Astroglide Without Glycerin Review

Many debates have been going on on forum, discussion boards and even on social media on Astroglide Without Glycerin & Paraben Free Personal Lubricant. Is it true that it is Glycerin n Paraben Free product? Does this Astroglide Glycerin & Paraben Free Personal Lubricant contains alcohol? Is there any difference between this Astroglide Glycerin & Paraben Free Personal Lubricant and the Astroglide Original we use to know? How does it feel when use? All these bugging questions and other similar ones we are going to look into today. So, sit back and relax as we both delve into the world of Astroglide Lubes.

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For sometime now, Astroglide company – Biofilm has been producing wide range of products in sexual wellness industry. Haven built a strong reputation over the years, the Astroglide original became people’s choice when it comes to best Vaginal and Anal lubes. Astroglide Original was one of the best personal lubricants that the Astroglide company made. Alot of people really loved the products but something happened. As time goes on, there are some people were commenting and reporting that that Astroglide Original caused yeast infection because of the glycerin present.

Medical research has shown that up to 20% of the U.S. population is believed to suffer from chemical hypersensitivities.

Which means that some are chemical sensitive to it while others were allergic.They (the company) went back to their drawing board and produced a formula that suits you.

Introducing Astroglide Glycerin & Paraben Free Personal Lubricant

Astroglide Gylcerin And Paraben Free Lube. Get Yours Now!!!

This is indeed a good news for you. Unlike the Astroglide Original that some say they don’t like, this new formula- Astroglide Without Glycerin & Paraben Free
is made against burning and irritation that may occur.

It is made into a squeeze Bottle with a flip cover. This design is made for easy grabbing and use.


Who Can Use Astroglide Without Glycerin Lube?

  • Anyone that wants satisfying and pleasure-filled sex.
  •  If you are allergic to some certain chemical substances such as paraben compounds.
  •  If you or your partner is prone to yeast infection (and rashes).
  • If you are a menopausal woman.

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Advantages Of Astroglide Without Glycerin & Paraben Free

  •  It is water-based lubricant. Most doctors recommend anything water based lube even this product. We personally recommend it too.
  • It is so slick that you can feel it naturally. It is also ultra smooth. Do you mean it?! You may ask. Yes, it is made in such a way that this lube mimics the natural lube that comes from the vagina of a aroused woman.
  • This is an Astroglide without glycerin and also paraben free. So, you wouldn’t have anything like yeast infection if you are prone to such.
  • It’s a perfect lube for you with sensitive skin and also if you are allergic to certain chemical substances.
  • You can be use for vaginal dryness.
  • You can use it for all types of sex.
  • It has no scent, no fragrance, no odour . And also, it is flavorless.
  • It can be used with condoms, latex and sex-toys.
  • It is easy to clean up once you are through. And also, it does not stains you, or your sheets or lingerie.
  • It is not sticky or tacky.

Disadvantages of Astroglide Without Glycerin & Paraben Free

  • It dries up after a while. However, you can just add few drops of water or saliva to re-activates the slippery property and you are Back & Better!

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