Can I Use Olive Oil As Lube? How Safe Is It?

The main topic. Since lubricants are used to enhance human sexual activity. Lubes should help reduce friction and take away the discomfort, even if you are going through the ‘backdoor’ route – anus that has no natural lubricant of its own. Extra-Virgin Olive oil is no doubt a good lube to some extent. Remember that Olive oil doesn’t have a pH scale, but a very weak acid. Below are the pros and cons of using Olive Oil as lube for vaginal, anal or oral sex. Are you ready? Let the show begin.

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Pros of Using Olive Oil As Lube

  • Long Timer:

People have been using Olive oil as lube for years as a lube for masturbation and sexual activities. No argument about that!

  • Vagina Dryness:

Not one, two, or three comments of good news on the application of Olive oil for vaginal dryness. Someone commented and said “It left her soft!” A lot of women use Olive oil as a home remedy for vaginal dryness, that’s good. However, according to Wiki,

“The researchers conclude that they do not recommend the use of olive oil for the treatment of dry skin and infant massage” 

  • Relaxing Property:

It helps in relaxing the female genital to some extent. “What do you mean?” You asked. Of recent, a lady testified to this via her comment. She said and I quote, “… it also seems to work as some sort of a relaxant or protector”. I saw this in one of the forums visited and read from time to time.

  • NOT soluble in water:

It is not like water-based lubricants. In other words, it is not water-soluble. So, a few drops of it can last for hours.

  • No pH Scale:

Since it has no pH Scale, then it should not alter your vaginal pH levels. And also should not cause or spark up a yeast infection. This is a big plus for Olive Oil As Lube.

Cons Of Using Olive Oil As Lube

  • Tough Clean Up:

Since it is oil and it is not water-soluble, clean up will definitely be tough. Olive oil can stain your sheets, lingerie and clothes.

  • Allergic:

Just as I have said in some of our posts, all bodies are not the same. Your body system is different from mine. Some women are allergic to this oil.

  • Unpleasant Odor:

Did you know that Olive oil can create an unpleasant smell if it goes rancid? Moreover, in its natural form, it has a smell that one can find unpleasant.

  • Expensive:

Since Extra-Virgin Olive Oil which is the original form of it is quite expensive to get. Other varieties of Olive oil cannot be compared to this Extra-Virgin Olive Oil.

  • Reactions to Latex:

Olive oil can break down the latex condoms or silicone-made sex toys just like any oil based lubes. A Big Minus For Olive Oil As Lube.

I am NOT saying that Pure Olive oil or Extra -Virgin Olive oil is dangerous. It has not posed a health risk, but it is NOT an ideal choice for the best deal of the sexual activities- both anal and vagina sex. Since they are not extracted primarily for sexual purposes, then you will be using it at your own risk if you are using it as a personal lube. Moreover, it has NOT been recommended by the FDA for use as a personal care product.

So, what do you recommend? The best and safest ways to go is WATER-BASED LUBES or SILICONE-BASED LUBES. The # 1 choice in Water Based remains Astroglide Personal Lubricant. Why?

Why Is Astroglide Different?

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  • Unlike petroleum based products like Vaseline, it is Non-irritating and also has a long-lasting formula.
  • It mimics body’s own lubricating fluids. You can hardly distinguish it from the natural vaginal lube.
  • It is a Petroleum free product.
  • It is a Water-based thereby making it Water-soluble.
  • It is a Clear, Odorless and highly slippery substance. So, your thrusting in and out will be a smooth sailing one!
  • Unlike oil based lubes and petroleum made products, Astroglide can be used on and with Latex Condoms. It helps to heighten pleasure and creates a stronger sense of intimacy.


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Olive oil is safe for vaginal, anal but it’s not all smooth sailing. Because it’s not water soluble, cleanup can be difficult and some people are allergic to it. Pure olive oil isn’t dangerous, but it’s not necessarily an ideal choice. If you’re looking for lubricant, I would recommend commercial products since it specifically design for the human body. Then you can find safe and healthy lubricant for your intimate area at

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