Why PJUR Backdoor Is The Best Silicone Lube?

Pjur BackDoor Lube

If you have been searching the internet endlessly for the best silicone lube, then your search ends here. Why? Because you are at the right page that you give you the solid reasons why it is considered as the best when in comes to silicone based lubes. To be frank, there are many brands of silicone based lubes but Pjur Backdoor Glide Personal Lubricant
is different.

What makes this product different is its uniqueness and performance. If you don’t know yet, this is a lubricant manufactured in Germany. Made specially for anal sexual pleasure. Just as it is advertised, it does the job as the best silicone lube exactly.

Read this review from and-E in Seattle.


Best lube we’ve tried., April 28, 2014
By and-E (Seattle, Wa)

This is the best lube we’ve used for anal. A little goes a long way, just a few drops, and lasts much longer than AstroGlide. This really helped my fiance take all of me in her rear comfortably and I was able to really take her to pound town, which was rarely possible with what we had been using before, so the relaxing effect really works.

The feeling is much better than with water based lubes, in my opinion. It really let’s you glide in and out without being so slick as to reduce the feel of the tightness of her sphincter gripping/clinging on. You’ll just have to try it to really get what I mean.

Amazing stuff.


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Why Is Pjur Backdoor Unique?

  1. A natural extract – Jojoba extracts. This precious jojoba extract cause a relaxing effect on the anus. No numbing! So, your gliding into the backdoor will be a smooth ride!
  2.  It is thicker than water based lubricants – high viscosity.
  3.  It is a perfect choice for all kind of skins (even if you have a sensitive skin).
  4. Last Longer. Few Drops last like forever… I mean it. It may even last you throughout the show.
  5. It is a phenomenal skin conditioner and moisturizer
  6. It is Preservative free and fragrance free
  7. It is latex Friendly
  8. It is Condom safe.


Cons of Pjur Backdoor Lube – The Best Silicone Lube

They are NOT actually cons but I think they should be labelled as cons.

  • Silicone-Made Sex Toys:

Because it is silicone based lube, the silicone present in pjur backdoor personal lubricant will cause it to react with the silicone present in the silicone-made sex toys. The result is that it will render it useless. So, Don’t Use It On Silicone made Sex toys. Rather, you can use glass toy and others.

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  • Too Much:

Applying too much of Pjur backdoor lube can ruin the whole show! Less is more when it comes to silicone based lubes in general!! Read the below review to get what I mean.

April 2, 2014

great but don’t use too much. less is more. it lasts a long time but if you use too much it takes forever to wash off!


  • Cleaning up:

To be sincere with you, it doesn’t come off easily like water based lubricants. In other words, clean up may take minutes but at the end, it leaves the skin soft though. That’s why you are strongly advise to use less.

If you just want to get the whole of you deep inside your partner’s anus, please go for Pjur Backdoor Lube for exciting back door action!.

Conclusion On PJUR Backdoor – The Best Silicone Lube:

All I have been saying may not make much sense to you but try it and get what I mean. You will come back and thank me later.

What are you waiting for? Come On Board.

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Is it good to apply this inside the anus?

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