Can I Use Baby Oil As Lubricant For Anal Sex?

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“Can I Use Baby Oil As A Lubricant For Anal Sex”? A friend asked. My response is the same. And that is what you will be reading in minutes now.

Have you too been pondering about using baby oil as lubricant for anal sex? Then you are at the right place at the right time. Using baby oil has some pros and cons. So, we will go through it together to know if it is totally safe or not.
Baby oil is a petroleum derived substance. In other words, it is a mineral oil derived from petroleum with fragrance added. The hydrocarbons present in baby oil makes it undesirable to use on intimate body parts. Personally, due to its make-up of petroleum, I would not use it at all for anything close to my ‘John Thomas’ or near her ‘Well of Sweet Pleasure’!!!

There are many reasons why I don’t recommend baby oil as lubricant for either vagina or anal sex. It is mineral based oil which is internally not desirable. Reason is because it may lead to yeast infections as the body cannot break it down as it does with water based lubricants.

What about Olive Oil?

We have discussed about Olive Oil as a good lubricant to some extent. Olive oil has been around for centuries. It is a pure and naturally derived substance. It has no scent or petroleum agents like Baby oil. But, is it good for anal sex? You can read it all here – Olive Oil As Lubricant and Its Safety.
As a matter of fact, mineral oil is not manufactured purposely for vaginal or anal lubrication. Why? Let us check out the reasons.

6 Golden Reasons Why You Should NOT use Baby Oil As Lubricant…

  • Can you use baby oil as a lubricant?

    NO WAY, I can’t Use Baby Oil as Lubricant…

    Allergy – You could be allergic to this baby oil. Doubt it? Try it then. A test should not harm you for long.

  • Irritation – There are cases I read online about the irritation it causes after prolong use of baby oil. That means if you use it for a long time, you will begin to see irritation.
  • Not Easy To Clean – It may stay up to a day to two before it is totally clean off your intimate part.
  • Stains Sheets And Lingerie – It may stain your sheets due to its spill or rolling over. Your lingerie is not safe if you are a lady.
  • Destroys condoms – This is one of the popular reasons why people do not use it anymore like before. Any petroleum derived lube will chop into the surface of the condom. This will cause the condom to wear or tear. As a result, you are at risk of STIs.  What about using baby oil as a lubricant without condom? You are on a safer side if you use water based lubes such as Astroglide, which will NOT wear off your condom. It will increase your intimacy closeness between you and your partner.
  • Yeast Infection – Are you surprised to see yeast infection made it into the cons list? Well, the comment of jeannine_29 at should explain this to you in details.

replied October 5th, 2006
Experienced User
My fiance and I have used babyoil alot. Only problem is…I get a yeast infection everytime we do! It does work as a great lube other than that problem, though..Fyi, we dont use that anymore!


So, is there any alternative for Baby Oil?

Yes, there are a lot of them. We have a detailed review on the best lubes for anal sex. You can  Click Here To Read It Now and make an informed decision about the lubricant. 

These are our Two Top Choices

  • Astroglide Personal Lubricant And
  • Pjur Backdoor Glide 100 ml Lube Personal Lubricant. These lubricants will help you get the job done in no time. Easing the discomfort, reduce the pain and no irritation.

We recommend these two lubricants because they work just as they are advertised. Why not check out their reviews or better still, forget about using baby oil as a lubricant because it is cheap?

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    Tia - January 11, 2017

    “Well of Sweet Pleasure”. I am assuming you are referring to anal, because if it was the vagina soooo many men would not desire anal sex.
    Sad but true.

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