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How Can I Get A Good Anal Lube?

Research conducted by medical experts has shown that women are always afraid when it comes to anal sex especially the first timers. About 65% of women who had had anal sex never enjoyed it. Why? You asked. It is because of the

  1. PAIN they experience during the anal sex and
  2. DISCOMFORT they go through after the banging.
  3. The third one that make women scare is the IRRITATION cause by some of these lubes that have flooded the market. Though, it seems to be the least among the three.

Today, we will both get down and treat all these from the roots. Are you ready to delve and explore the our world of wacky lubes? Then, fasten your seat belt as we jet off!

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Yes. Back to business. What cause this pain, discomfort and irritation? That should be the way to go. The pain is caused because of the squeezing of the penis or sex toy into the anus. Please, understand that the vagina lubricates itself naturally while your anus does not. So, when the penis is in doing the ‘banging job’, it most of the time cause tear. And we all know that pain is a natural alert system that warn you that something is wrong with your body  and you have to fix it.

The discomfort is caused by friction that occurred during and after the show has ended – the discomfort of the anus, rectum and its surroundings (Butt). We read in some peoples’ discussion that they passed out gases involuntarily. That we are yet to confirm but it may be.

The irritation is the aftermath of the application of lube. So, if you use the wrong lube on your partner’s anus, sure, you get nothing but irritation.

However, these three hurdles that obstructing you from getting a higher level of sexual satisfaction can be easily treated ONLY with the GOOD ANAL LUBE.
Since pain is caused by the squeezing (force), we need a good anal lube that can cause easy gliding of the penis or sex toy into the anus. The discomfort can now be tackled with something that has slippery property. While the irritation case must not surface after the show has ended. You don’t want something that is sticky or tacky on butts, right?

So, how do we get the good anal lube for the job at hand?

After a lot of thorough research and going through hundreds of reviews, we came up with a good anal lube – the real deal for the real job. You now have the solution right in front of you.

INTRODUCING Astroglide Personal Lubricant For Anal Sex Satisfaction – A Good Anal Lube

Astroglide has been on the market for a while. We got an information from Astroglide Official Website. A question was asked if it is true that Astroglide was one of the first liquid lubricants before there was olive oil.

The answer is TRUE!

Are you shock? Here is the fact behind this truth. Before Dan Wray created Astroglide, some people were touting the use of Olive Oil for a lubricant. Hmnmmn, want some garlic bread for that?? Mr. Wray created the now famous lubricant while working as a subcontractor for NASA in the 1970s. The original intent for creating this lubricant was to help “ease” space shuttle “reentry” into the atmosphere. 🙂


  • Good Reputation:

Now you see it has been around for sometime now. Not only that, it is one of the most discussed good anal lube on amazon, boards and forum. We personally think it is.

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  • Mimics Body’s own Lubricating Fluid:

Astroglide has a mimic property that one can hardly know its difference from the natural vaginal lube. (The smell – the vagina lube smells but astroglide has no scent or odour).


  • Slipperiness:

It has a high level of slipperiness and retain its lubricating property for longer time.


  • Keeps Lubricating for longer time:

It lasts like forever… 🙂 …Lol. Ride on cowboy! Heeeehaa!! This alone is enough to ease the pains and discomfort that your partner will get from the friction hours of action. So, you are covered!


  • Body and Latex Safe:

This is the irritation aspect. This product is petroleum-free. Why? Because it is water based lube. So, it doesn’t get sticky or tacky. It never leaves residue at all. Unlike other anal sex lubes, it does not break down latex or condom. It is non-toxic and ingesting small amounts should not be harmful.



  • Dries after a while:

It dries up after a while but not like water or saliva or methylated spirit (denatured alcohol). It is normal with all the good anal lubes on the market. However, few drops of water or saliva can re-activate the slippery property in it and you are back in business. So, No Power Outage!

So, what are you waiting for? Come on board and have the good anal lube for you and your partner’s pleasure. See you with your review on amazon.

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