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Best Cheap Lube

This is Cheap. Isn’t it? Get the Best Cheap Lube with less than $10…

Are you looking for the best yet affordable lubricant that can work for you just for the mean time? Maybe, you have been having a good time. But, you want to change the ‘gear’ right now? That is a nice move! Either for the reason of vaginal dryness or just a lube for masturbation (solo) or for you and your partner? Then, welcome to the right source. This is a self-explanatory article. Apart from cheap, these lube you will be looking in few minutes are totally safe for your skin, slippery as you expected and gets the job done. Depending on how much quantity you use per each show, it will last you for days. And, you can be able to have a nicer time that is totally itch-free. Just pleasure all the way. No matter how broke or budgeted you might be, you can easily get the best cheap lube for about 10 bucks straight away! No strings attached!! No gimmicks!!!
Among other traits that these best  yet cheap lubes must have are

  • Suitably Slippery
  • Non- Staining
  • No over-powering smell or odor
  • No residue of any kind
  • No sticky or tacky or goe-ey
  • No running off like water
  • Great consistency
  • No greasy or oily feeling
  • Friendly with latex condoms
  • Enhance intimacy activities. and last but not the least…
  • Price – Less than $10

First of all. There are different types of lubricants. They are all categorized into three broad classes.

  1. Water Based lubes
  2. Silicone Based Lubes and
  3. Oil Based Lubes.

These three categories have their respective advantages and disadvantages. In other words, they have their Pros and Cons. Generally, water based lubricants are widely recommended and endorsed by Doctors. Because, they are easy-to-use with sex-toys and condoms. And they have less irritation issues. They also work well with condoms. But, the main Con is that they dry up as time goes on. So, you might need re-application or add few drops of water to rejuvenate its slippery property during sex.

The Silicone based lubes are mostly designed for marathon sex and anal sex. If you want the list of the best anal lubes, Get It Here. Most of them are just medical silicone-graded product that are totally safe for your skin. Some are now fortified with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Precious Jojoba, etc to make your marathon sex or anal sex full of fun and pleasure. I would say this category has the perfect lubes for the perfect honeymoon. Lol.

While the oil-based lubes are rarely talked about. Though, they are the ones that most people use when they run out of lubes. Most Oil based lubes are NOT good for sex or anal sex. They have a lot of health risks. Here are the 4 out of the many reasons why they are not good for you. Such as  Baby OilVaseline,  Olive oil,  Canola Oil  etc are NOT good because

1. Once it gets into the vagina, it gets trapped inside and creates a breeding ground for Harmful Bacteria to thrive on.
2. Another Con is that they are NOT friendly with latex condoms.
3. Hard To Clean once you use it on your orifice.
4. Help to Increase the risk of infections.

The only oil based lube that seems to be above them all is Coconut Oil As Lube. But use with care!
Right now, Here comes the best cheap lubes by each of their categories. So, at the end of this post, you will be able to choose the one that you think is deem right for you. Most of them have been used by me. And I can assure you that you’re getting the first-hand review of them all. Now, shall we go?

8 Best Cheap Lubes – Water Based Lubes

  • [easyazon_image align=”left” height=”140″ src=”” width=”160″] Astroglide Astroglide 2.5 Oz. :

This is one of the most loved and top ranking water based lubricant that goes for ($8.22 / count – This Price Is Subjected To Amazon Price Change) . It is a water soluble lube that works right from the start. It helps you have the comfort you need during sex. It is long-lasting and extra slick. Just apply some and you will get that slipperiness you need to enjoy your sex to the fullness. It is a petroleum free formula that is designed to act exactly like the vaginal natural fluid. I can tell you that this lube really works for vaginal dryness. So, you do not have to worry if you are dry or not arouse. It is condom friendly and safe to use with latex. It has garnered praises among others. It is slippery, odorless and colorless liquid. It can be used with latex condoms. And it is never sticky or goe-ey. It lasts longer. If you have any issue with glycerine, then move unto the next best cheap lube.

A lot of people have rated it 5 stars because it is a great product that worth more than its price. It is never sticky. It is just a lube that works as you expected it to.

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  • [easyazon_image align=”left” height=”160″ src=”” width=”44″]Shibari Intimate Lubricant – Water Based 8oz Bottle

As of writing this post, Shibari Intimate Lubricant is ranking the #1 Best Seller on Amazon sexual lubricants section. “Why?” You asked. Because it is cheap and effective as a lube. With $8.77 (This Price Is Subjected To Amazon Price Change), you can get her high and up like a bouncing castle. What more can I say? It is a super-slippery lube designed for women’s soft skin. It is very easy to clean when you are through. It is non-staining too. This lube is simply smooth and nice so that you can glide in and out WITHOUT any hindrance. It is also a long-lasting lube that has a silky feeling. It never sticky or goe-eyy. This lube is so loved to the extent that someone tagged it the “Best Lube By Far”

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With Shibari Intimate Lubricant, you can get a whole lot easier in the room or on the couch. If you’re a person that is sensitive to some certain chemicals in other water lubes, please give Shibari a trial. This lube is totally effective and very affordable. It is very slippery and safe. No running-off like water. It stays put to where you place it. It is a good quality product that works well with latex condoms. It contains NO harsh chemical or stuffs that may irritate your skin. Try it now and you will be convinced.

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  • [easyazon_image align=”left” height=”160″ src=”” width=”130″][easyazon_image align=”left” height=”160″ src=”” width=”130″]Wet Original Waterbased Gel Personal Lubricant – 3.5 oz Bottle

This is a Gel lube that you MUST get if only you want her to be very WET. I mean the word “wet”. Because this lube is designed to supplement the natural vaginal fluid produced in her body. And if she is experiencing vaginal dryness, you can also count on Wet Lubricant to get her wet for you. It is very slippery and silky. You get into her without pain or any complain. Totally safe for you and your spouse’s skin. Clean-up is just a breeze! With soap and water, you are as clean as before. Remember, The Wetter, The Better.

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  • [easyazon_image align=”left” height=”160″ src=”” width=”43″]Cleanstream Water-based Anal Lube – 8oz

Unlike other water based lubes, this Cleanstream Water-based Anal Lube is a lubricant that can be used for anal sex or vagina sex. It is made specially without Paraben or Glycerin. It has been ranked one of the best among water based lubes on Amazon in the past and I still think it is among the best cheap lube in terms of price and effectiveness. For just $8.65 ($1.08 / Ounce – This Price Is Subjected To Amazon Price Change). You can have a nicer time than before! It has a very silky smooth gliding texture that enhances your overall sexual performance in the room. It also add that ultra-smooth lubrication that is require for a nicer time. Once you are through, cleaning is just a breeze with soap and water. No mess! No Spill!! Just get down to business WITHOUT any soreness. No pain. No burn. You don’t have to waste your time on plain water or saliva. Just get this Cleanstream Water-based Lube and you are better off.

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  • [easyazon_image align=”left” height=”160″ src=”” width=”160″]Water-based Silky Safe Longlasting Personal Lubricant GEL by Slippery Stuff 8oz

Just as its name implies, it is just too slippery. I am yet to see any other water based lubricant that beats its power of slipperiness. As a matter of fact, it is a gel that is made to enhance the pleasure when you both are getting pleasure. Doctors recommends it to their clients for more than a decade. “Why?” Because it works for what it is intended for. It has no odor. Totally safe and hygenic. It never stains. It is a long lasting lube that can be washed off by soap and water. No hard cleaning. For a token less than 10 bucks (precisely $9.95 – This Price Is Subjected To Amazon Price Change), you can get this best cheap lube that is great for all your pleasure needs. Just a bit of Slippery Stuff, it goes a long way.

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  • [easyazon_image align=”left” height=”160″ src=”” width=”77″]Passion Lubes, Natural Water-based Lubricant, 8 Fluid Ounce

Passion, Passion, Passion!!! A life without Passion is a life without Action. When you need to ignite that human contact passion in your room with your spouse, then it is a MUST that you grab a Passion Natural Water Based Lube along. It contains NO glycerin. It is just the perfect lube for your masturbation session or with your lover. It is very friendly with sex-toys of all made. It is easy to clean up. And it is not sticky. Unlike some other lubes, It does NOT leave any residue or white streak/line on you. Just $8.91 – This Price Is Subjected To Amazon Price Change) , you can grab this bottle and ignite that passion for Action!

Little wonder, some people say it is the “Excellent and Safe yet a Perfect Lube WithOut Being Sticky”.

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  • [easyazon_image align=”left” height=”160″ src=”” width=”63″]System Jo Anal H2O Lubricant, 8-Ounce Bottle

Want a lube with an higher viscosity and water based yet cheap? Then, that’s what System Jo Anal H2O Lubricant is all about. This is an ultra long-lasting lube that has no fragrance or odor. It has no numbing agent whatsoever. It is made silky and slick feel for a smooth ride for your spouse. You can use it with Latex condoms and your sex-toys. You might be wondering how a best cheap lube could have all these characters yet it has no oil or wax or silicone? Well, that’s how I saw and felt about it too when I first used it. It is made under the strict FDA guidelines, so, no worry. It washes off with mild soap and water. So, you are as clean as before.

For just a $9.88 ($1.24 / Ounce) , you can get System Jo Anal H2O Lubricant that will NEVER burn or irritate you. No greasy feeling. Just a lube to take your sexual life to the next level.

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  • [easyazon_image align=”left” height=”160″ src=”” width=”43″]ID Glide Natural Feel Water Based Lubricant, 4.4 Fluid Ounce

Do you need a lube that has a natural feeling and the total slip just for easy penetration and intense pleasure? Then you need to get ID Glide Natural Feel Water Based Lubricant. This is one of the best and inexpensive water based lube you can use during your intimacy with your spouse. Be it for masturbation or duo, ID Glide makes it all cool and sizzling. Moreover, this is an FDA 510K approved medical device. In other words, this lube is made with Top Quality In Mind. With ID Glide, you can reach corners and angles that are yet to be explored#@!

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“Is it a new lube?”  One asked. Nope! It is one of the best cheap lube that has been around for a while. It has been making waves among its waterbased counter-parts. Little wonder, a lot of people have made it their choice. It is slippery. It is silky smooth to provide that smooth ride for you both. When it comes to a cheap lubricant that can get the job of lubrication done in the room, ID GLIDE is the lube to get! For just $8.28 ($1.88 / Fl Oz – This Price Is Subjected To Amazon Price Change), you can access her system WITHOUT any hindrance!

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Silicone based lubes are not too expensive but they worth every penny spent. They last longer than their water based counterparts. They have that slickiness and natural feelings too. Read on and see how Silicone rocks!

  • [easyazon_image align=”left” height=”160″ src=”” width=”113″]Swiss Navy Personal Silicone Lubricant, 2 Ounce

This lube actually proved its work when I gave it out to someone as a gift. The guy actually thanked me the next day. Glad I helped someone. According to him, he told me that Swiss Navy Personal Silicone Lubricant is the most ever slick liquid lube he’d ever used! It is perfect and so stay put. No oily or greasy feeling like Vaseline. After the shower, he apply few drops on her wife skin. He then noticed that her skin was silky smooth. A little massage and they both made love. He continued saying that just three drops for the special V and they made love for hours. He noticed that the lube was just still there. Other lubes has failed him but “this Swiss Navy just made my night”.

Wow. I replied. Little did he knew that the same Swiss Navy I gave to him was less than $4 – one of the best cheap lubes. For long session or anal sex, you can get this lube and you are bang forever!

The only con side of this lube is that DON’T use with Silicone Toys.

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  • [easyazon_image align=”left” height=”160″ src=”” width=”160″]Gun Oil, 2oz Bottle

When your ‘AK-47’ need to be well-oiled for the battle in your room, just get Gun Oil, 2oz Bottle along. This is the lube that gets your gun ever-ready for her war. It lubricates every part you put it. Never sticky. It is designed with an exceptional fortification. “What do you mean, Babatunde?” You asked. Well, I mean this lube is extra-fortified to out-perform all other silicone based lubes out-there. Why? Because, it is fortified with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera for a more intense sex sessions and enjoyment. This is a formula that minimized skin irritation and get you shooting rapidly for longer.

Made from body safe ingredients such as

  1. Cyclopentasiloxane,
  2. Dimethicone,
  3. Dimethiconol,
  4. Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, and
  5. Tocopheryl Acetate.

You know what? Ask the guys at the trenches of Kuwaiti Battlefieds, they will tell you the concluding part of the story. Why not give Gun Oil, 2oz Bottle A Trial? Whether you are going banging at the speed of light or slow and steady like tortoise, you can always rely on its lubricating effect. And you will be glad you did.

It is totally safe to use with condoms and other ‘artillery’. Few drops of this best cheap lube are enough for the whole session. Please, clean any slip if it drop on the floor. Someone told me he got injured due to the spill on the floor. So, you are advised to clean any spill immediately.

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Now that you have the whole list of the best cheap lube. My Personal Best Cheap lube on this list is the Shibari Water Based Lube. What’s your take? Drop your comment…

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