Best Lube For Shower, Hot-Tub or Water Side

August 18, 2015
best lube for shower sex

For Pleasure-Filled Sex or Anal Sex In Shower/Hot Tub, Grab The Best Silicone Lube For You Both.

Are you thinking of having sex in the Shower this weekend? Perhaps, you want to add a twist to your sexual session and think of having a hot anal sex in the hot tub? Then, you need the best lube for shower sex. When it comes to Shower sex, only best lube that can stay slick for as long as the water keep on pouring without getting washed away. Or absorbed by the skin whether in warm water or cold water.


Not just any kinda’ lubricants from Pluto or anywhere Icy. The best set of lubes that work best for all Shower Sexual Performances are Silicone Lubes because they go the extra mile to get you both wetter for longer. Whereby enhancing the whole sexual sessions. Among a lot of Lubricants such as water based lubes, Silicone Based lubes and Oil based lubricants. Dr. Debby Herbenick, Author of A Woman’s Guide to Sexual Pleasure & Satisfaction recommends only Silicone Lubes for shower sex.


Dr. Debby explained further why Silicone lubes are the Best Shower Anal Lube. On her official website, she said and I quote,

As anyone who has spent significant time in a bath tub or shower knows, warm water can dry the skin and turn us all a bit prune-like. It can also dry the vagina, which can make vaginal penetration uncomfortable or painful for women and their partners.”

Other 7 Top Reasons Why Silicone Lubes are the Best Lube For Shower Sex Includes…

  1. Few drops are enough to last longer for the whole session.
  2. Unlike water based lubes, No sticky or tacky issue.
  3. Unlike Oil based lubes, No ‘grossy’ or ‘oily’ feeling during or after sex.
  4. Some are unique blended with Herbal extracts for the benefit of your penis, vagina and anus.
  5. No irritation or soreness after sex or anal sex.
  6. Stays Slick throughout. Even in Marathon Sessions.
  7. Keep lubricating even in the presence of rushing warm or cold water.

You might wanna’ know why Water based lubricants are not ideal for shower sex. Well, it is not that they don’t lube. Water based lube such as Astroglide can be washed away completely during sex when there is enough water like the one coming out from the shower. And without Lube, sex in shower won’t be anywhere funny!


Water on its own cannot act as lube. Saliva is not something to use in the shower too. Oil based lubricants such as Olive oil, Canola Oil, Butter etc might sound good but they pose more health risks for both of you. There is just one category of lube that is worthy to be called the best shower lube. And that’s the Silicone Based Lubricants. Why? Because, Silicone based lubricants stays slicks even when water comes in contact with everything. So, when you are busy having fun, the best lube in the shower will get you the required lubrication for a pain-free moments.

TOP 3 Recommendation of Best Lube For Shower

If you are like me that loves fortified stuffs, then you rock! There are some that are fortified with great natural herbal extracts. While some are plain silicone atoms. Well, the plain silicone lubes are good but the fortified versions are better. The more fortification, the better. At the same time, the long-lasting effect must remain this same. Here they come…


  • Pjur Backdoor Relaxing Anal Glide 100ml

First on the list of Best Lube For Shower. It’s the advance version of the popular Pjur Analyse Me! Glide Spray. The only difference is that this lube contains higher concentration of Silicone when compared to the Analyse Glide. It is fortified with Precious Jojoba extracts that helps to keep the anus calm and ready for his ‘bazooka’. You don’t have to be counting one, two, three before he can gain access into you completely. Simply grab Pjur Backdoor Anal Glide and see how it works right on your anus safely without irritation. Someone jokingly said that the only thing that could work better that this Pjur Backdoor anal Glide is a Unicorn Tears. Lol. You will even think it is magic.

“FINALLY!!! Found my perfect lube
Works great!!! Does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Relaxes the anus by numbing preventing any pain & ‘uncomfortableness’ but still feel the pleasures of anal sex.

– Q Posted Her Review On Amazon on July 18, 2015.

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      • Gun Oil Silicone Premium Lubricant


When it comes to getting satisfaction with a hardcore Anal soldier in the shower, this is the lube that can get you cover! This Gun oil lube is designed to perfectly suit every requirements a silicone lube would do. Just like its Beloved Water Based Version, It is also extra-fortified with Special Botanics to create a water-resistant in any environment of your choice.


It has no Glycerin and no Paraben. Botanics such as Aloe Vera is blended in for restorative and healing properties. And Vitamin E is also added to get your ‘Joystick’ full of life just as a new-born baby skin. Little wonder, both Aloe Vera and Vitamin E are mostly used in top recommended cosmetics. Gun oil has a unique character of lasting longer than any other lube and yet remains slick throughout. You can used this for Vaginal or Anal Sex.

“Exactly excellent lubricant!
We have used many different brands and types of lubricant, and this is by far the winner. It has cheeky packaging and works exactly how it should.
– Dannie Giffin Posted This Review On Amazon in July, 2015.

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  • Wet Platinum Premium Lubricant

If you don’t read or know about this lube, then this list of best Lube for Shower is incomplete. This is among my personal lube for anal sex pleasure of recently. I tried it and it really last longer than I imagine. Few people don’t like it because it last longer than they think it should. But if you love that extra-lasting property, then WET Platinum lube is your sure-bet.

Made by Triggs laboratories here in United States with FDA Accepted Medical Device. It is a Silicone Lubricant that speaks for itself. With Only 4 ingredients – Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethiconol, Phenyl Trimethicone. And nothing else (no fortified herbal extracts or botanics), it stays slick and last longer like never before. It is undoubtedly a high quality product that never messes around. Here is what a Webcam Model said about it.

I recommend no other brand
As a webcam model, (which means a lot of… lube use), I recommend no other brand. The best. It doesn’t stick at all, and you rarely ever have to reapply. Read more
– Posted By Atticus in June, 2015.

Here is another review on same product. Just as I ‘ve said earlier, let the reviews speak for it.

Ummmm. Yes Please!

This has been fantastic! We generally don’t use silicone based products, but this has been a great addition to the collection. Perfect for the shower or hot tub, it stays on and doesn’t rub off. I still don’t think I would use it over the Astroglide for normal in the bed stuff, but in water, it’s a must. And it’s a heck of deal at this price and this size. You can’t go wrong!

–  Posted By Allmanjoyon on Amazon on April 1, 2014.

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Before rounding-up this post for the best lube for shower, please note this.


Don’t let any of these Silicone Based lubes drop on your floor in the shower. If it does, clean with immediately with Toilet Paper or old cloth. Because if you leave it there, it will be slippery. Please, take caution.



To wash any of this silicone lubes off completely, simply get your soap and warm water. Viola! You are as clean as before. No issues! No scrubbing!! Easy wash off!!!

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