable, try the doggy style! You can’t go wrong with that. You would be aiming and hitting the G-spot severally. Another sex position that rocks is the Spooning Position.

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