Can You Use Vaseline As Lube In Bed?

September 25, 2014

Can You Use Vaseline Or Petroleum Jelly As Lube In Bed During Sex?  

As a guy or lady? Found Out Now…

Have you been searching for details about if you can use Vaseline as lube in bed? I must say you have just searched for the right details. It is a good to know the purpose of a product, what it does and how it works. There are some popular lubricants that we use right in our beds. Such ‘lubricants’ includes Vaseline, Baby Oil, Olive Oil, Mineral Oil, etc. Before this time, I have written extensively on Using Olive Oil As A Lube – Its Benefits And Safety.

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You can also read about a question someone asked and the reply of “Can You Use Baby Oil As A Lubricant?” That is not where we are going to discuss. Today, we will both look at what Vaseline is, what it is made up of, its benefits and disadvantages.

You might have read or someone might have told you that if you use Vaseline as lube, it is a good lubricant for vaginal and anal sex.This is not true. Did that same source tell you anything about its cons? I mean the disadvantages when you use Vaseline as lube, Possibly NO!!

First of all, let me clarify some incorrect information about this, when one uses Vaseline As Lube.

  1. It does NOT make discomfort in your vagina as some people have said.
  2. It does NOT tighten your vagina in any way.
  3. It does NOT make your vagina shiny like a polished Shoe.


It is good to always know the two sides of the coin and not just one. Hear from A and B then you be the judge. I would not want to waste your time by beating around the bush. Let us hit it home and go straight to the point.

Can You Use Vaseline As Lube

To be frank with you, Vaseline is a good oil based lubricant that has been around for a very long time. Either as a Brand name -Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly, it was actually derived from Crude Oil.


For a very long time, People all over the world have been using it as a body cream, mixing it up with lotions, for hair grooming. To moisturize dry or cracked lips, for nosebleeds, chest colds, etc. It has a lot of advantages. But here, we are looking at it being used as a lubricant for Sex.


Here comes the Plain Truth.

Though, it acts like a good lubricant anywhere. Using it as a substitute for regular lubricant is not good.

I am NOT here to spoil or throw mud on Vaseline. Far from it!! I just want you to know some important facts about it when you use Vaseline as lube in your room. It has some Cons that will deter you from using it. Even if you have been using it, it is the right time for you to stop using it.

Why? You may ask…


Let me explain in details. Being categorized as an oil based lubricant, Vaseline is not friendly with some stuffs that we use during sexual activities. Let us start with what you will gain when you use Vaseline as the lube in the room.

Pros When You Use Vaseline As Lube

Just as I have said earlier, it is safe to some extent. Remember, it is a popular lube that have been in use for long time – both for anal and vaginal sex.

  • Cheap

It is cheap to get Vaseline quickly. The price is also cheap. Since you use it on your body, you might think it is a good idea to use it down there too. Can I use Vaseline as lube? Well, read on to find out.

  • Thick

It is thick in texture. Just a scoop of it look enough for the game ahead. Isn’t it?

  • Stay Even In Water

It does not dissolve in water. In water, you can party hard with it. A similar property with silicone lubricants. It is insoluble in water.

  • Smooth

Vaseline is smooth when touch. You can feel its smoothness. Right?

  • No Running Over

Just like glue, it sticks to where you put it and spread when you spread it. So obedient to your touch. Isn’t it? Great.

  • Last long

It last longer because of its thickness when you use vaseline as lube. It doesn’t dry out like some poor water based lubricants out there.

  • Stick Longer

It sticks longer. Once you apply it, it sticks there for long. After all, we are talking about personal lubricants and NOT motor oil lubricants.

  • Has No Glycerin

It has no glycerin that few women find irritating to their skin. Please note that not all women complain about glycerin.


Cons When You Use Vaseline As Lube During Your Sexual Actions

Here we are. Strong reasons why I will NOT recommend the Vaseline for you. Reasons are true and simple. I will be explain this side of the coins in two ways – when you apply it to vagina and its side effects. And when you apply it to the anus and its side effects – for anal sex.

When You Use Vaseline As Lube In And Around The VAGINA

  • Not Slippery

It is not as slippery as the best water based lubricant or the best Silicone based lubricant. It is a whole lot of difference between when something is slippery and something is Gummy. It is just a sticky and greasy lube.

  • Harbors Germs (Bacteria)

There are some useful bacteria in the human body. The vagina cleans itself up in a amazing way. So, when you use Vaseline as lube on your vagina, there are some harmful bacteria that Vaseline will help to grow. This will harm you as a lady.

  • Not Friendly With Latex Condoms

When you use Vaseline as lube with your latex condom, it will break or make it tear.  This is because Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly can easily react negatively on your latex and destroy your condom. No matter how strong your latex condom has been advertised and tested to be, it is just an enemy when it comes in contact with Vaseline.

  • Messy and Sticky

If you have use Vaseline as lube before you will get the message I am trying to convey here. When you use Vaseline as lube, it will stick for sometimes but it turns out to become sticky and messy as time goes on. You need something that will help reduce the friction not something add to the (possible) pains and the discomfort.

  • Stains Sheets

When you use Vaseline as lube in bed during vaginal sex, it will stain your sheets and lingerie. It is as simple as that!

  • Difficult To Clean Up

Since it is a petroleum jelly product, cleaning it off you is like a big task. Clean yourself up as a man might be not be so easy but it is more difficult for a woman. According to Wiki on Vaseline,

…Petroleum jelly is a non-polar hydrocarbon hydrophobic (water-repelling) and insoluble in water

To clean Vaseline when it enters your vagina is difficult. Now to the other side… Let’s cross over, my friend.

That is why I strongly recommend to you to use the Best Water Based Lubricants especially for vagina sex.

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Cons When You Use Vaseline As Lube For ANAL SEX

These cons here are similar to what are up there in the vaginal category. I will only say the ones that occurs when you use it in anal sex.

  • Increase the Risk Of Infection

    The rectum or anus has more bacteria than the vagina. One can get sexually transmitted disease or UTIs from anal sex. Risk is increased here. So, Vaseline even helps to create the breeding space for these harmful bacteria.

  • Huge Difference

    The is a huge difference between the vagina and anus. As you know, the vagina is created mainly for sexual act but the anus is not. The vagina can easily release its natural fluid to ease the pain of penetration and discomfort, but the anus does not have one. The anus is created to get rid of shits off our system. So, it is more likely that a lady will experience tear because Vaseline does not have the whole property of a good lube.

When it comes to anal sex, I strongly recommends SUPER SLYDE silicone Based lube as the right choice.

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In fact, using any of these recommended lubes is a Big Plus for you. It makes your sexual activities more intense and pleasurable. It can help you as a man to delay orgasm so you last longer than ever. Adding lube inside and around your condom will enhance a closer intimacy.

In Conclusion:

We talk about anal sex mostly here. So, we strongly recommend to you Silicone Based Lubricants.

  1. Please Do not Go From Anal to Vaginal With same condom. Better still, change the condom if you feel like switching from Anal sex to Vagina Sex.
  2. Wash your fingers if you have used them on her anus. Fingers used on anus should NOT be used on vagina. The reason is that it can cause serious infections to you and your sexual partner.
  3. If you are not using condoms during your sexual activities, please wash yourself thoroughly with soap and warm water before you go from anus to vagina sex. Same apply to your sex toys too… Please.

These will help to reduce the spread of harmful bacteria from the anus to the vagina. Now you can see that to use Vaseline as lube is NOT good. Remember this – Better Safe Than Sorry!

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Ric Carter - August 19, 2015

I like keeping vasoline around. When we go camping, it’s handy for when one of the other guys want to do anal with me. I find they can get inside of me easily, and as was said, it is long lasting.

Luna - October 18, 2015

i think that this article was waste of my time. badly written. Could have taken 1/10 of a space than it took. Learn writing valuable texts. People are not idiots and see that you are repeating same things over and over.

    Babatunde - October 18, 2015

    Oh… I don’t mean to waste your precious time, Luna. I was only trying to drive the point home. In few words, Vaseline is NOT a good lube. Thank you for choosing one of our recommended lubricants. Have a love-filled outing tonight…

LuvBttm - January 30, 2016

I’ve been using petroleum jelly…
I didn’t know it wasnt good…
I’ll switch to another lube silicone base …

JAMES - October 3, 2016

I am 63 years old and have been using Vaseline all of my life with no side effects at all it seems to me that the editor of this article is only trying to sell his own product

dai - May 27, 2017

love vasa line been using with 8 inch virbrator for35 years I am now 50 love it

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