Can You Use Baby Oil As A Lubricant?

September 8, 2014

Can you use baby oil as a lubricant? The Bugging Question…

Can you use baby oil as a lubricant?

You might have seen a lot of porn stars and porn videos/clips where baby oil was taken from somewhere in the video and applied during the fun. Perhaps, you have read or heard someone telling about how good baby oil is when used during sex. I am not here to argue with you. Rather, I agree with you. But, the question you are searching answer to still remains “Can You Use Baby Oil As A Lubricant?”

I would like to inform you that Baby Oil which is a mineral oil or petroleum derived product is not totally good for vaginal sex or anal sex or oral sex. We will be covering the vagina and anal sex scope for today and other related issues about its usage. First of all, Baby oil as its name implies that it is specifically made for babies and their skin. So, when one rubs it on baby skin, it helps to keep the baby’s skin tenderness and softness. It also helps to keep the baby skin moisturized for as long as possible. Because without it, baby skin may get dried and look harsh.

Now you see, it is not made to be used in any form as a personal lubricant or for sexual activities. The makers did not put a statement like ‘lube’ on its label. Ingesting baby oil is dangerous. It depends on the quantity ingested. That is why it is used for external use only. One can apply it on an adult hair, use with body cream, but NOT for sex.

Bottom Line:

  • Baby Oil Is Not Designed For Vaginal Or Anal Sex.


What About Olive Oil?

Well, if you are thinking about going to your kitchen or table to grab a bottle of olive oil for your sexual adventures, please read the extensive review of olive oil. From its history, its types and grades, to the olive oil as lube. You will definitely learn to see the difference for yourself. Please check out the post here. Let us save the space for more interesting facts on using baby oil as lube. Click Here To Read About Can I Use Olive Oil As Lube? You will be satisfied with crystal clear details on this subject.

Does Baby Oil Trap Bacteria Or Other Germs?

Yes. It harbors germs and other harmful bacteria inside the body, especially on the female side. Reason is this. If you apply this baby oil on the penis and around or in the vagina, and other sensitive parts, then it will affect her health. Though it looks somehow like some best silicone lubes, the thrusting in and out will push some of the oil deep into her vagina. After the banging lasts for hours, the female cannot clean the inner part of the vagina. Inserting soap will only worsen the case.

Does Baby Oil Causes Yeast Infection or Aggravates It?

To answer and validate this point and the one above, Dr. Scott E. Beard from answered a question and I quote:

Use only water based lubricants. The former (Baby Oil) can cause a variety of infections and desquamative vaginitis as well- the equivalent of skin peeling after a sunburn.

Bottom Lines:

  • Baby Oil cannot be broken down by water.
  • Baby oil is difficult to clean with water only.
  • Baby oil makes you prone to internal infections.

Can You Use Baby Oil As A Lubricant? If you say maybe, then Please continue reading. You have heard that some people said,”it is ok”,”it lubes like forever”,”it is cheap to use”,… bla bla blah. Please, do not take that. It is NOT okay. If you have been using it, just stop it and see a doctor.

It Is Better You Are Safe Than Sorry.

Is Baby Oil Safe To Use As A Lubricant?

Baby oil affects her system negatively rather than positively. I will help you by listing out more reasons why baby oil is not considered safe for both of you.

  • It destroys latex by creating small holes whereby increasing the risks of STDs.
  • It stains your lingerie, sheets and under-wears.
  • It alters the vagina chemistry.
  • It cannot be used with stuffs such as cervical caps or diaphragms.
  • It may cause irritation.

Can You Use Baby Oil As A Lubricant Still? I don’t think so. What do you think?

What is The Best Lube For Anal Sex And Vaginal Sex?

I know now that you would like to know what we and doctors recommend. Just as you have read earlier, doctors recommend water based lubricants. This is because of its safety and effectiveness. Such lubes are Astroglide Personal Lubricant, Cleanstream, and Passion Lubes.

Introducing Astroglide Water Based Lubricant…

Has been around for a while now. Daniel Wray discovered this popular water based lube while working at NASA station. However, what he was trying to use it for was to ease the re-entry of shuttle into space in the 1970s. But now, it is used to ease the penis entry into the vagina and anus. Isn’t that good? I can hear you say a resounding ”YES”. This Astroglide has been loved by so many people because it works. It gets her vagina and butts covered! No more pain during hours of clean pounding! No more discomfort after the whole show has ended! No irritation! Even ingesting small amount shouldn’t be harmful.

Why You Should Get Astroglide? Its Pros…

  • It mimics the natural vaginal lubricant of her body. It is just like the lubricant that the vagina releases when it is wet.
  • It moisturizes your lady’s genital part if she is experiencing vagina dryness due to medications, menopause or any other causes.
  • It is so slippery for all round insertions. You can use it on your penis, on your sex-toys or even your fingers for foreplay.
  • It has no odor or color or smell.
  • Unlike some other lubes, it lasts long.
  • It is so silk that you will have a very smooth ride- both of you will enjoy it.
  • It is easy to clean with soap and warm water.
  • It does not stain.
  • It is not sticky or gooey.
  • It enhances the closeness during intimacy.



For Anal Sex, go for one of our trusted ‘banger’ for the banging job – a Silicone Based Lubricant. It is called  Pjur Backdoor Glide 100 ml Lube Personal Lubricant

It is an imported product all the way from the Germany. This has greater lasting time than water based lubricants. It is super slick and slippery. People have been leaving mostly positive reviews about it at Amazon. Few drops of it will last you the whole show. Reapplication is not necessary.

Where To Buy Lube Best For Anal Sex?

On Amazon, of course. Why? There you will get the lowest price on these lubricants. That is simply a place you can get what you want.


You can now see the reason why you advised not to use Baby Oil. You are better off using the best lubes such as

Top 2 Choices On Best Water Based Lubes

===>> Astroglide Personal Lubricant

Shibari Intimate Lubricant – Water Based 8oz Bottle



Top 3 Most Ranked On Best Silicone Based Lubricants For Anal Sex

===>> Pjur Backdoor Relaxing Anal Glide Personal Lubricant

===>>Wet Platinum Silicone Premium Lubricant

===>>Gun Oil Silicone Lubricant For Anal

Now, you know baby oil is NOT safe. But, you need something that can lubricates, then you have it in front of yourself. Before you get one of these lubes now, hear this. Do you know that the hottest sex is mostly the one that is best-lubricated with the best lubes? You will both have a pleasure-filled and intense sexual satisfaction. If someone asks you, “Can you use baby oil as a lubricant?”, I am sure you will know what to say. I like you. Enjoy!

You can Click Here To listen to the best lubricants and Order The most suitable Lube For Anal Sex Now.

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