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maximus anal lube 50 ml

Maximus Anal Lube – The Thick Yet Extra Slippery For Anal Pleasure

Would you like to have a thick yet clear anal lubricant that can go a long way to get her ever wet for anal sex? Or, you are in search of a lubricant that is non-glycerine with something thick but never sticky for once? Then, you need to get the only lube that fits that such description. It is made by one of companies with strong reputation in Personal Lubricants Manufacturing – BodyWise Limited located in COWES (Isle of Wight) UK. They are also the maker of Liquid Silk, the famous ultra-smooth lube that works on most women by easing away the discomfort in sex. This particular lube that stays in place when you apply it making every sensual spots so slick. It is named MAXIMUS ANAL LUBE.
From the name – greatest to the content, you can always get the best. I ought to have posted a review on this lube but I decided to wait for the review from someone online. I have tried a lot of lubricants. So, I need someone else experience too. According to the user, he made mention of these 8 vital points below

  1. Thickness.

  2. Few drops go a long way.

  3. Good for longer session.

  4. Stays put.

  5. Smooth on Erogenous spots.

  6. Few drops of water to rejuvenate it.

  7. Easy To Clean off.

  8. Too Concentrated. “

I was expecting a surprising result like this. It has a high glycol content. This is enough to help you keep the moisture on your skin and makes the slipperiness of the lube last for a longer time. Care for the Ingredients Used? Here they are…

Maximus Anal Lube Ingredients List

  • Highly Purified Water,
  • Propylene Glycol,
  • Cellulose Polymer Di Sodium EDTA Phenoxyethanol,
  • Methyl Paraben,
  • Butyl Paraben,
  • Ethyl Paraben, and
  • Propyl Paraben

Who doesn’t like stuffs made with quality? Everyone does. I love it when I know I’m getting something made with top-notched high quality medical ingredients. That’s why Maximus Anal lube has come into our spotlight today.

Pros Of Using MAXIMUS Anal Lube.

Ideal For Anal Sex:
As we all know that Anal sex is a different ball game. It is not like vaginal sex that the vagina gets its natural lube in and around its orifice. The anus is always dry. No lube present there. So,a thicker yet slippery lube is need. And just one lube that fits this description perfectly is the Maximus ANAL Lube. Whether you are going to a qiuickie or for marathon session, this is an anal lubricant that you can trust to get her butt covered for as long as you need it to. Check this out…


Best anal lube!

Best anal lubricant ever!! It is thick and smooth. Doesn’t feel sticky and doesn’t have any odd smells. The bottle is great because it is rather big and has a pump like top which it great. Have not needed to re apply as often as other anal lubricants. We did try this for vaginal sex when we ran out of Liquid Silk and I wasn’t very impressed with this as a vaginal lubricant because it is very slick and didn’t feel as natural, but for anal it is awesome! Washes off easily with water. Great products! Read more reviews…

– Posted Online By Kimberly R. on July 30, 2014



  • [easyazon_image align=”right” height=”500″ src=”” width=”500″]Extra Slippery:

This is a lube with extra slipperiness. Because of it is extra slippery, this is bound to reduce friction to minimum. Every tight corners and fittings will get its extra slippery lubricating effect. That’s why it is highly recommended for anal sex and play. Because the anus is naturally dry, using maximus anal lube will make the anus super wet and slippery enough for penetration without inch!

  • Never Sticky or Tacky:

I know of some water based lubes that goes tacky after a while. Maximus anal lube never turns sticky or tacky. Some negative reviews said it does. But it NEVER.

Slippery good

I’ve used this product for years. Tried Astroglide and “Slippery Stuff” and this is far better. Lasts much longer, and consistency is just enough to make it easy to use. Only reason it gets 4 stars and not 5 is because I don’t care for how it dries kinda tacky. Works well for self-pleasuring and my girlfriend likes it too. Read more…

– By R. Shopperon July 1, 2014 

Here is what you need to know about this great lube unique difference. The Liquid Silk is a normal personal lube that work for vaginal sex activities. It is a white and moderately thin lube like the natural body fluid. But Maximus anal lube is made with EXTRA Concentration for the anus. This makes the lube to becomes thick and clear liquid that stays put and slick in tight arena like the anus.

Some customers love the thickness of this lube. While some dilute it to their taste. It all depends on you, friend. To dilute it, Get the required amount of Maximus on your palm. Then, add few drops of water. This helps to dilute the concentration a little. Then, apply. It is that easy! NO Sticky!! NO Tacky issue!!!

  • Easy To Clean Up:

With Maximus, you don’t have to be scrubbing or take a leave to clean it off. All you can do is to grab an ordinary towel to wipe it off (and you’re good to go to the yard, or the street, grocery store or to a friend’s house). But for hygienic sake, a lot of water is good for complete cleaning. It is as easy as that.

  • Little Go A Long Way:

It is a lube that the makers really understand economics. In other words, it is very economical. especially the 250 ml bottle. You might say it’s a little bit expensive than other lubes. But you will get many pumps of uses from this 250ML bottle over a long time. Though, the 50ML size is available but it all depends on how much you use in sessions. More than ∼ 100 + pumps…

  • Safe On Skin, Tough On Bacteria:

It is said to be bio-static. Which means that if any yeast infection or bacteria or fungal spores comes in contact with it, it stops them from spreading further. That’s a BIG plus!

  • NO Weird Odor:

This lube has no purging or weird odor. It is totally good for those that get piss off because of some lubes’ odor. Mind you, this is NOT a flavored lube. NOT Stringy.

  • Overall Design and Top- Class Delivery:

This lube arrives in a Classy and Discrete Shipping. It is not like some lubes that announces themselves even before it gets to your doorstep. It gets to your home without the neighbors knowing what you ordered. The bottle is clean and clear design. This is so so that you can see and know clearly when you are running out of lubricant.


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  • Glycerine Free:

This has been one of the top debated issue concerning lubes. The final conclusion on debates of glycerine is that it feeds the bacteria and fungus (especially yeast), causing them to grow out-of-control. So, glycerine is NOT in the ingredients list. Instead, it has been replaced with Propylene Glycol. Remember, it is Bio-Static…

  • Condom Safe:

Manufacturers in the lube industry are now getting there ‘thinking hats’ on. Most of them have improved their lube to make it condom-safe. Maximus is not an exception. It is totally friendly with Latex condoms and other kinds of condoms.

  • Perfect Gift:

This can make any perfect gift for couple even if your are broke. The 50ML is so cheap yet useful for intimacy.
CONS OF Using Maximus Anal Lubricant

  • Contains Parabens:

Not everyone has this issue. But those with sensitive skin do. So, if you have a sensitive skin, you can opt for close substitute like Doc Johnson Anal Lube.

At this point I will be leaving my end here to get a cup of drink down the road while you place your order for Maximus on Amazon. I bet you will buy more or it once you see it in action!

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