Best Anal Sex-Wet Uranus

November 5, 2015
anal-sexI love anal sex and was always on the hunt for the best anal sex. I remember when i first met Jake, he was shy, timid and tried so hard to portray himself as a straight man… but i knew the moment he opened his mouth he was not straight, actually farthest from. It took me four months and probably over three hundred drinks for him to open up to me about his sexuality, he was bi… Or so he thought any ways. He finally invited me over to his house for a sleep over, I knew what was about to happen, I was going to flip this guy’s life right upside down, along with him. I had been literally dreaming about this day. I bought the Wet Uranus Lube specifically for this night, a buddy of mine said Wet Uranus was the best lube for anal sex he had ever used. I had it in my back pocket ready to go first sight or feeling of a stiffy. After an intense make out session he reached down my briefs with spit dripping down his hands and started giving me an awkward hand job, it was clear he had no idea what he was doing all I could think about was having intense anal sex. I laid him on his stomach and gently glided my rock hard cock down his back, pulling down his jeans with one hand. I  rubbed the Wet Uranus lube all over my hands, starting with one finger trying to ease him into his first time, then two, three.. finally I could tell by his hands clenching the pillow, moaning loud like we were making a porno, he was ready for his first anal sex. He was so tight my head was barely getting in, Wet Uranus Lube saved my dick’s life, and Jakes tight ass. Honestly I recommend it for any first timers or anyone who loves water based lubricants. The feeling of my dick sliding into his tight ass like butter was probably the best anal sex I had ever had. Thanks Wet Uranus.
Wet Uranus is sure to please. Jake, Jamie, Sally, Tina. No matter the sex Wet Uranus will make your anal sex unforgettable.
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