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Get the one of best lubes to get pregnant and Celebrate In 9 Months Time…

Do you need the best lubes to get pregnant? Or maybe, you have trying to get pregnant and you want to know if there is any best lube to use to get pregnant? Then, you are at the right place at the right time. You even reading the right piece of information that will really help you to get to your goal (pregnancy) faster than ever!

These days, Couples trying to conceive (ttc) are always faced with a lot of challenges. Everyday, they wonder and ponder about their goal of pregnancy and how to achieve. As we all know that there are some factors that could be hindrance to it. Such factors includes the fertility of both of you, his sperm quality and quantity as a man. Your egg or ovum quality as a woman. The organs of reproduction check, and so on. Tests and examinations are conducted to get things right. Prescription of drugs and so on. So, you need to make sure that all conditions (such as Menstrual cycle) and requirements (such as the ripe time to sex, medications) are set for the pregnancy to be actualized.

I won’t want to take much of your time or add to your days of endless searching for the Best Lubes To Get Pregnant. Just come along with me as you go through out world of best personal lubricants that works for you. These lubes are trusted and recommended by Gynecologists, Doctors and people with testimonies.

One thing before we go. One is that I can’t PROMISE you anything like getting pregnant immediately. But one thing for sure is that what I will be recommending will help you increase your chances of getting pregnancy. It could be in a short while or in the future.

Secondly, there are some personal lubricants that hinders or reduces sperms.

According to Joanna Ellington, Ph.D., Reproductive Physiologist at Storknet.com, it  was revealed that

“Lubricants have osmolality levels 3-10 times that of semen that causes irreversible damage to sperm motility at contact.”

Though, they are made NOT as spermicide but they hinders these millions of tiny swimmers from getting to the egg. Such lubes includes the Astroglide Lube, Replens, Femglide, KY Jelly and so on. So, you are advised to use one of the lubricants that are recommended below. The one she recommended in the article as one of the best lubes to get pregnant is Pre-Seed Personal Lubricant. It is also  one of our best lubes to get pregnant here too.

So, that’s clear. Let’s go to today’s topic that is about the 3 Top Rated and Best Lubes To Get Pregnant.

3 Top Rated And Best Lubes To Get Pregnant

  • Pre-Seed Personal Lubricant

This is one of the best sellers and also top recommended personal lubricants that most doctors do recommend to their clients. It is made by a Sperm Physiologist. Pre-Seed lube works by supplementing the naturally produced body fluid to get you moisturized as a Lady. In other words, it works as a vaginal moisturizer. It also helps to reduce friction to the barest minimum and transit it to pleasure. It also get you that needed comfort you need when you are making love with him. You don’t have to be in pains because of Vagina Dryness. Even in your TTC stage and you are experiencing dryness, please get Pre-Seed Lube and apply. Did you know that it has been rated as the Best Seller at the Vaginal moisturizers Zone of Amazon? This shows you that you can be sure of getting a lube that works! It is packed with 9 disposable Applicators. This Pre-Seed Personal Lubricant was able to make it into out top 3 rated and Best Lube To Get Pregnant based on many reasons.

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Why You Should Get Pre-Seed Best lubes To get Pregnant Now…

  • Sperm Friendly:

It is not every lube that you see that is sperm-friendly. There are some lubricants online and offline that hinders the mobility of these tiny swimmers once they are deposited. They even get to reduce the population of the sperms. But Pre-seed lube is totally Sperm Friendly. Instead of killing or hinder them, it helps them get to their destination – the egg safely. It is when fertilization (sperm reaches and fuse with the egg) occurs that pregnancy will be seen.

  • Vaginal Moisturizer:

Just as I have said earlier, this lube acts as a vaginal moisturizer when you use it. Many women folks don’t like to talk about Vaginal dryness because it is embarrassing. Once you start to use this one of the best lubes to get pregnant, you will begin to see the difference between during your sexual intercourse.

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  • Water Based:

Most of the time, you will have seen it on our blog that we recommend Silicone based lubricants for anal sex. But you when it comes to the best lube to get pregnant, water based formulas are highly recommended. And they are specific water based formulas. Why? Because, the ingredients used in these water based lubes are blended not to do any harm to his sperms. Cleaning up once you are through with your lovemaking is just a breeze.

  • Latex And Polyurethane Condoms Friendly:

Though, you don’t use condoms when you are trying to get pregnant. But this lube is able to do well with condoms. It is a standard or measure for best lubes to get pregnant.

  • No Odor Or Bad Smell:

If you want to know how this pre-seed lube smells, then know that it has NO scent or odor.

  • Quality Meets Quantity:

This lube can be use for 12 – 13 times depending on how much you use it. Most people don’t use up to the recommended amount whereby it last longer and increases chances.

There you go. You might see two versions of this Pre-Seed Lube on Amazon. Don’t worry. It is just a change in packaging NOT IN CONTENT. You can be assured that the same Quality Content in the OLD pack is what you will get from the Revised Version. This lube has about 412 customers’ reviews on Amazon. It has been rated 4.4 out of 5 stars. So, What is keeping you awaits?

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  • Sasmar Conceive Plus Personal Lubricant

Just as I have said earlier that there are some factors that needed to be treated or taken care of when you are trying to get pregnant. One strong factor to consider is the Sperms Motility(movement). Are his Sperms able to reach the egg? Are there enough nutrients for the whole process of fertilization to happen? That’s where Sasmar Conceive Plus comes in. This particular lube is also known as a Fertility Lubricant. It has been recommended by Gynecologists and Doctors around the globe. Over 60 countries have been love it. And have been using it as one of their best lubes to get pregnant. Its positive effects especially those trying to conceive. So, my dear, Don’t be left out!

This Sasmar Conceive Plus Multi-Use Fertility-Friendly Personal Lubricant for TTC Couplesmade it into our Top list for Best Lubes To Get Pregnant because it is made to mimic the natural fertile fluids that the body of a woman produces during her fertile period. This fluid is pH balanced and isotonic. This Sasmar Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant is clinically tested and trusted to do your sperms NO HARM.

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It has been fortified with enough calcium and magnesium ions that will help you to increase the chance of you getting pregnant. So, your chances of getting pregnant will be very high. Even when you use it during pregnancy, you can be rest assured that this lubricant will be safe on your unborn child. It is approved by FDA as the ONLY product cleared and compatible with gametes, fertilization and development of embryo.

It is safe for both of you. It can also be use on daily basis.

How To Use Sasmar Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant?

Using this one of the best lubes to get pregnant is as easy as 1, 2, 3. This must be done 15 minutes before you have sex with your spouse.

  1. Order for Sasmar Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant now
  2. Take one of the pre-filled applicators or some of the content from the tube.
  3. Insert the pre-filled applicator into your vagina.
  4. Use your finger to apply some in and around your vagina. It will help you acts as a lubricant and also as a fertile fluid for the sperms.
  5. Repeat the process whenever you want to make love with your mate.
  6. Start counting days… Your Good News is Around The Corner.
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  • YES Baby! Organic Fertility Lubricant

Yes Baby! Organic Fertility Lubricant is manufactured in the United Kingdom (U.K). Made to help you get pregnant. It is a dual-pack fertility lubricant – One for Him and the other for Her. The one for Him is meant to be used on his member. The One for Her is meant to be used by inserting the content of the lube into your vagina. This one of the best lubes to get pregnant will help you by

  1. Helping to create a fertile ground for sperms to swim towards and locate the egg.
  2. Making your lovemaking full of pleasure and comforting.
  3. Taking most of the friction and possible pains away during love-making.
  4. Acts as a good lube for Vaginal Dryness.
  5. Helping you prolong the lives of his sperms in you.
  6. Taking good care of your vagina for day-to-day banging and pounding.
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What are you still waiting for? All these best lubes to get pregnant around $20 to $30 are worth purchasing. They are just there to help you get your baby as soon as possible. Give it a try!


One More Thing… Not one of the best lubes to get pregnant but a Useful Book.

PLEASE get this book along with your order. It will really do you good.

 The book is written by Toni Weschler, MPH. She is a women’s health educator that lives in Seattle, Washington. She is also the author of the popular book – Cycle Savvy. Her book has been rated 4.8 out of 5 stars by Amazon Customers. A lot of women really learnt one or two things from her book. Get one and see how it can help you in your search!


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