Finding Best Water Based Lube? Don't Buy Until

Best Water Based Lube

Finding the Best  Water Based Lube?

Now that water based lubes can be located everywhere. One can get confused with all kinds of brands. But wait… That doesn’t mean that there are no good or best water based lube out-there. It’s just that it takes time and research. That is what I going to help you with and unveil the mystery. You and me will walk through our wacky world of lubes and see the best water based lube that perfectly suit your taste and need. To be frank with you, all lubes particularly, all water based lubes are not the same. Why? You asked. Lubricants vary from company to company. They also vary in QUALITY which is what you are buying, right? This is where the quality of ingredients and the quality of the manufacturers’ facilities comes into the picture.

Friend, I’m not trying to say they don’t work or they are just cheap scams but remember the saying… “You Get What You Pay For”.
Secondly, I would like you to answer this question.

  • Why do you want the best water based lube?

Let me answer that quickly. To enhance your intimacy activity, isn’t it? Hmmm… But when it comes to anal sex, what makes your partner say ‘HELL NO’? It is simply because of PAIN and DISCOMFORT. Since the anus doesn’t lubricates itself like the vagina, definitely there will be tear, cut, and pain. That is why you need a lube. Not just a lube ; the best water based lube for easy and smooth ride!
The lube that will make all the going in and coming out so easy and pleasurable for both of you (you and your partner) must

*be silky
*be slippery
* last longer
* has no irritation (consider you and your partners’ safety).

Please, don’t think of your saliva because it is too thin and dry up. Let alone water! So, saliva is off the list.

Not because I have doing a review on the best water based lube for anal sex and I won’t tell you the truth. Lubes are just like perfumes. Just as a brand smell differently to different people. Some smells good while other stink. You can check out various brands at the best lube for anal sex guide.


Introducing Astroglide Personal Lubricant

Astroglide has been around for a while. It does the job perfectly – anal sex, I mean. If you have been having problems or issue with your partner when it comes to anal sex, then look no further because Astroglide gets your partner’s butt covered! How? This is one of the best water based lube you can ever find on the market. It has even become one of the most discussed best lube on boards and forum.

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Why? You asked.



  • Because it mimics the natural vaginal lubricant of the body system. You can hardly differentiate between the two… Only the smell. The natural vagina lubricant has odour while Astroglide is scentless and odorless.
  • It has a super slippery property that made the gliding of the penis or sex toys penetrate through easily.
  • So silky in nature.
  • It lasts longer like forever.


  • But here is a dent I know it has. It Dries Off After A While. But wait… what we all produce are not perfect. When you are on the game of banging and you notice that the Astroglide is dry, few drops of water or saliva can re-activate its slippery property and the show continues.

That’s why we at, the editor and doctors strongly recommends ASTROGLIDE. Don’t forget to come back and tell us how it goes because we are sure that you will have a very smooth ride!

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