World’s Best Silicone Based Anal Lube

Eros-Shine-WINNER-2013-1#1 Super Slyde

We review a lot of lubes here at and have recently elected Superslyde as our home-run favorite in silicone based lubricants.

SuperSlyde is a silicone based lubricant that only requires as little as one drop to completely change your sexual encounters.

Voted #1 in Australia 2013 and it is the #1 Best Selling Lube in Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia.

You can purchase all different sizes of SuperSlyde in our store.

Runner-Up: Pjur Backdoor

See our Pjur Backdoor Review here.

Both of these lubes are currently in stock in our store page.

UPDATED (Aug 31, 2015) : If you are like me that loves to try out and explore new things, You Rock! Having the vagina sex is full of pleasure. But, would you like to taste a new adventure? Or you are thinking of trying something different from the normal route? I mean, Anal Sex? Then, you are at the right place at the right time. Get your stuffs ready. And Do not forget to bring along the best anal lube for anal sex coupled with your patience.


Researches have shown that only a small percentage of women enjoy anal sex. Even first timers stay clear from this sexual act after their first time. Why? To be frank, most women do not enjoy it. Simply because of Pain. Since pain as we all know is the way the body tell us that something is wrong – a natural warning system and you need to fix it.

About 65% of women do not enjoy it because of the pain and discomfort they go through after they have done it.


Why? Because it was done wrongly. Anal sex is not every woman’s choice but most men enjoy this backdoor route simply because of the tightness of the anus. The anal sphincter is very tight compare to the vagina. So, your penis can be squeezed into it and you will derive more intense pleasure. Should it be that just one person gets all the sexual excitement of it while the other suffers? No! You two are meant to enjoy it to the fullest.


But wait… Do not go yet! Did you know that the Anus is one of the most sensitive areas in women? Yes, it is. It does not lubricate itself naturally as the vagina does. Best and wise thing to do – Use the best anal lube for anal sex. Because when you use the best lube for anal, you and your partner can ease away the pains and discomfort. Even beg you for more.


You and your partner can both enjoy it and reach a higher level of sexual satisfaction. However, finding the best lube for anal sex
can be quite challenging. So, we have done thorough research on personal lubricants and gone through a lot of other people’s reviews.



With this buying guide, we provide you all the information that you need to make a good decision and have the best lube for anal sex. Information such as

  • Best Lube For Anal Pictures
  • Best Lube For Anal Names/Brand
  • Kind/Base Of The Best Lube For Anal
  • Pricing
  • Consumers’ Rating Of The Anal Lubricants.

The Pricing has been setup for easy understanding: Less Than $10 = $; between $10 to $20 = $$; between $20 to $30 = $$$

The Ratings are calculated based on our thorough review, customers’ reviews and the price. So, do not worry, you are getting the TRUSTED and best lube for anal sex. Sure, friend!

What’s The Best Anal Sex Lube? Here Are Top 6 Best Lube For Anal Sex

Astroglide Personal Lubricant

Looking for a product that can mimics the natural vaginal lubricant? Astroglide to the rescue! This is the sure product for the real job. Made from totally safe ingredients. It enhances the penetration of the penis or sex toys and ease of intimate activity. It has a higher level of slipperiness which lasts for longer time. It is our first choice among other product.


Unlike petroleum-based products (Vaseline cream, mineral oil, baby oil) that create holes and disintegrate Condoms, it rather help to provides the soothing and moisturizing effect just like the natural vagina lubricant.

Little wonder, it is one of the most talked and recommended anal lubricants you can ever find on the market.

We can go on and on talking more about this lube because it does what is it made for. This has also been people’s favorite when it come to anal sexual intercourse. It is made from body-safe ingredients that would not cause any irritation. We know from research that a good lubricant must be able to reduce the friction between the penis and the anus down to a minimum. So, your partner has nothing to worry about. The fear of pain or tear or discomfort is gone!

Click Here To Read What People Are Saying About Astroglide Personal Lubricant, 5-Ounce Bottle At Amazon Now These Days

Doctors Recommend It. Most boards and forum agree. We personally think it’s the best.

Though, this lube may dry up after a while. However, a few drops of water or saliva can re-activate the slippery properties in it. If you ask us to tell you another name that can be given to this lube, then we can call it “best lube for anal”. Why? Because it is what is it. Simple!

“I like the consistency of this product and it really doesn’t make much of a mess. Makes my girlfriend’s job a lot easier too!”

– Review From Amazon Customer Named Jeff A.



  • Pjur Backdoor Glide Personal Lubricant – A Premium Silicone Based Lubricant that makes anal sex so pleasurable. It is so Super Slick and Slippery which reduces the friction between the penis/sextoy and the anus to minimum. With Pjur BackDoor as the best lube for anal, You can go on and on riding endlessly like forever. This particular lube ought to have grabbed the 1ST Place but it has 2 minor reasons why it couldn’t.

Firstly, its REACTION with silicone-based sex-toys.

It is best use with sex-toys and foreplay toys made with glass and other materials BUT NOT WITH SILICONE. If you apply it on silicone-made sex-toys, it makes your silicone-made sextoy messy and useless.

Would not use any other product
This product is by far the best for anal sex or anal play. It relaxes for the best pleasure. I have tried other products that made claims of being better and feeling much better. Read more
– Reviewed By SM On Amazon

Secondly, its price is a little bit higher than its water-based competitors such as Astroglide. This is because it lasts longer and with great consistency, IT WORTH EVERY PENNY. Remember, the longer… the better.

No sticky or tacky issue atall. Lest I forget, this best formula is made with Precious Jojoba extracts that makes your anal sex enjoyable for both of you. Recommended by experts, you cannot go wrong with this lube anyday, anytime.

Do You Love To Use Anal Lube? Click Here To Order PJUR BackDoor Anal Glide Now From Amazon


  • CleanStream Water-Based Anal Lube

The Cleanstream anal is one of the best lubes for anal sex on the market. Once you have bought this product and apply it, then you can ‘storm the yard‘ and let the play begins.

Being one of the most reviewed and safe anal lubricants on the block, it has been said to be so silky smooth with a gliding texture that helps you have maximum pleasure. It is not scented.

Unlike other products, Cleanstream anal lube can be easily clean up with soap and water once you are through with business. One big plus for it is that it lasts a longer time. It is our second choice and We personally recommend this. For real, you will never be disappoint before, during and after the show.

Order From CleanStream Water-Based Anal Lubricant Now From Amazon And Enjoy Sexual Fun Further.

“This product does what it says. I have experienced no problems with it and clean up is a breeze. A little bit go a long way, so this product is a great value. After purchasing, do not expect to purchase another for at least a year, if not more.”
– Reviewed From Amazon Customer Named COREY




  • System Jo Premium Anal H2o Water Based Silicone Personal LubricantThis is a  product with a difference. It has a higher viscosity which is good for anal pleasure. Being made from the finest ingredients that you can find for best lube for anal sex, it has no numbing agent. Just as Cleanstream Anal lube, it has no scent or fragrance. It has no odour too. You can use it on condoms and sex toys. Once you apply it, you get the slick feel for easy penetration in and out. Just the best deal for the best man.

    “… As anyone who dabbles in anal sex knows, pain is the number one deterrent to some one wanting to engage in the activity. We have used it with several toys and had great results too. Cleanup is easy as well. I would highly recommend this product to any veteran or beginner.”

    – Review From Amazon Customer Named Terry E. Dalton.


    • Wet Uranus Silicone-Based Anal Lubricant

    We all love it when it is wet and wild, isn’t it? I can hear you say a resounding ‘Yes’. For real, Wet Uranus is a silicone based product that delivers all that it promises. This best lube for anal does not stain your sheets or lingerie. For one thing, it is not sticky because you can wash it out with soap and water. If you are a type that have a sensitive skin, then do not worry. Wet Uranus got you covered! It is simply hypoallergenic for all those that have sensitive skin. This amazing product is so silky. I know a trial will convince you about the effectiveness of this great product. That is why it made it into our best lube for anal sex.

    “It’s quite silky and smooth.. helps with anal for sure.. everything slides in nice with no problems.. always loved this brand.”
    – Review From Amazon Customer Named Williams.


    • K-Y KY Jelly Personal Water-based Lubricant

    When we were doing review on this product, someone on our crew online tagged it an ‘old-fashioned’ lube. He said so because it has been around for a long time. Even the company that manufactures it has been around for a long time with good reputation. Well, it may be old fashion as he said. But, that does not mean it does not work. It is a very good product that does not get tacky on or around the anus. And also, it is safe to use with condoms. Once you have your penis wet with KY Jelly, then you are going to have a pleasure and arousal-enhancing feeling. This is a lube that never goes cold! This is a silicone product that made it into our best recommended list for anal sex lubricants.

    “Nice liquidy and washed quickly. Won’t sting vagina. Slippery. Nice effect. Washes off in seconds. Truly a different product. No smell. Not greasy or thick.”

    – Review From Amazon Customer Named Mgauss.



    It is not advisable to just bring out your charged cock and insert it into the anus of your partner. This will do more harm than good. Burning sensation, cuts and possibility of tear are among things you are risking. So, what do you advise? You asked. Please And Please And Please… Start off slowly especially if this is your first time of anal adventure. Just as a rocket launched into space. But How?

    1. First of all, Caressing will do the job of relaxing and arousal.
    2. Secondly, after you are done with that, then start the fingering. Start with a finger for few minutes and then, two fingers.
    3. By now, the anus is ready for the either the ‘joystick’ or sex toy. If you can do these two, then penetration and pleasure will not be difficult to achieve.

    For some of our folks thinking of saliva or water or combination of both, we are sorry to say that saliva and water will NOT work for anal sex. Reason is because saliva is not slippery and it is too thin and also dries up like denatured alcohol popularly known as Methylated Spirit. Let alone water. So, you are better off when you use the best lube for anal sex.

    Just a bonus – Try The Doggy Style! So, what are you waiting for? Click Here To Order For The Best Lube For Anal Sex Now and Let the Show Begins Enjoyably…

    Image Credit: Lee Haynes and Binish K. through Flickr’s Creative Commons

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