What Does Anal Sex Feel Like? Pleasure Or Pain

January 18, 2015

what does anal sex feel like?

What Does Anal Sex Feel Like

Woman: Honey, let’s try butt sex…

Many people are wondering and trying to find answers to bugging questions like “what does anal sex feel like?” Well, if you are a first timer trying to know what it is like, it is no big deal. There is no two ways about it. If you get it done rightly, you will both enjoy it.

Secondly, It is either your woman likes it or not after then. So simple. Some women would want to but is it safe? Some will need to be talk to about anal sex (educating and convincing). While others will never do it because they see anal sex adventure as a no-go-area.

Anal sex, as we all know is the insertion of the penis into anus for sexual pleasure. Some people said anal sex is the gay stuff or the lesbians stuff (use of dildo). These days, anal sex is growing in popularity and a lot of people are trying it out.

Another thing is this. Anal sex is more of being naughty. According to askmen.com,

Almost every woman harbors a fantasy of being a “naughty girl.”

The above statement is true. Most women have that in-built naughty nature because they are emotional beings.

What Does Anal Sex Feel Like? Author’ s Experience

Not bad. Anal sex is an intense kind of sex. It is different from the normal regular sex. In the sense that, the vagina is capable of expanding in order to accommodate the penis. Vagina has the ability of stretching during the delivery of babies.

In the case of anus, it is not so. If your condom is not good, the condom can tear. The anus is not stretching. Though it has a lot of nerve endings like the vagina, but it cannot expand very fast like the vagina. The anus and rectum are not made to receive anything into them – just expel shit from the body.

Unlike regular sex that a man can just bang a woman like a jackrabbit, in anal sex. If it is first timer, the woman is strongly advised to be in control of the speed, rhythm and depth of the penis. Reason is because some men would just want it fast and high. It is tighter and intense!

Anal sex is not like that! Not all women are able to let their mates’ penises in their anus. So, it is advisable that you and your spouse should have talk about anal sex before venturing into it. You guys have to agree on it first. Be open-minded. This cannot be over-emphasis.

Seeing porn stars doing it makes it looks so easy. Behind the camera, they have done their ‘home-works’ properly. Once they are in-front of camera, they do a perfect job. So, Read On about what does anal sex feel like, Friend.

Anal sex has its own foreplay. Most importantly, Preparation and [easyazon_link asin=”B0018OH6IG” new_window=”default” nofollow=”default” localization=”default” popups=”default”]Best Anal Lube. These two are what they use most.

Preparation is more of being relax especially the woman.  Having the best lube for anal sex also count. The duos above are really needed to have a pleasure-filled and enjoyed anal sex outing. I have written a very easy-to-understand publication on “HOW TO PREPARE FOR ANAL SEX“.

Do Women Like Anal Sex?

Not all women like something going to their ass. But Once done properly, she will grow fond of it and like anal sex. I have seen a lot of people talking about how their spouse love anal sex overnight.


This link above will take you to the post where you will read the full details on how you prepare for anal sex and things to consider and use before, during and after the action. So, what does anal sex feel like? Super Intense Sensual Experience!!!

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James Jordan - June 26, 2015

I enjoy the GAY SEX and helping people for free! I used to have the anal sex with Brian Gilliam from Blackwood, New Jersey. We did it in the PETSHOP! SCOTT has a big mouth and a huge mole on his back! I am glade I do not have a large mole on my back! HOW GROSS AND UGLY! For best feeling and pleasure, get a silicone lube. It get the whole thing interesting!

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