The Perfect Lubricant For All Your Sex Occassions

best lube for anal sex

Astroglide Personal Lubricant

Do you want the bareback form of sex? I mean do you want to go on the ‘raw’ route? Even if what you are used to is vagina sex, you haven’t explore the new adventure. And if you’re thinking of how anal sex will be, then you are at the right place for the right information. You might have been wondering why Astroglide brand has always been one of the most talked and discussed lubes in forum and discussion boards online. Little wonder, it works. It is the best lube for all sexual occasions. What do you mean? You asked.

Recent Customer Review

perfect – Published by MelissaLynn88

this is the perfect lubricant for any occasion in the room. It works great and clean up is always a breeze.

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Why is it a Perfect Lubricant For Your Sexual Occasions?

  •  Vaginal Moisturizer:

If your partner has vaginal dryness due to menopause, just delivered a baby, under medications, etc, then Astroglide Personal Lubricant is what you should use. Because it contain hemectants (agents that draws moisture to the skin) leaving you so soft and fresh for play!

  • Mimics body’s own lubricant:

Astroglide works like the natural vagina lube. When a lady is sexually arouse, there is a liquid that is evident at the vagina. She would say, ” I’m wet”. That very liquid functions as lube for easy insertion and thrusting of the penis or sex-toy. In like manner, Astroglide lube works like it.

  • Easy Cleaning:

Once you are done with the job, the lube used shouldn’ t be a problem. If you use oil based lube, cleaning up will be a difficult task. But since it is water based and also soluble in water, use warm water and soap. Within 20 seconds, you are as clean as you are before.

  • So slick:

It is so slick thereby making you have a smooth ride!

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  • So Slippery:

It is so slippery that few drops can last you for long time but not forever, :). No other lubricants offers the same level of naturally feeling, comfort and ease of use.

  • Condom and Latex Friendly:

You can use it on your condoms and latex. Unlike like oil based lubricants, It has no negative effect on them. Apply few drops into the condom and outer part of it. Too much of this lube inside the condom may cause it to slip off. So, little does the job perfectly.

  • No Smell:

It is an odorless liquid. No scent or fragrance at all. It also has no color – just as water but viscous.

  • No Sticky Or Tacky:

It doesn’t get sticky or tacky like grease or Vaseline. And it is petroleum free.

  • Doesn’t Interfere With The Vaginal pH Level:

Unlike some moisture creams and lotions, Astroglide does NOT interfere with the vagina pH level.

  • Doctor Recommended:

Since it is doctor recommended product, then you can have confidence in its effectiveness. I also recommend it to our audience and clients. Simply because it works!

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