Astroglide Natural Personal Lubricant Review

February 8, 2015
Astroglide Natural Personal Lubricant

Think Of Going All-Natural? Then, Think Of Astroglide Natural Lube For A Natural Sex!

Welcome to another intriguing review of one of the best brands of Astroglide – Astroglide All Natural Personal Lubricant & Moisturizer. We all love natural things, don’t we? Personally, I love natural things because they are so safe and good for the body. Natural things are also noted to be things that are existing in or derived from nature, right?

When you are bothered on getting a water based lube that so natural to the tiniest drop? Then, search no more as you have come in contact with the best lube for sex.

If you are like me that loves natural things, then you rock! Biofilm Incorporated, Vista in California – producer of Astroglide Natural Personal Lubricant has been around for a while now. With strong reputation, they have being in the business of creating lubricants that are used for sexual purposes. Not just ordinary lubes that get trashed after first use, but Lubes of High-Quality stuffs that gives you a smooth ride during your pleasure time with your spouse.

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But Why Should I Get Astroglide Natural Lubricant Now?

1. It Heightens Sexual Pleasure.
A lady called Carol Runowicz said in her book, To Be Alive, that men call this lube a new name – ‘Astroheaven’ Why? You asked. Because it works.

This lube has been confirmed by users just like you on Amazon. It helps to achieve more intense and heightens overall sexual pleasure. When use with a condom, it helps you to have a closer and stronger intimacy.

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2. It Does Not Stain.

With this lube, your underwear, bed sheets and other clothing material are safe from stains. Even your suit… just joking.

3. It Is Water Based Lubricant.

Most doctors would always preferred to recommend water based lubricant to their clients because of its easy use. This is NOT ONLY easy to use but has been packed with organic plants extracts solely for your intimacy and pleasure.

4. No Sticky Or Tacky Issue:

Some lubes have been tagged with Tacky , sticky or goo-ey. With Astroglide Natural, it is all-smooth all the way. Unlike other lubes, It doesn’t get sticky or tacky after a while. No goo-ey or oily feeling during use. So natural.

5. Odorless.

This is NOT like those lube that only the smell or odor can put you off before you have sex. You can use it and your partner will not know ONLY if you tell your spouse.
These are not all this lube is all about. Perhaps, you are wondering what this Astroglide Natural Personal Lubricant could be? Search no more as we will both go through a thorough review of what and what this Astroglide Natural Personal Lubricant is all about. First, permit me to say this. If you are looking for a trusted brand of lube that works and also natural, then this is the best lube for two of you. Your ‘vajay’ would love it because it takes the whole show to the next level.

Definitely get her loving every glide, move and pound you make…

Introducing the Astroglide Natural Personal Lubricant Review

According to the advert of this product on Astroglide Official Website, it says,

“For those who like to go au-natural, our natural formula is not made with glycerin, parabens, fragrances, flavors or hormones.”

This is one of the best water based lubricant that works in a natural form with its naturally derived formula. Unlike other lubes that contains methylparaben, glycerin, other parabens, scents, fragrances, flavors and hormones, THIS IS TOTALLY SAFE and good to use if you are having problems with sensitive skin. If you have any issue with the Original Version of Astroglide, then you can easily switch over to this Astroglide Natural Personal Lubricant.

Unlike other popular brands that make use of alcohol in their ingredient or glycerin, Astroglide natural is naturally derived from herbs or plants that you know or have an idea about. It includes plants extracts from mother nature such as the popular Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Pectin – from fruit.

With its beautiful designed container, you can only be attracted to give this wonderful product a trial. And I know that a trial will get you convinced about its effectiveness.

  • But I Have A Sensitive Skin…?

If you have a sensitive skin, Never Worry. This will not get you irritated like other lubes you might have used in the past. Because it is the best among the best natural personal lubes.

  • Does Astroglide Natural Liquid Works For Vagina Dryness?

Yes, friend. It works just the way you think of it. I’m not trying to hype you… I am only telling you the fact. Women that have used it have a positive story to tell about this wonderful and unique lube. As we all know that a woman who have vaginal dryness will find sex very painful and hurting. That’s why I recommend to you this Astroglide Natural that mimics the Natural Vagina Lube.This very product will soothe you and get you hydrate in a very convenient manner. In other words, you can easily kiss ‘Vaginal Dryness’ Goodbye and have a nice time during sex.

In some cases such as little or no natural vaginal lube, you can easily use Astroglide Natural prior to the time you gonna have sex. It will get you ever ready like AK-47 gun. It doesn’t stains lingerie or underwear. Moreover, it is pretty close to the naturally produced vagina lube that comes from vagina. To treat Vaginal Dryness, increase the water you take, do kegel exercise and use Astroglide All Natural Personal Lubricant & Moisturizer.

FAQs About This Astroglide Natural Liquid Personal Lube

  • Is It Water Based Or Silicone Based?

Friend, it is a water-based lubricant that delivers. No other lube does it better.

  • Is It Really Safe For Intimacy Use?

You don’t need to worry about that. It is totally safe for sexual uses. Be it – in the kitchen, or in the bedroom or on the sofa… just anywhere you feel like banging, just grab Astroglide Natural and let your spouse feel alive once again.

  • Is It Compatible With Condoms?

Yes, it is really compatible with your favorite condom(s) if you are using one. You can use the Natural Rubber Latex and Polyisoprene Condoms, it is totally safe on them. Moreover, when you apply few drops on the inner and outer part of your condom, it will get you banging at climax. Doubt it? Then, TRY IT.

  • What are the Body-Safe Ingredients Used During Its Production?

Organic Ingredients that are all considered to be body-safe includes

  1. Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice,
  2. Purified Water,
  3. Xylitol (Extracted From Plant),
  4. Potassium Ascorbyl Tocopheryl Phosphate (Vitamins C & E),
  5. Pectin, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract,
  6. Hydoxyethylcellulose, and
  7.  Phenoxyethanol.

(There is tendency that you see this mistake made on Amazon. No Methylparaben or other paraben Used During Its Manufacturing Process. That is just a typo-error on its ingredient list posted on Amazon.)

Unlike other kinds and types of lubes that contains Alcohol, Parabens and Glycerin, this is the all-natural formula that you can trust if you need a stuff made from Mother Nature. This Astroglide Natural Personal Lube is made NEVER to cause a hint of burning sensation or irritation.

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  • What About The Side Effects Of Astroglide Natural?

Well, we all have different bodies. Just as some bodies are more sensitive than the other, some bodies are just tolerant of most stuff. It is made from organic stuffs. There is very low possibility of any side effect. Because I am not there with you. I can’t guarantee but only say this Astroglide Natural is worth trying and worth every penny. I know a trial will surely convince you.

  • How Would I Feel If I Use This Astroglide Natural?

Since it is naturally derived, what do you expect? It is one of the most-smooth and soft water based lubricant that WOWs your moments with your spouse. It is a whisper-light water based lubricant. Having NO hormones, NO petroleum agents present. No gritty feelings, No Rough or Harsh feeling. It leaves No Sticky Residue.

  • Does Astroglide Natural Last Longer As Advertised?

Yes, It Last Longer. You can’t compare its consistency with any other. Far better than Saliva Or Water Or Olive Oil or Lotion Or Vaseline. It is so unique on its own. Lasting for longer is one of the benefits you can get from this product that blends natural plants extracts JUST for your pleasure in the room. Just for your maximum satisfaction.


This lube is extremely slippery. Don’t spill on the floor or where someone could walk on. Better, clean spill immediately.

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  • How Do I Use Astroglide Natural Lube?

Not so special about the direction of this lube, friend. Open the seal (for first time use). Then the flip-cover. Now, apply to the area of your body that you want it to lubricate. You use as much as you want but because of how “ultra slippery” this Astroglide Natural lube is, I would advise you to use few drops of it. Spread it over your intimate part and be ready to ‘fire’.

Cleaning up when you are through with the job is just a breeze. Because it is water based, you can use just warm water and soap, and you are as clean as before. Water only can also be use in the absence of soap.

  • Can I Use It With My Silicone-Made Sex Toys?

Yes, you can use it with any type of sex-toy you have. You can also use it with your glass-made sex-toys if you have one. Even if it is a silicone-made sex toy, it is good to use with. Be it – Vibrators or anal plugs or masturbator or metallic sex toys, this lube won’t degenerate your toys in any way. Your sex-toys are safe and good to go… ONLY WITH Astroglide Natural.

This is one of the reasons why some manufacturers of sex toys of high Quality ship sachets of Astroglide along with your package when you buy from them.

  • What else can I get from this Astroglide Natural Liquid Lubricant?

What Else? Experience the top-most lubricating effect and intense love in the room using a uniquely blend of natural plant extracts.

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