DOC Johnson Anal Lube, Natural Review

DOC Johnson Anal Lube Review

DOC Johnson Anal Lube, Natural. Also available in Cinnamon.

Just as I love exploring and going on new adventures, I also love to check out good things. [easyazon_link keywords=”DOC Johnson products” nf=”n” ]DOC Johnson productshas been in existence since 1976. This shows that it is a company that has been manufacturing first-graded products that are up-to international standard. There is an anal lubricant that has been around for a while now. Come along as we review this DOC Johnson Anal Lube together.

How Do This DOC Johnson Anal Lube Looks Like?

If you are looking for a lube that has much thickness, this lube has it. It is NOT watery like other water based lubricants. It is a lube that stays put on your ass when you apply it. It NEVER run off. Just stays there till you spread and rub it. DOC Johnson has built a strong reputation overtime. Anything pleasure, they create something for it.

If you ask me what can be compared to its thickness, I think Vaseline‘s thickness is a good example. It comes in a 6 ounce pump canister.

How Useful Is DOC Johnson Anal Lube In The Room?

It is made to help you ease any pain or discomfort you are likely to get from anal sex. So, once you apply it to her anus, you can be sure to have a nice time. Whether you want a lube that is good for anal foreplay or the anal sex itself, then get DOC Johnson Anal Lube and see how it change the whole game for you.

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It has a special antibacterial numbing ingredient. It is available in two distinctive varieties namely Natural And Hot Cinnamon.

It has a well-constructed container with a nice pump that lets out enough lube at one press! No mess! Despite its thickness, I have notice that this lube is NOT sticky at all. It is NOT tacky or gooey feeling. No feeling of oily or greasy stuff on your butt or intimate part. It DOESN’T burn.

Here is a review of this Lube On Amazon


Nice lube to use for your play. It really smoothing movement of your toys. The only downside – after some time the poohing head broke, so I had to use otherwise
– by pola

9 Reasons Why You Should Get DOC Johnson Anal Lube Now

  1. It is cheap. So, it is a good bargain.
  2. It has a thicker viscosity than other water based lubes and gels.
  3. It is Phthalates free.
  4. It is body-safe.
  5. It is water based lubricant.
  6. Easy to clean up.
  7. Last longer than other water based lubes.
  8. Never Stains.
  9. Long over a longer time.


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  • Reapplication overtime. If you are going for marathon sex, then you might need to apply more or use few drop of water to make it rejuvenate it slippery property. This is normal will all water based lubricants.
  • When the lube inside the container runs low, the pump won’t get the lube out. So, you will need to unscrew the pump from the container and scoop it manually. That doesn’t break any sweat, friend.
  • The last is that the lube works best when used WITHOUT condoms.

I recommend this to everyone that want to explore anal sex. It is just the among the best lubes you can use for anal sex. My personal rating and Amazon rating for this lube is 3.5 out of 5 stars. It worth checking out.

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