How To Make Anal Sex Not Hurt

July 2, 2015
how to make anal sex not hurt

Anal Sex Shouldn’t Be Painful Experience. If it is, then you are not doing it right. Know The Right Way Now…

When things are done ‘anyhow’, there is tendency that anything goes. When one don’t have an adequate knowledge of how things work, the outcome of such effort is not well utilized. He or she just do it and never get the best out of it. When it comes to sex, it is not just about the insertion and thrusting alone, it is about the intimacy… the closeness and feeling of someone you love and cherish. Not just for the ‘f**k’ of it. Knowing how to make anal sex not hurt is what make the clear difference between a couple that loves anal sex and the one that doesn’t.

I have been there before. I have friends online and offline that have shared their experiences with me. Some people that have told me how it all turned out. If only you can know what and what to do at the right time, then there is nothing holding you from having fun when you wanted it the most.
Don’t get it all wrong here. When it comes to anal sex, it is a different game entirely. You don’t just bring out your ‘Big John’ and start f**king! You have to know how you can make your partner be in mood. And turn everything to pleasure. Just as I said earlier, it is not vaginal sex. Just as Baseball is different from Basketball,  so is Anal Sex is different from Vaginal sex. Yet, both are filled with fun and pleasure. Most couples that have been going through the ‘bareback’ route will tell you a lot you need to know. Some now prefer it over the vagina sex. Why? Because it is tighter down there.

How To Make Anal Sex Not Hurt? Then, Know More About The Anus First.

You need to know about something before you can know how to handle it in your favor. The anus is where we all excrete. It is a hole that passes out the waste products from our body system. At the anus, there are a lot of nerve endings there just like the Vagina of a woman. Because of the nerve endings gathering, this translate to intense pleasure.

The anus is not like the vagina that can stretch almost immediate to accommodate big penis. The anus is a fragile part of the body. You need too train it to be able to do so. So, you need to be careful. At this junction, let me tell you a plain truth that you may never hear or read from somewhere else.


“The First Time Of Anal Sex Hurts.”


For first timers, going bareback can hurt her. With the best anal lubricant, it will be reduce to minimum. After the first time, you will begin to get more and more pleasure from it. It won’t hurt as the first time. Remember, NO Pain, NO Gain!  Now, let go to the main topic,


How To Make Anal Sex Not Hurt.


  • FIRST STEP: Get The Best Lube For Anal Sex.

There are different kinds of lubricants made by different companies with different names and purpose. Some worth every penny while others are worthless. I recommend using Silicone-based lubricants because they are solely designed for anal sex. You can’t beat the Silkiness and long-lasting of Silicone lubes. Most especially, those that are naturally blended with Mother Natures’ Herbs like Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Jojoba extracts, etc. You can get best silicone lubes such as Pjur BackDoor Glide, Gun Oil Silicone Lube, WET Platinum, ID Millenium Glide, etc.

Our top choice here remains Pjur BackDoor Glide. It has enough Precious Jojoba extracts that can make your ‘nervous’ partner calm by acting on her anus. So, your partner will not feel the pain much. Made without Benzocaine or Lidocaine, your partner safety is covered! Instead of pain, it is pleasure as you thrust in and out. For first timer, use this brand of Silicone Based Lube ONLY.


Five Stars

Great service and product!

– Published June 4, 2015 by VINCENT .L.


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  • SECOND STEP: Have Your Anal Sex Toys Ready

The use of anal sex toys (such as Best Anal Sex Training Set) is optional for regular. You can use your fingers to replace it. But I would suggest that if you are a first timer or not much into anal sex, then you need anal sex toy. Because, it will help your anus get trained on how to recieve the big John and hold it for pleasure.

  • THIRD STEP: Relax Your Mind

Anal sex is more of the mind. You have to be relaxed. Once again, this is not Vaginal sex that you get on and off within minutes. Just relax and stay calm. Breath slowly in a good pace. Don’t rush your breathing. It will only make the experience worse.


  • Communication:

Communication is key in relationships as we all know (including sex too). When your partner feel pain, you can stop for sometime before resume. Lubricate it once again and Don’t force anything. Just be yourself and be open to communication. Once you are into her, she will tell you if you are good to bang her slowly or she is feeling pains in her butt. The is one key that you need to know on how to make anal sex not hurt. Just be free!


  • Anal sex foreplay:

What is needed for the anal foreplay is either your fingers for the massaging of her butts and the anus. Or you make use of your new anal sex toys.


Prior To The ‘Game’:

Before you think of getting for anal sex. Hygiene cannot be overemphasized. Make sure you get your bowel well clear. How? Go to the toilet and get it clean. If you are not sure, you can do enema with EasyFlow Cleansing Enema Kit. This will get majority of the poo or shit or excreta flushed out of your system. You don’t want to be in the room having anal sex with poo everywhere.


Just do the following steps below and you will know how to make anal sex not hurt any more. Though, I have written this in a more clearer way on How To Prepare For Anal Sex Pleasure but here, I will just tell you in few sentences.

  • Get your Best Lube for Anal sex (i.e. Pjur Backdoor).
  • Apply few drops on your partner anus (few drops will go a long way).
  • Apply some drops on your fingers for the foreplay (or your anal sex toys starting with the smallest size).
  • After you might have done the foreplay for minutes, it is now your turn.
  • The Use of condom is optional(You can do it with or without condom).
  • Lube your condom or penis before entering her.
  • Enter her slowly.
  • Go in and out in a shallow thrust and slow speed.
  • If you cannot control your urge, then change it to 'Cowgirl' Position or other position that she can control the speed and thrusting depth.
  • Go on and on. That's it.


Guys always love it down there. Women also love anal sex if only you follow the steps above. You can’t miss it with the best lube for anal sex. You can only get more and more pleasure from it. Many couple has been sharing their testimonies on how they have anal sex without any inch or pain. It is up to you and your partner. You don’t have to inflict pains on her.

Just do it right and you both will enjoy it to the fullest. At this line, I drop my pen. I know now you know how to make anal sex not hurt. Till next time, have a wonderful hot anal sex tonight! займ система контактзайм онлайн на киви без проверокзайм на карту 150000

porn, penis, vagina, fucking - September 29, 2015

I don’t know that anal sex could be painful too. I thought it’s just some pleasure-pain feeling like vagina. Oh! I now see. You definitely hit the point home. Thank you, man! I’ ll get your lube now. Cheers!

    Babatunde - September 29, 2015

    You are welcome, Tiffany. Have a pleasure-filled anal sex pleasure tonight.

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