3 Dangers Of Using Vaseline As Lube With Condom

February 13, 2015

Using vaseline as lube with condomTy using Vaseline as lube with condom? Or just Vaseline with your spouse for love-making and you are giving it a second thought? Perhaps you have been searching online to see if Vaseline can be used for vaginal sex or anal sex without any consequences or health-risk? Then, here is the perfect article you need to read before you end your search journey.

Some might have advised you to take a handful of it and use.You might have come across some other people’s comments on forums and other social media platforms telling you to stay away totally from it. Vaseline that has been around for years now. And it is NOT as dangerous or harmful as some people has painted it to be.

What Is Vaseline?

According to Wikipedia,

It all started at the Pennsylvania Oil field. A man named Robert Chesebrough in 1859 (I wasn’t on earth by then) discovered petroleum jelly. He saw other oil workers using it for their burns and small injuries. He then took some quantity and research more on it. After he confirmed its how the jelly helps in healing process, he went ahead and got his U.S. patent for the petroleum jelly and branded it as ‘Vaseline’ .

In 1987, his company was purchased by Multinational Anglo-Dutch company known as UNILEVER.

To cut the long story short, Vaseline or petroleum jelly is gotten from crude oil. Just as your gas, your petrol or gasoline, your diesel are all gotten from crude oil. It is a very useful cream that helps protect the skin from dryness – dry skin.

According to Vaseline U.S. Official website, Vaseline has been tripled-purified to guarantee you an 100% pure petroleum jelly. It is a jelly recognized by the National Ezcema Association here in the U.S.

The Reaction That Occurs Between Vaseline And Condoms.

There is one source I can point to concerning what actually happened. When you apply Vaseline or other kinds of oil based lubes on your condom, you will see the difference. If you conduct an experiment by yourself, you might not get instant result within 10 minutes. When you use Baby Oil with Normal latex condoms, visible blisters appears within 5 minutes onward. And sex can last an average of 3 minutes.
According to Walnet.org, it says,

… As little as sixty seconds’ exposure of commercial latex condoms to mineral oil, a common component of hand lotions and other lubricants used during sexual intercourse, caused approximately 90% decreases in the strength of the condoms, as measured by their burst volumes in the standard ISO (International Standards Organization) Air Burst Test. Burst pressured were also reduced, although less dramatically. Lubricants such as Vaseline Intensive Care and Johnson’s Baby Oil, each containing baby oil, also affected condom integrity.

But note that not all condoms are latex, there are others but they react differently to oil based lube in time and integrity.

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How Does It Feel Using Vaseline DURING Sex (In Action)?

When making love either vagina sex or anal sex, there is high possibility that you will not enjoy it. Why? Because, it is much like when your intimate parts are trying to glue or stick to each other. In other words, it is too sticky and clumpy. This mistake someone made and said he will never again use Vaseline for his sex outings. Too greasy…

Another turn off when you used Vaseline is that you are likely not to feel your man much. Sex is meant to create pleasure and good-feelings. But when Vaseline has taken off most of the pleasure and good-feelings, you are left with nothing. Just work. You will only be doing the work but little or no pleasure.

How Do I Feel After I Have Used Vaseline (After Sex)?

Clean-up is messy and hard be it vagina sex or anal sex. Later on, you will get feelings such as itchy or grossy or greasy. This occurs maybe few hours later. Your crotch can even be sweaty because of the thickness of the Vaseline.

It is hard to wash away after the your are through. Why? Because it is so thick and sticky. It doesn’t get off the skin or vagina easily once it is applied.

3 Dangers Of Using Vaseline as lube with condom – HealthWise

As a woman, you stand this…

  • It contributes or aggravate the rate of yeast growth at the vagina because some of the Vaseline or baby oil have been trapped inside you.
  • Once the condom breaks or tears, there is room for STDs to be transmitted.
  • Do you know that due to Vaseline hard to clean from the orifice? And the excessive force and pressure can cause more trouble for your intimate parts. Now you know.

Why You Should NOT Use Vaseline as lube for Guys

Afterall, I am a guy. Is it safe? No, you are also at risk. Your penis is not meant to be rubbed with mineral oil. It is well-developed and sensitive to substances that are not good for it. Moreover, Vaseline will get your ‘AK-47‘ itchy and sweaty later on.

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How To Use A Condom And Lube Properly For Longer Satisfaction and Protection

Instead of Using Vaseline or Baby Oil or Canola oil or other oil based lubes, it is safe and better to get a lube like water based lubes such as Astroglide. Or get a silicone based lubricant such as PJUR personal lubricant. For as cheap as $9.00 depending on the sizes and variety.

You can know more about the Do’s And Don’ts of Condom from TheNakedTruth Web Page. No fluffs… Just stuffs!

Don’t Use Vaseline For Oral Sex because it is not meant for internal use.

Don’t Use Vaseline For Vaginal Sex because it make breaks condoms. And increase your risk of getting STDs.

Don’t Use Vaseline For Anal Sex because it make harmful bacteria grows.

No matter how broke or cash stranded you might be, it is better safe than sorry. Though vaseline is cheap. But there are some good personal lubricants that are same in price. Instead, buy a good lube and get more out of your sex-life.

Not infections and treatments afterwards. You will be glad you did. Wishing You A Cool Sensual Sex Tonight!!!

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