5 Top Best Flavored Lubes

June 8, 2015
best flavored lubes amazon

With Love, She Licks It. With Passion, She Will Give You Hot blowjob. Only With The Best Flavored Lubes.

Have you thought of making your sexual experience edible and better with nice natural smell and taste? Do you really want to make your sex sucking and licking to be so intense than ever? If YES, then you’re just reading the right piece of information. This is a detailed page that will help you pick the right choice of Best Flavored Lubes. One that would make the whole sexual experience fruity and sweet. I’ve conducted an extensive research on these flavored lubricants just to save you the stress and headache. This is a comprehensive and ultimate guide for you on the best flavored anal lubes that perfectly suits you.

Best Recommended Flavored Lubes

ImageNameBest FlavorWorst FlavorRatings
wet-stuff-strawberry-270gWet Stuff Strawberry LubeStrawberryMelon4.2 out of 5
ID-lubes-multiple-flavoursID-Lube Juicy Fruit Lubricant 55MLBubblegum, Watermelon, Passion, Fruit, Pina Colada, Strawberry/Kiwi, Cherry-3.9 out of 5
genie-lubricant-luscious-lips-100mlGenie Lubricant Luscious Lips 100mlStrawberry-4.4 out of 5
wicked-aqua-flavoured-lubesAstroglide Sensual Strawberry Personal LubricantApple, Pomegranate, VanillaCaramel, Mocha4.6 out of 5

In the past, I have always been thinking that flavored lubricants be it – gel or lube are just bunch of sugar mixs, you know. But now, I’ve discovered that how useful they are in the room. Today, I will be listing the best flavored lubes that work right from when you applied it to the end of your show.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, it is simply safe for internal and external use. You can easily get all these lubes from Amazon and Walmart. But it is better you get one here and GET it shipped to you discreetly. NO Flavored Lubes’ names on Credit Card and Shipping Boxes.  Now, let’s delve into our wacky world of sweet-smelling lubricants.

5 Top Best Flavored Lubes For Sex

  • System Jo Strawberry Kiss Flavored Lubricant, 5.25 ounces Bottle

This is one of the top rated flavored lube that you can ever get. To be precise with the scent, it has a strawberry smell. With this lube, you can get him to suck you as long as you want. This is simply designed to create a strawberry romance atmosphere in your room. It’s just the right lube that hits the right spot. It is NOT too thick and NOT too watery. They really last longer than their normal water based counterparts.

Taste: Syrup (not like a maple but like a medicine)

It is a lube that hits the spot right on time. Once you are through, you can easily wash off the remains if you’ve any left on your intimate part. NO burning or weirdness. No sticky or tacky. It has been reviewed by about 138 customer reviews at the time of publishing this post. It has been rated 4.1 out of 5 stars. This is indeed a product of quality.

Other Flavors : Also Available in 10 varieties. With so many flavors, you’ ve the power to choose your favorite fruit smell.

*Watermelon Flavored Lubricant.
* Sweet Pomegranate Lube.
* Juicy Pineapple- Flavored Lube
* Raspberry Sorbet Flavored Lubricant
* System Jo H2O Chocolate Flavored Lubricant
* PEACHY LIPS Water Based Lubricant – Peach
* VANILLA CREAM Flavored Lubricant
* GREEN APPLE Flavored Lube
* Raspberry Sorbet- Flavored Lubricant.
* LEMON SPLASH Water Based Lubricant

Best yet!

Flavor Name: StrawberrySize 
We purchased this in the never ending search for a good lubricant. This is nice and slippery and does not dry out.

– By butterflyblu

  • Astroglide Personal Lubricant, Sensual Strawberry

This lube comes from the stables of Biofilm Incorporated located in Vista California. When it comes to quality sexual lubes, you can also counts on Astroglide. The original version of this lube was initially created by Daniel Wray. He formulated it when he was working at the Edwards Air Force Base far back in 1977. As time goes on, the company rolled out the latest version of their Astroglide brand called Astroglide Personal Lubricant, Sensual Strawberry.

This flavored lube is a whisper-light lubrication that you can apply and you won’t get feeling of something bothering you. It has a sweet-smelling and attractive flavor of fresh strawberries. It is also a water based lubricant that has NO petroleum agent in it. Unlike other water based lubes, it is a pH balance formulation that is hormone free.

It doesn’t leave sticky residue. NO staining of cloth or lingerie. You can use your latex condom with it as it is friendly with other condoms such as Polyurethane and Polyisoprene. It is solely created for a longer and moisturizing sexual experience.

You don’t develop any rough feeling when you use this Astroglide Personal Lubricant, Sensual Strawberry. It keeps you gliding in and scooping out like never before! It has the highest level of slipperiness and can last you for longer.

“Tales From the Lube Side”
Verified Purchaser of Astroglide Strawberry Flavored lubricant.

This lube is so slippery that it sent my wine glass shooting out of my hand, and then crashing into pieces against the headboard. “Oh my god” was heard twice that night!

– By Matt Bridgefordon.

It has been rated 4.4 out of 5 stars with about 45 customer reviews as of writing. Friend, you are permitted not to buy any other lube but Astroglide. You know sex is sweet and a dab from Astroglide Strawberry Flavored lubricant can her to her highest romantic wonderland with Strawberry flavor all around her. This lube is a MUST if you must make your next sex encounter sweeter than before.




  • Sasmar Tube Personal Lubricant, Strawberry, 1.7 Fluid Ounce

I was able to come in contact with Sasmar products when a couple that are trying to conceive (TTC) approached me for help. Sasmar company has been producing outstanding lubes that help couples and lovers alike. But this time, they are out with something different. Here is the Sasmar Tube Personal Lubricant, Strawberry. It is manufactured WITHOUT a drop of sugar or oil. It has NO added Fragrance or Paraben that could lead to skin irritation.

The only tasty smell you will perceive when you apply Sasmar Tube Flavored Personal Lubricant is the delicious Fresh Strawberries. It is made to work in harmony with the natural body fluids and at same time, add a sweet romantic strawberry flavor to your sexual activities.


All of the Sasmar Personal Lubricants are fantastic. Strawberry happens to be one of my personal favorites. It has a subtle flavor that is not sickeningly sweet. Sandra helps bring fun back into your bedroom !!!!


You can also use it for vaginal dryness. It is just silky smooth that you won’t feel anything much down there. It is water based formula.

With this lube, you can’t go wrong. It will help reduce friction and get pleasure on you and your partner. It is friendly with latex condoms. It is actually produced in France and has been cleared by FDA. Not only in United States you will find this lube, but in other 60 countries all other the world. Now, you see that this lubricant is a world recognized brand. Get your now and take your sexual life to the next level.




  • Wet Intimacy Gel, Kiwi Strawberry, 3.6 Ounce

Where should I start? I dunno’. You see, when you are looking for the best among the rest that taste and smell fruity with no sour aftertaste, then you are talking about Wet Flavored Lubes. Just as its name sounds, it get every part you apply it wet.

This is one of the pleasure enhancing flavored lube that is produced by Wet Company. Trusted name in Wet Silicone and Water Based Lubes. This is the newly improved formula with NO Glycerin or Paraben in it. It is a water based lubricant that last longer than other water based lube you have ever know. It is also sugar-free. It has no color.

It Doesn’t stain. It is so safe on cloth even if it comes in contact with your sheets and cloth by accident. All these flavored lube are purely based on water with NO health risk. Which makes it safe if consume or swallowed.

One more thing, Wet company has improved on the ingredients list of their flavored lubes. That’s a BIG plus for the company and their range of products. Remember, their slogan, “The Wetter, The Better”. But I think I have another befitting one. “The Sweeter, The Better”.

This Wet Intimacy Gel, Kiwi Strawberry is Doctor Recommended and has no bitter aftertaste. It is more or less like candy when you get some out of its bottle. And works perfectly when you wants to explore down there with the mouth.

Smells great, taste great

Smells great, taste great, makes his ejaculation taste like candy. It’s amazing. Love love love love love it. My absolute favorite.

– Posted On Apirl 2015 by Celia.


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  • Doc Johnson Goodhead, Variety Pack of 5 Flavors, 1-ounce Bottles in 5-count Package

Many of us know about Doc Johnson range of products. They have been around for sometime now. The company have been making giant strides. Now, you can easily get their brand of flavored lubricant in 5 good varieties. It is packaged in such a way that you can choose any of the flavors for any night. With Mint, Passion Fruit, Cherry, and Our favorite, Strawberry, you don’t have to use just one flavor for months. Just try to spice things up! And you will be amazed with the way your sexual life will sky-rocket.

These lubes are flavored for maximum pleasure and enjoyment. It numbs the mouth a little but her senses comes alive. This is a lube that makes blowjob so easy for your partner. Once you get this, try the Doc Johnson Goodhead, Strawberry.. You can hardly know if you have just finished having a lollipop. It is so pleasant. The mint is not much of my type. It is not as strong as a toothpaste but close.

The cherry is not what I really wanted too. It just like a cough syrup. This has been the taste of most Cherry Flavored lubes generally. The Cinnamon is more of the Mint version but not Mint. It can be compared to the taste of cinnamon chewing gum. Hope you get it?

In general, the lubes are well-prepared and designed for lubricating effect. It never turns sticky or gummy. Lest I forget, the Passion fruit taste like the regular bubble gum. This will make any woman never to gag when doing blowjobs. The not-overpowering smell is enough to make your woman want to suck your brain out through your penis. I recommend this Doc Johnson Goodhead, Variety Pack of 5 Flavors, 1-ounce Bottles in 5-count Package..


Icing on your Cake
Works good, but doesn’t want in her Hoo Ha. She sucked on it a long time and didn’t gag but a couple of times. Read more…
–  J. Hendrix Put This Review on Amazon On April, 2015.




One more that are worth mentioning is…

  •  ID Juicy Lube, Bubblegum Blast, 3.5 oz Pump

When you feel like adding more juice to your like, grab ID Juicy lube and see. This ID Juicy Lube comes in a package containing five different flavors such as Banana, Tangerine, Wild Cherry, Strawberry and Watermelon.  All said well. Note that I have tried a lot of lubes.

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