Nooky Lubes Water Based Natural Lubricant Review

Nooky Lubes Water Based Natural Lubricant Review

Wants It Silky Smooth?! Nooky Lubes To The Rescue!! It Really Does What It Is Made For!!!

An Honest Review On Nooky Lubes Water Based Natural Lubricant

When you need a lube that can enhance your sexual experience, then Nooky Lubes Water Based Natural Lubricant is the lube to go to. Not too thick… Not too thin…. Just perfect stuff. When it comes to a lube that can exceed your expectation of a perfect water based lubricant in your room, then there is just one lube that can do the job with confidence. Nooky Lubes.

When I saw this lube on Amazon, it really surprised me I was just like “where on earth has this lube been?”

The container design attracted me. It has an easy pump that get the lube out in a jiffy. No wasting of seconds during the show. The name sounds classic as in “No-o-o-k-e-y”. To be frank, though the bottle design attracted me but I was a little bit skeptical about its content. Then, I saw what calms my skeptics. The manufacturer is so confident of its effectiveness. It is backed with an 100% UNCONDITIONAL MONEY BACK guarantee.

Did you know that This lube has garnered over 388 (Three Hundred And Eighty-Eight) customers reviews on Amazon alone? This was when this post was published. It has 4 (Four) answered questions. Moreover, it has been rated 4.6 out of 5 (five) stars. You can see how excellent this lube could be. It is Quality Meets Performance. Since then, I don’t doubt Nooky Lubes Water Based Natural Lubricant’s ability and its perfect consistency.

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If you are just a lone ranger (i.e. for jerking or masturbating), it will help you prevent chaffing. Yes, it will. And if you are going in as a duo (i.e. you and your partner), then you can easily grab the bottle of Nooky Lubes Water Based Natural Lubricant and make your lovemaking feel greater than ever.

It is a water based lube that can easily glide well with all kinds of sex-toys materials be it – silicone-made, glass-made, rubber-made and other material made. It won’t cause any distort or deform on your sex-toys. Rather, it will make your toys work and enhance your overall sexual actions.

Another BIG Plus, you can use it for foreplay, Nooky Lubes Water Based Natural Lubricant will make her get ready for that ”natural red hot rod” under you. It is so easy to clean up. Just use plenty of water and you will get crystal clean. The use of soap is optional. Whether with soap or no soap, you will be as clean as before with ordinary water.

One more thing, it is more slippery than other water based lubes out there. The manufacturers – Nooky Lubes claimed that…

“… It is also more slippery than silicone and petroleum based lubricants”.

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All I know about it is that it is slippery that it exceeds my expectation as a water based lubricant.

What About The Color? And Is It Edible? You asked.Well, It is a colorless and tasteless lube. I mean no smell and no taste at all. It is moderately thick yet has a very good consistency. Unlike Vaseline, It is free from petrochemical agents. Because Glycerine has been debated by women to aggravate the rate of yeast growth down there, Nooky Lubes Water Based Natural Lubricant has NO glycerine in its ingredients list.

Moreover, it is totally free from the ‘family and compounds of Parabens’ – either natural or derived. It is a very fine lube that helps you go in and glide out like fluid. You can increase your rhythm and tempo of your banging and pounding one you have Nooky Lubes Water Based Natural Lubricant there.

That is not all. There are some measures that I use before I can say this lube is one of the best water based lubricants. Other measures includes Never Sticky, Last Longer, Not Spilling Over and WORKS LIKE MAGIC.


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I don’t want to ‘sugar-coat’ this Nooky lubricant. It really have almost all the qualities that a lube must have to enhance sexual experience. It is really amazing!!!

As a matter of fact, it is possible that this Nooky Lubes Water Based Natural Lubricant may not give you any irritation or itching even if you have a sensitive skin. It is not greasy like mineral oil. It is not oily like Olive Oil. Among other uses of this lube is that you can use it for anal enemas, douches and latex condoms.

No messy stains or spots on your bed sheets or lingerie. It stays put where you put it. Never run off like water. It is super easy-to-use.

You don’t have to worry about anything. It is 99% perfect for both Vaginal sex and 85% for Anal sex (Check the Cons Section to see why). It is made here in the States. And the packaging is a recyclable stuff.
If you would like to check out its ingredients, there you are.

Ingredients Of Nooky Lubes Water Based Natural Lubricant

  • Purified water,
  • Hydroxyethyl cellulose,
  • Sodium PCA (pyrrolidone carbonic acid),
  • Potassium sorbate, and
  • Citric acid.

If you ask me why I recommend this lubricant to you, it is because it is better and safer than other Water based lubricants and Oil based lubricants out there.

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Pros Of Nooky Lubes Water Based Natural Lubricant

  • Perfect Consistency: Not too thin like water and at same time, it is not too thick like Vaseline. Just in the middle of both. Can you imagine that?


  • Vaginal Dryness: It works for Vaginal Dryness. If you or your spouse have issue with Vaginal dryness due to one reason or the other, you can easily apply this Nooky lubes and you are as wet as before. Ready for sex.


  • Long Lasting: You Doubt its effectiveness? Then order now from Amazon and see what I mean.

  • Glycerine-free And Paraben-free: Just as I have said earlier, it has NO atom of Glycerine or compounds of Parabens in this lube. It is totally skin-friendly even for those with sensitive skin.


  • Silky Smooth Feeling Yet Slippery: Once you apply it to your skin, you will not feel much like something on it. Rather, it will help you have more closer body contact. Not only that, it is also very slippery. So, your entry and exist into your spouse with come with convenience. Easy ride, baby boy!!!


  • Never Spill Over Or Runs Off: I have come across a lot of water base lubes that run off like tap water. But when it comes to Nooky Lubes Water Based Natural Lubricant, it stays where you want it to stay. NOT Glue-e-y!!!


  • Condom Friendly: You can use it with latex condom as it doesn’t break or lose the integrity of your condoms. To enjoy it more with condom, do this. Simply apply some drops before you wear it on your penis. Then, rub the outer area of the condom with some drops too. And you are ready to POWER.


  • Super Easy Clean Off: You don’t have to do any scrubbing or roughing your skin before you can get it off after use. Just use plenty of water and it will be wash off.


  • Not Sticky: This lube DOESN’T acts like a sticky glue at all. It is like slime. It is NOT acidic or base. Nooky Lubes Amazon is just neutral.


CONS OF Nooky Lubes Water Based Natural Lubricant

This lube is close to perfection but just two downsides…

  • Not For Water: If you are thinking of going to make love in the shower or pool, then grab a silicone based lube at the right-hand side of this post.
  • Dry After a While: I’m not contradicting myself. You read right. It will dry after a while. However, few drop of saliva or water can make it become slippery again. And you are still in the show.

When it comes to anal sex, this is one of the best and safe water base lubricant you can use for anal. But you will need re-application because there is more friction in anal sex. And for Vaginal sex, it will last you like forever!!!

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