11 Reasons Why Astroglide Is The Best Water Based Lube?

September 21, 2014

Do you think Astroglide worth buying? Does It works as it is advertised? Read on and find out.

[easyazon_image align=”left” asin=”B000052XIE” height=”140″ localization=”default” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41beqmPE28L._SL160_.jpg” width=”160″]Astroglide Is The Best Water Based Lube[/easyazon_image]Pain and discomfort are the most common complains that women complain about when it comes to sex especially anal sex. Pain is a way that the body tell us that where is something wrong somewhere and you have to do something urgently about it. While discomfort is the aftermath of what pain has caused. Discomfort happens mostly after the hard banging. All kind of sex are meant to have pleasure and enjoyment. But why would one party enjoy it and the other suffer? Why will the man get it all and his partner is left to go through the pain and discomfort? A woman can experience both pain and discomfort at the same time. But there is something that can ease the pain and take the discomfort away. That is where Astroglide Personal Lubricant comes in. And today, we will be focus on why Astroglide is the best water based lubricant for all your sexual battles (in bed).
Have you ever wonder why men love using Astroglide water based lubricant? The truth is simple. It works! This water based lubricanAstroglide Is The Best Water Based Lubet is a water soluble substance that helps you provide the soothing comfort for penetration. It also helps to make the art of penetration from angle so easy. A lube that was discovered by Dan Wray when he was working at Space Shuttle station. Now, it is a lube used right in the bedroom. Since it came to the market in 1991, it has been a big hit.

This Astroglide lube has been loved by men around the States because it is a long lasting lubricant that is so slick. It is not too thick like grease. And It does not run off like water. One of the most exciting and unique feature of this lubricant is that it has no petroleum agent in it. Unlike Vaseline, it does not destroys your condoms.

When you press out this liquid lubricant, it is similar to the natural fluid that comes out from the vagina of a woman. The natural fluid commonly comes out when a woman is aroused. So, if you need a water based lubricant that can acts like the wetness of a woman, then Astroglide is the good lube for you.

It also helps to overcome the issue of vagina dryness in women that are in their menopausal stage or just delivered baby or women under medications.

It does not get sticky or rough feeling. It is so smooth that it helps to heighten the pleasure in your sexual activities.

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10 Solid Reasons Why You should get Astroglide Right Away?

  • Best Water Based Lube

Doctors mostly recommend water based lubricant because of their effectiveness and safety. It has been noted to be one of the best water based lube for anal sex and vaginal sex. So, getting Astroglide is the best deal you can ever get.

  • Vagina Moisturizer

Just as I said earlier, it is very good for women that are experiencing vaginal dryness due to one reason or the other. It helps to moisturizes the vagina and anal for pleasure and comfort. No other water based lubricant provides such level of comfort as Astroglide does.

  • Clear And Odorless

Astroglide is a clear and odorless liquid. It has no scent too. But if you think of know how it taste, it is neither sweet nor bitter. It is just in the middle of these two taste.

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  • Long-Lasting Formula

Due to its high slippery property, it lasts long during pounding and banging. It can retain it slipperiness for long time.

  • No Residue

Unlike other water based lubricants, this lubricant does not leave residue behind.

  • Contains No Petroleum Agent

I have also mentioned this point before. Astroglide does not has any petroleum agent like Vaseline, Body lotion, Baby Oil, Mineral oil). The aforementioned petroleum products are commonly used as popular lubricants in bed but little do you know that they are doing more harm than good?
These petroleum lubes can destroy latex condoms no matter how strong they might be. They can increase the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. While Astrogllide does not.

Did you know that Petroleum agents and product can interrupt the vaginal pH levels? Yes, they do. They also habor bacteria and they are not easily washed off. But when it comes to Astroglide, you have nothing to worry about. Olive oil is not exempted. It has some cons that will make you leave it if you have been using it.

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  • So Easy To Clean Up

Unlike other water based lubes and petroleum agents, Astroglide is water based and water soluble. Once you are through, you only need soap and warm water. That is all you need and you are as clean and new as before.

  • Reduces Friction

When friction occurs, it lead to wear and tear. When there is friction between flesh, there will be pain. So, the application of Astroglide personal lubricant when you are pounding soft and banging hard will help to reduce the friction that occurs quickly. No more pain in the ass! Lol.

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  • Condom-Friendly

This lubricant can be apply on latex condoms. How? Just apply small amount of Astroglide to the inside and outer surfaces. It will not interrupt with your pleasure at all. It is safe with any kind of condoms – be it latex or non-latex condoms. Instead, it will help create a greater sensation of warmth and close body contact.

  • Does Not Stain

I read on an online forum where one was commenting on a lube that stained her sheets. Well, here is the good news. Astroglide does not stain your sheets, underwear and lingerie. Even if some quantity spill on your clothes by mistake, don’t worry. It is super easy to clean with water.

  • Can Be Used With Sex-toys

You can apply varied drops of Astroglide as you want to your sex toys. Unlike silicone based lube, it does not render your silicone-made sex-toys useless. You can use it along with other kind of sex-toys such as ones made from glass.

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Nothing is totally perfect. But I can say it worth every penny spent. Here are the other side of the coin of Astroglide Personal Lubricant.

  • Dry After Sometimes…

This lubricant may get dry after a while. This is common among all water based lubricants produced. However, you can add few drops of water or saliva to re-activate its slippery properties. And Viola! You are back into business. No down time.

Ingredients Of Astroglide Personal Lubricant

High Quality Ingredients used in the making of Astroglide

  • Purified Water,
  • Glycerin,
  • Propylene Glycol,
  • Polyquaternium 15,
  • Methylparaben, and
  • Propylparaben.

Astroglide is a non-toxic liquid. So, ingesting small amounts of Astroglide should not be harmful. If you want a great lubricant that works perfectly in your bedroom or kitchen or on the sofa, come on board. Join the moving train. Just a lube that will better your sexual life, then Astroglide Lube is just the best.

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