Organicglide Probiotic Natural Personal Lubricant

March 22, 2015
Organicglide Probiotic All Natural Personal Lubricant

Probiotic In Personal Lube? I got to check it out.

[Updated: June 13, 2015] Are you looking for an all-natural lubricant extracted from plants and oil? Maybe a lube that can work well for vagina itching and dryness? Then you are at the right place at the right time. Sometime ago, I have begun another online search journey on natural lubricants that are safe and at the same effective. There is one that ran into me this week. It is called [easyazon_link nf=”n” ]Organicglide Probiotic All Natural Personal Lubricant. The “all natural” stuff that I saw on its title drawn my attention to it and I decided to give it a trial. Another convincing part is the ‘Probiotic’ stuff. Hmmh? Will it really work a lube? I pondered before I order for it. Finally, it arrived and I checked it out.

Today, we will both get a closer look at the Organicglide Probiotic All Natural Personal Lubricant. This is one of the lubricants that is taken the lube industry by storm. Its ingredients are derived from Olive fruit oil, vegetable oil, Arabia kernel oil, Resveratrol Ferment Extract.  According to Wikipedia, The latter – Resveratrol Ferment Extract was discovered in plants when they are under attack or injury. The maker claimed that this extract also helps enhance human immune system. And also help you fight off allergies.


I decided to update this page after more research on Resveratrol. You can get more on this extract on Google Patent Page and its Claims.

Moreover, recent clinical studies has shown that probiotic are just the “good guys” that work in partner with your body system. They really get things going on smoothly with your cells, tissue, organs and system as a whole. Here is a better explanation of what I mean.

According to,

” Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for your health, especially your digestive system. We usually think of bacteria as something that causes diseases. But your body is full of bacteria, both good and bad. Probiotics are often called “good” or “helpful” bacteria because they help keep your gut healthy.”

They can be found in our foods, drinks, body, etc. Here is one of the best natural lube for sex which is the Organicglide Probiotic All Natural Personal Lubricant.

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Let’s go on Organicglide Probiotic All Natural Personal Lubricant…

Another clinical studies has also shown that these probiotics such as yeast are so beneficial to human most especially the women. Because, it helps to combats vaginal and urinary tract infections in women.

The packaging is simply Super B! In a nice-looking and easy-to-handle tube. The cap is super-securing the content. It has a natural feeling when you apply it to your members. It has more than [easyazon_link nf=”n” ]125 Amazon customers reviews and 15 answered questions at the time of posting this review. It has also been rated 4.3 out of 5 star. You can see that it is indeed a product of quality.

How Does It Feel?

When you get this lube, check it out. It is a whitish creamy stuff with very faint flavor. (I think that flavor is from the olive oil – just a guess). When I pressed the tube, it came out whitish in color. But on landing on my palm, it began to melt and become colorless. Wow!



“For months I’ve been using KY jelly to ease the pain and wet up dryness but it’s so artificial and disgusting feeling. Then I tried Astroglide but it had the same commercial feeling, I felt like a machine being lubricated.

Till I started using this OrganicGlide, wow! The feeling is like your baby oiled, skin gets an effect like a 16 year old girl, I feel young again, vagina opens like a tree, my partner slips in and out like a glove. No irritation, no burning, must be made out of 100% natural ingredients.  Kodus to this company for inventing this lubricant, absolutely No 1 lubricant!” – Reviewed By Lolita Antonio



Pros Of Using Organicglide Probiotic All Natural Personal Lubricant As Lube

[easyazon_image align=”right” height=”160″ src=”” width=”67″]* It Has A Natural Feel. It is close to the natural vaginal lubricant produced by a female body.

  • It is super smooth in such a way that you can hardly feel it. Once you apply, you will never know if you really apply a lube to your member.
  •  It is Long-lasting. When you want a lube that is all-natural and also long-lasting, then this is the perfect lube for the job.
  • Non-Staining. Unlike other natural lubes, this Organicglide Probiotic All Natural Personal Lubricant NEVER stains. It is so friendly with lingerie, bed sheets and clothes. So, don’t worry about stain and get the mission accomplish.
  • Make A Great Gift. I haven’t say something like this before. This is the first time. Anybody that get this lubricant as a gift will thank you and will definitely use it.
  • Vaginal Itching. Most women experience this. When you feel itching in or around your vagina, get [easyazon_link nf=”n” ]Organicglide Probiotic All Natural Personal Lubricant and apply. It will calm the itching. Within few hours, the itching is gone.
  • Perfect For Vagina Dryness: This is one of the most embarrassing topics that any woman will be willing to save and talk about another day. It is common. Vaginal dryness is the inability of the vagina to produce proper and enough lubricant for sexual activity when arouse. Not all women can get wet once arouse. Because there are a lot of factors that causes it. Some are the Menopausal stage. Some are certain Medications. Some are nursing mothers and so on. So, choosing a high-quality lube like this one will definitely help you.

Sex don’t have to be painful every now and then. It shouldn’t be burning or itching when you are with your spouse in the room. Just apply Organicglide Probiotic All Natural Personal Lubricant and you’re ready for the show. It will get you moisturize and super wet.

  • NO Glycerin: Unlike old formula and other lubes, this has NO glycerin or glycol.
  • NO sticky or Tacky: This is one of the lube that you can be rest assured to have a nice time with. It NEVER get sticky or tacky. NO glue-y or gum-my feeling.
  • NO Residue. I know some lube that leaves residue like ashes. But this lube will certainly not. It never leaves residue.
  • Obey Sex Call: How do you feel when your lube is running off like water? Annoying? I found out that Organicglide Probiotic Natural Lubricant stays put anywhere you put it. Just apply and it will stay there.
  • For Under-Water Game: If you are like me that love water game, then here is a lube that get you guys covered in water. In the shower or in the pool, you can get moisturize like never before!
  • Safe With All Kinds Of Sex Toys. This lube can be used with every kind of sex toys you own. Be it –  silicone made or glass made. Even ceramic or plastic. You can get it on them. And they are safe and ready to use.

Cons Of Using Organicglide Probiotic All Natural Personal Lubricant

  • Just One. Because it is oil based natural lubricant, you can’t use it with latex condoms. Because it decreases the longevity of your latex condom. However, if you still want to use condom or condom is a MUST for you, then you are strongly advised to get a polyurethane condom or a female condom and use.
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Thank you, Dr. Eugene for your contribution. займ по паспортным даннымзайми просто займсамый безотказный займ

Eugene Kaplan, MD - June 13, 2015

I have search all links to this product on the net and did not find any describing probiotic component in this product. In your review, you refer to Resveratrol Ferment Extract as a probiotic and it is NOT! As an expert in the field, I am telling you that your as well as manufacturer (on the label) is misleading and frankly not truthful. Term probiotic is used to describe microorganisms such as bacteria or yeast, which most of the time used for gastro-intestinal indications. Vaginal environment in healthy women in reproductive age contain Lactic Bacilli, which have probiotic qualities but I did not find any source that describe anything in this product even remotely one can call probiotic. Nevertheless, product may very well fork as good lubricant and made of “natural” components but it has nothing to do with probiotics.

    Babatunde - June 13, 2015

    Thank you, Eugene for the correction. It has been noted.

    Fernando - February 13, 2016

    Jack Posted on I hated that you had to introduce anal sex into your story, you shuold’ve just left it as cock sucking and having sex with Jennifer.

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