Lotion As Anal Lube? Dangerous Or Good?

May 20, 2015
Lotion as Anal Lube

Nivea Caring Lotion – Can It Be Used For Anal Lube?

Are you looking for more information on using lotion as anal lube? Or you just want to know if you could use lotion for anal sexual pleasure without any health risk attached? Then, you are at the right post at the right time. Today is another wonderful day with an interesting topic. As our custom here, we talk about anal sex, lubes and its safety alone. So, we will be talking more about using some so called stuffs that some guys called ”lubes” as anal lube. When it comes to vaginal sex, we all want the pleasure and enjoyment. You can be done within five minutes. But, when it comes to anal sex, you need to know how to prepare and the best anal lubricant to make the whole show interesting. Today, we will be looking precisely at using LOTION AS ANAL LUBE. Can it really work that way? Is it totally safe? Is there anything health-wise attached to it?
Someone asked a question related to this issue on Reddit.Com. He got answers. And responses of other people are ID Glide Anal Lube, Astroglide Personal Lube, Liquid Silk, Shibari Intimate Lube, etc. So, I will explain it in details what I posted on there too. First things first. There are different brands (and kinds of lotions with competitive prices). Just know this. Whatever the name it bears the composition or the ingredients and reputation of the maker, A LOTION remains a LOTION. The only part that seems to have difference is the usage. Some lotions are meant for facial moisturizing, some for dry skin, some for the hands, some for normal healthy skin, etc.

Pjur BackDoor is Ranking The Top Spot For Anal Lube Instead of Lotion.

Examples of lotions that I am talking about including Nivea, Jergens, Argan, Vaseline Lotion/Moisturizer, Olay, Supergoop!, CeraVe, Aveeno, AmLactin 12, to mention but a few…. I am in NO way telling you that these products or lotions are not good. In fact, they work as advertised. But, they are NOT meant to be used as lubes. Why? There are evidences and proofs that are strong enough to convince you. Are you ready? Let us move…

Six Reasons Not To Use Lotion As Anal Lube

If you have been using lotion as anal lube, then stop it. If you have not use it at all; do not try it. Read on to discover the plain truth about Lotions.

  • External Use Only:

On most of the lotions’ labels (including your favorite), you will see it clearly written “For External Use Only” just as it is written on Vaseline. You are not meant to use lotion for anything sex or inside the body. Be it – oral sex, or vaginal sex or anal sex. These lotions are meant purposely for what they are intended for like dry skin, moisturizing, anti-aging, etc. So, you cannot find any lotion that has a statement like “Lotion As Anal Lube”.

What is The Best Anal Lube?

  • Irritation:

Though, I have not used the lotion for any kind of sex, but from cases of other people and friends, it shows that Lotion as anal lube is dangerous. It is NOT advisable to use lotion as anal lubricant because it is very likely to cause irritation. Why? Because most lotions manufactured here in the States have Fragrance or Perfume, Alcohol, Glycerine, Preservatives. Most of them have at least one out of these fours. The Penis, Anus and the Vagina are some of the most sensitive parts of the body. So, you should not risk putting stuffs that can sting or irritate them. The sting sensation occurs inside the urethra (the tube that links inside the penis. It passes out the urine and sperm). You have to take care of your penis and her vagina and anus, not harm them.

  • NO Lubricating Effect:

To Crown it all, Lotion has no slippery effect. A personal lubricant is meant to have top qualities such as some level of slipperiness, slick, texture, etc. But, Lotion has NO slipperiness at all.

  • Certain Chemicals:

You might not know that some certain chemicals CANNOT be tolerated by your body. So, using lotions that contain harsh chemicals will trigger your body system to react with them. Most especially at the anus, these chemicals can cause your anus to burn like hell. Because, the anus has a lot of nerve endings that are very sensitive. So, you need a real anal lube for anal sex.

  • Dry Very Quickly:

If you have been using lotion for sometime, you will know this. Generally, Lotions get absorbed easily by the body. Once you have applied the lotion on your arm. Then, rub it forth and back, it will get absorbed into the skin in few seconds. Such cannot be used as lube for anal sex. Anal sex needs sometime that can stay there for a longer time such as Silicone Based Lubricants.

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  • Not All Are Condom Compatible:

Some lotions have little or no effect while some are not in good terms with Latex condoms. Though, it depends on the kind of condom you are using. I will advise you to use the real best anal lube for anal sex (and masturbation). Because, any lube meant for anal sex will tell you if it is compatible with Latex Condom or not.

  • Not Gentle On Skin Below:

Lotions are gentle on the skin but not on sensitive ‘skin’ areas like the ones down there. Though, some have body-safe and good ingredients like Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, and so on. But, they are NOT meant for the skin down there.

  • Clean Up:

Since, I have not tried it. I cannot say how long it will take you to clean it up completely. But, I sense that the cleanup is a full-time job. Why? One can easily wash off lotion away from the skin. However, once it gets into the anus or vagina or the penis’ urethra that cannot be reached by soap and water, it cannot be clean up completely. Moreover, soap is not also good for anal sex. So, it becomes harmful to the body system once it is trapped inside without your knowledge.

What About Saliva Or Mixing Lotion and Saliva?

To be honest with you, Saliva has a very thin consistency. It would not stay for a long time. The slipperiness of your saliva depends on the food you eat couple of minutes or hours before your anal sex. Here is the fact. Application of saliva will get you NO WHERE. Because, once the saliva dries, you will need more. As the saliva gets dry, the area you use it on gets drier than before.

Mixing Lotion and Saliva is not good. In few words, “Stay Away From Lotion If You Want To Use It As Anal Lube”.

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What About Vaseline Or Petroleum Jelly?

[easyazon_image align=”left” height=”115″ src=”http://bestlubeforanal.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/418XZcUM5lL.SL160.jpg” width=”160″]Vaseline or petroleum jelly is NOT an anal lube. It is sticky with Oily feelings. It is hard to clean up and creates a suitable ground for Harmful Bacteria to thrive on. It is not a lubricant for oral, or vagina or anal sex at all. It is also for external use only. Though, it has a lot of healthy benefits, it is not a lube for any sexual show. I would not want to re-write Vaseline as Lube on here. Please, check out our extensive post on 3 Dangers Of Vaseline As Anal Lube Here…
Since the anus is not self-lubricating as the vagina, you need the best anal lube that can do the job of lubrication perfectly. All said… Why do not you get the best recommended anal sex lubricant today? Is there anything stop you from using the best anal lube for anal sex?

If you cannot get one from a store around you, simply order for one now from Amazon and it will be shipped directly to the address you want. NO mentioning of package content on the label. It will be shipped in a way that only you know what you have ordered.
There are 3 TOP Recommended Best Anal Lubricants that can be used in Place Of Lotion As Anal Lube.

1. Pjur BackDoohttps://bestlubeforanal.com/shop/pjur/pjur-backdoor-relaxing-silicone-anal-glide-30ml/r Anal Glide

This is an anal lubricant fortified with Precious Jojoba extracts that helps to relax the anus for penetration. It is silky and safe to use. You can easily clean it up with warm water and soap once you are through with your anal sex adventure. It never turns sticky or tacky. Just a few drops are okay for the whole long hours of the session. Re-application is not necessary. It last longer than water based lubes.

bum lube

Lets you slide right in the back door

Published 5 May, 2015 By Socalret.”


2. Wet Platinium Silicone Based Lube

When it comes to getting her anus wetter for your exploration, then Wet Platinum is the best anal lube for the game! This is a lube that gets her anus wet. And the Wetter, the Better. You do not have to use a lot of it. Just like Pjur, you need only a few drops and you can rock her to orgasms. It is hypoallergenic. It has a silky texture. It NEVER gets sticky.
3. Gun Oil Lubricant.

Gum oil lubricant is one of the amazing anal sex lubricants that never go dry. When the “war at the backdoor looks scary, then grab a bottle of Gun Oil Lube and apply. It” works well with the anus and the sphincter. This lube is fortified with Vitamin E. Click here to Check Gun Oil Reviews On Amazon… and enhances your expertise about it.
The above are the top ranking anal lubes that you can use in the place of lotion as anal lube. It has the combining power of natural extracts such as Aloe Vera, Ginsend and Guarana Extracts. Every herb in these products has its unique health benefits and purposes. It is very easy to clean up. Get one now and see how it is going to change your anal sex adventures to the next level.

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Briyan - April 15, 2016

My boyfriends urethra is hurting because we use lotion while having anal sex what can we do to stop the pain

    Love angel - June 18, 2016

    Stop using lotion and go to a doctor

Brodester - June 25, 2017

Honestly this post and this website are advertising their product and this information is not fully accurate. In fact some is fabricated entirely. Anyone with real medical education can relate to this website being humorous. Ask a doctor or a physician about information. Not a marketing website. This website is doing what a dorritos company would do if they wanted to compete with a hot Cheeto company. Please ignore this website, stop looking for answers online and ask a trained professional.

Dickupmyass - November 12, 2017

Not true. Gay male here, anal slut. Like fucked in the ass at lease once a day.
Alba Very Emollient and a little water, I can take my toys or the biggest cock no problem.

Apparently a crazy dude - December 22, 2019

I have never in all my life of using lotion on my penis had my urethra burn period. Maybe I was lucky and had better lotion, or I am desensitized from using it for so long perhaps. Sure soak will burn, but not lotion. I like the aloe types. I don’t like the smells of any other lotions.

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