'Best' Household Anal Lubes For Anal Sex

January 22, 2015
Household Anal Lube

Olive Oil as a Household Anal Lube. Are The ‘Best’ Household Anal Lubes For Anal Sex Really The BEST? Don’t Use Until You Read This!!!

[UPDATED: JULY 13, 2015] Do you search for a household anal lube that would not hurt you and your partner? Or perhaps you just find yourself in the middle of anal adventure. His rock-hard ‘gun’ is ready and he is about to slip it into your backdoor, but you got no lube within reach. Looking for a household anal lube that is perfect for your anal sex will be what is next on your mind.

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Since the anus is not self-lubricating like the vagina that releases natural lubricant when arouse. So, a lube is a must for anal sex. Not just anyhow lube; a lube that is slick enough to reduce pain and discomfort, ease penetration and will cause no irritation.

The most of these so called ‘Best’ household lubes have more cons than pros. Yes, they can do the job somehow, but what about your health? According to medical studies, common household stuffs used as anal lube (either emergency or when you are out-of-reach of real anal lubes) have shown to pose more health risks than the pleasure derived from it.

I do not want to bore you with stories or research findings. I explain here, just real experiences and what I have heard and read from people. But if you are in doubt, you can click one or two of the below links. Know about the impending dangers of using some of your household stuff as the vagina or anal lube. Either you are using it long time ago or you just started using it.

Can I Use Vaseline As Anal Lube?

Is Olive Oil Safe For Anal Sex?

Can I use Baby Oil For Anal Sex?

But today, I will be explaining in details some discoveries I found about using some natural and kitchen stuffs popularly used as anal lube. (I do not want to sound insulting. No Offence Meant.) 

·         Saliva:

This is commonly known as spit. It has been the number one emergency and go-to household anal lube when it comes to anal sex. Many people have used it and I, the writer is also guilty of it. Because saliva is cheap and readily available, one can just spit out some to the hand or directly to her anus and start off.

Well, little do you know that you are doing yourself more harm than good most especially, her. ” I do not think so…?” You say. You might have seen it in a number of porn movies and videos where most of these porn stars used it. Check out this fact…

According to InTheKnowPeel.Ca,

“Saliva may increase dryness and therefore increase the chance for infection because of possible chaffing or tearing. Using saliva as a lubricant could be unsafe if there is an active infection. Herpes, for example, can be transferred to the genitals if saliva is used as a lubricant.”

Still in Doubt? Here are the 4 Shocking Real Facts about Saliva as a household anal lube.

  1. Saliva is from your mouth, true! But, it has no slippery or slick effect that could last longer for the whole game in the room or somewhere else.
  2. Saliva dries out so soon. Though it moistures the area within a minute or two, depending on the rhythm of the ‘pump action’ at the rear-end butt. But, only leaves‘the members’ drier than before.
  3. This third reason is an infection. If the“saliva-manufacturer” has an infection like oral herpes, then using saliva as anal lube is very risky. Because, your partner can get infected with the herpes too.
  4. This last but not the least reason is the food eaten prior to your anal sex adventure. If either the man or woman’s spit used has just eaten or taken something sugary (or that contains glucose or glycerin), there is a high probability that you can aggravate the rate of yeast growth on her genital part.

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Still not convinced? You can read more information on this by hopping over to intheknowpeel.ca where you can read about using saliva for sex.

Now, you see why it is not advisable to use your saliva as lube. Let us go on and check on the others.

·         Natural Butter:

Natural butter? If you mean shea butter or other kind, they are all butter. Your Margarine, Crisco and other butter kinds are all butter too. But, are we here to cook or bake? I can hear you say a resounding ‘NO’. The bottom line is that they can all be heated and turn to oil. They are all oily in nature. They ain’t lube in any way. If you use any of this butter in its oily form as lube, it will get into your genitals nicely, right? You might look very good like your favorite buttered food. But, wait… As time goes on, it begins to get greasy.

If you are like me that do not like greasy-like feeling, then this household anal lube will turn you off almost immediately. Apart from the greasy feeling in your butt, the butter has entered the vagina safely, right? Since these butters are very difficult to clean up. Presence of natural butter is not good for either the vagina or anus. It will only harbor harmful bacteria in your vagina or anus.

Even if you wash up thoroughly, there can still be traced that these harmful germs can still live on. If you have used it before you discover this, then stop using it. Better you safe than sorry.

Do They Act As Household Anal Lube?
No. It is as simple as that.


What About Olive Oil?

Olive Oil As A Household Anal Lube is just out of the picture. Concerning olive oil, I have written topics extensively on it and why it is NOT good to use as a household anal lube. No need of beating around the bush. Here is what you should do. There is a link after this line that will take you to one of our extensive posts on why this beautiful Olive Oil Is Not A Lube For You And Your Spouse.

Olive Oil, Can I Use It For Anal Sex?

If you have read it before, then, skip the link and read on, pal.

·         Baby Oil:

Baby oil is oil that is used on babies. It is known to be a pure mineral oil that gentle and mild on baby skin. They are always within our reach. Just as it name implies, it is meant for baby and not for adult use’. Really? You asked. Yes! As a matter of fact, baby oil has been used as a household anal lube in the past by some people. But they don’t know it has implication (Health Risk). It is made to help clean and moisturize the baby’s delicate skin. But, your genital is sensitive not so delicate… right? (Lol. Just joking!)

When this oil gets on a baby skin – be it dry or moist, it gets absorbed by the skin and makes it smooth, soft and looking radiant.

Baby oil is also used on babies’ hair. This is because it makes the baby’s tender hair easy to comb with a comb or brush. It also makes the baby’s hair shiny. But, do you want a household anal lube that will make your little head down there ‘shiny’ or act as a ‘lube’ all the way?

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Baby oil is not a lube in any way. It is mainly for babies. It is not slippery. It is oily in nature. Though, it does not get dried, it is not slick. Not good with condoms. It can help reduce friction. But, it does not lube effectively as a normal or natural lube will do. Apart from the points mentioned above, it poses a health risk too. If you use it for vagina or anal sex, there are two main dangers that it does.

  1. There is high possibility of upsetting the Vagina pH because it is a mineral oil.
  2. The baby oil gets trapped in and could not be removed from the genitals. As time passes by, bacteria begin to act and strive on the oil.

Now, you see why you should use your baby oil as lube not even anal lube.

·         Vaseline:

Vaseline is among what I have used in the past. But, I stop it immediately after I discovered how unhealthy it is as a household anal lube. Do not let anyone deceive you. Vaseline or any other petroleum products including baby oil are not good for both your sexual intercourse, in general. You might be wondering why I am also talking about vagina instead of the anus only. It is because those are the two major intimate areas used for a sexual purpose apart from the mouth – oral sex. You can read on more information by clicking Why You Shouldn’ t Use Vaseline or Other Brands Like Vaseline For Sex.

 “If you still insist of using any of the above household anal lubes, medication is around the corner.”

Bottom Line:

The Only Household lube that seems to do well is Coconut Oil. Unlike other household lubes, it has more Pros than Cons. And also it comes natural from its source – Coconut.

Several Pros

  • Coconut Oil is100% Natural, Cold-pressed and Extra Virgin.
  • It is cheap and readily available in Kitchen.
  • It spreads the way you want it.
  • It is good for dry skin.
  • It smells nice (Coconut scent).
  • It lasts long.
  • It is light and smooth.
  • Good for dry elbows and itching skins.
  • Never goes rancid after a long time.

Four Cons Why Using Coconut Oil as Household Anal Lube is NOT A Good Choice.

  • It does not have the longer lasting power like Silicone Based lubes.
  • It might kill both good and bad bacteria. Because Coconut Oil has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal characteristics. And in our body systems, we have the good bacteria that work well with the body. And the bad bacteria that cause illness. Coconut oil might kill both bacteria.
  • Some people’s skins (members) find Coconut Oil irritating.
  • It is not friendly with Latex Condoms. It disintegrates Latex by causing holes.

You will be surprised when you know that Pjur Backdoor Anal Glide. beats Coconut Oil because it has Jojoba extracts that get the anus relaxed without extra effort. And it never kills bacteria. It washes off easily. It is a perfect gentle lube for first timers that want their anal sex adventure to end with good feelings!!


No matter how tight you might be with cash, please try to get a lube specially made for anal sex. There are some best anal lubes now available in smaller quantities and lesser prices. In 2 oz, 2.5 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, and so on options are available on the market. It is better safe than sorry. Friend, get the best anal lube and enjoy your next anal sex like never before!

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Derick - July 12, 2015

This post is not what I really want. I need something safe HOUSEHOLD Anal Lubes but your only viable option shouldn’t be STORE BOUGHT LUBE!! This title is need to be changed, friend. Please, proofread your work and keep the good job up.

    Babatunde - July 13, 2015

    Thank you for the comment. This post has been updated. Check the ‘Bottom Line’ section. Thank you, Derick.

      charles - March 10, 2017

      I have found Gun oil to be the best and long lasting

Sophia Bray - July 25, 2015

You’re right, Babatunde. I have tried out Pjur Backdoor and it was good. But my experience with WET Platinum was Awesome. You got a nice blog up here. I will be linking to your website on butter as lube. Hope you don’t mind? Thank you. Sophia

Sexret - August 5, 2015

Be extremely carefull, i just tried and inside the homemade oil there was a chilli i didnt see, it felt like my intestants were on fucking fire and i considered calling 911. Im not saying its a bad tip because its a really good one but be careful as fuck

What's The Best Anal Lube For Anus Sex Pleasure? - BestLubePro.com - September 16, 2015

[…] Though, they are cheap but we DON’T advise you to use any lube in this group for your health. These are not meant to be used as Anal Lube in any form. They ain’t lube. They don’t last longer like Silicone Based lubricants. They causes latex condoms to tear. Some stains your bed or sofa and makes your sheet messy. They have health risks and they never clean off easily. Babatunde was able to nailed this group well with an extensive post at BestLubeForAnal Guide. […]

Unhelped Reader - December 27, 2015

I don’t want to be a jerk but I just read this article and the one about Vaseline and they didn’t help at all. Each article was basically a breakdown of why EVERYTHING is bad as sex lube. You praised silicon lubricant as “the best ever” but I didn’t see any mention about it dissolving silicon sex toys. At least that’s what EVERYONE tells me. (sources: doctors, sex shop employees, various forums, and chatroom patrons.) So use at your own risk!

Dolsin - February 3, 2017

My partner and I find Coconut Oil by far the best for Anal Sex.

If you are in a monogamous relationship and don’t use condoms (all oils break down latex).

Whatever you put on your skin is absorbed over time and goes where? Straight into your bloodstream. Coconut Oil is 100% natural and super healthy for you, unlike many chemical laden lubes. It’s also a potent natural anti-bacterial agent, which is a bonus.

I’ve never heard of anyone having irritation from using it, in fact the opposite, it’s low irritant compatiblity is why it’s so popular.

Coconut Oil is great also as a massage oil, just make sure to get the Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Oil as it has no smell, or a light, pleasant scent.

You won’t see it advertised or promoted as lube as no company can make money from something so readily available on Supermarket shelves, so you have to rely on word of mouth.

annabel - November 14, 2017

You should visit the coconut research center. Coconut oil kills “bad” bacteria, it has NO effect on “good” bacteria.

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